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There's a lot of information online, kind of daunting if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. True Local has put together its categories, in an easy to follow page, as a helpful guide. Below you can browse a pretty exhaustive category list. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you're after use the search box above.


Some consider their car a simple tool to get from A to B, others a toy. Some see it as a status symbol while others see them as a menace to the environment. Either way if it's a car, bike, truck or scooter you're going to need some help one day. There's inspections if you want a roadworthy vehicle, a mechanic to fix any issues, petrol stations to keep them running, dealers to buy them and parking to store them.

Domestic Services

While most of us consider ourselves domesticated actually getting round to complete all domestic chores can be somewhat of a challenge. Work, socialising, television and idleness often get in the way. For those who prefer to take care of the household jobs while in front of the computer click on any of the below categories. Child care should give you some quiet time in from of the computer, then there's time to get the appliances repaired and laundry done. All without cracking a sweat.

Education & Learning

Can't think of anything intelligent to say? Never fear, there's plenty of ways to improve your education, general knowledge and skills. Learn French to appear more attractive, take up cooking lessons to avoid starvation, driving or flying lessons so there's no need to rely on public transport. It's not all about adult education either. You can find the right school so those unruly kids learn some manners or a university to help the employability prospects of your older offspring (hopefully).

Event Organisation
Financial Services
Food & Beverages

Got a hard earned thirst? Maybe start with the bottle shops, or if you've really been working hard a brewery might be a better option. Maybe you just need a coffee or juice to get you going? If all this talk is making you hungry you might want to try the cake shops or a deli. Still not satisfied? Then you might need a butcher, baker, candlestick maker? Better still, try the supermarket and get it done all in one go.

Hair & Beauty

Hair today and gone tomorrow. Everyone knows how important it is to find the right hairdresser. Not to mention tanning salon, who wants to end up with an orange tan? If you've got your big day coming up, then chances are you'll need the works: nails, makeup, maybe even a matching tattoo or piercing. And when it's all done you'll probably need a deep, relaxing massage, or book out an entire day at the beauty salon or day spa.

Manufacturing & Agriculture

Have you seen Flashdance, where that woman starts dancing on the factory floor? We've got so many manufacturing businesses listed that's probably happening at one of them right now and this is where you'll find it. If dancing on an industrial floor isn't your thing though, try it on the land. There's more to farming then the square dance so get inspired amongst crops, livestock, the forest or timber plantations.

Media & Communication

Scared your communiqué will get lost in today's daily flood of information? Internet services will get it there instantly, the telephone will leave it as a message and post will get it lost, wet or chewed by a dog. Actually a courier might be a better option then traditional post. This category is also for receiving messages and apart from the above television, radio and print is another way to keep informed.


Whether you're sick or a hypochondriac the Medical category can help put your mind at rest. No need to Google your symptoms when you can speak to a professional instead. Visit a doctor, medical centre or hospital if it's a serious matter. If you're worried about aging we have cosmetic surgeons listed. After the perfect smile? Try the dentist or orthodontist. Hurt yourself on the soccer pitch try sports medicine or a chiropractor if your back is bothering you.

Professional Services

We agree, this is a pretty broad category, but let's try and think it of as people who spent the majority of their tertiary education actually studying. You'll find they can help when you're out of your depth. Lawyers are there when confusing legal issues arise, architects can design the perfect home (whether it can be built is another matter), accountants somehow understand tax laws while translators understand other languages. You might find they all enjoy wearing suits too.

Retail Shopping

Some treat it as a type of therapy, giving them a boost after a particularly draining day. Others are the rash type, rarely considering their purchases while others painfully and obsessively plan each buying decision. Whatever your kick there's plenty of retail categories below. Try department stores and shopping centres if you're starved for retail choice, factory outlets if all you care about is bargains and lots of them or used goods if you prefer items with a bit of history.

Sports & Recreation

Economic meltdowns, worldwide pandemics and terrorism - easy to ignore if there's a league, cricket or AFL match on. As our media loves to remind us Australians love their sport and there's plenty of specialist sports clubs to prove this. Tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, golf courses and gyms attract super active crowds. Parks and playgrounds offer plenty of space for any form of fitness. And for the sportsperson who doesn't want to crack a sweat? The pool hall.


If you don't want to get your hands dirty or are unsure how to hold a hammer these guys are for you. Whether building, renovating or just making your immediate space more comfortable tradies ensure the work doesn't fall down around you. Handymen do the jobs husbands can't, carpenters handle all your timber constructions, landscapers ensure you have more then a patch of grass in the backyard and roofers keep the sun and rain off the floor.

Travel & Transport

Hit the road jack and you'll never have to go back anywhere else again to find what you need when it comes to travel and transport. Planes, trains and automobiles are easy to find, why not go for a caravan or even a limo for that special occasion. There's little that happens in the world that doesn't involve transport. Book your travel plans for a holiday or organise a better deal on freight for your business. Whatever your transport needs True Local will keep you on the right track.