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  • Ellabella2066 Newbie   1 review
    I get my nails done here (shellac for only $25) and eyelash extensions. I've always been happy with their service. They've kept me waiting for a little bit sometimes, never more than about 10 minutes however. It does feel a bit like a dentist surgery rather than a beautician, but I don't mind.

    1 week ago - 20/08/2014

  • Northshore_reviews Newbie   1 review
    They burnt my face during an eyebrow wax. I thought it was a one off thing, but it happened again when I returned.
    Had an eyelash tint and they got the solution in my eyes and it was very painful. Avoid this place.
  • Terase Newbie   1 review
    Dear Helena,

    I could not be happier with your services.
    I was scared and nervous and you where reassuring and confident. You wanted me to trust you and I did.

    FANTASTIC - I could not be happier. You have made my life much easier and I really appreciate it.

    I am forever grateful.

    Cheers, Terase

    8 months ago - 21/12/2013

  • Lauren Dic   4 reviews
    Booked for 11am for the day before my wedding. (Made booking 3 days in advance).
    They called on the morning of my booking moving the appointment to 4pm. When I got there, I waited until 6.30pm before they got to me. The eyebrows looked awful and I had to get another staff working there to redo them.

    Against my better judgement I went back a few months later as they are located near my house, for a simple eyebrow wax. They burnt my eyelids, now I have blisters and have to walk around like this until they heal.

    This place is a joke.

    9 months ago - 19/11/2013

  • PollyBizz Newbie   1 review
    I have never left a review on anything before in my life, but the service is SO APPAULING at this place I had to sign up and leave a comment to warn others. I made a booking for 3pm with the management, waited for 20 mins and still nothing. I asked one of the other staffs that worked there if management will be long. Staff replied with I'm so sorry I have tried to call them but isn't answering the phone. Staff asked if I had an appointment I said yes at 3pm. Staff's response - it's now 3.20pm they would have been here at 3 and you weren't here. I said I was here at 3pm and have been waiting, I just went to the bathroom and came back. They all looked at each other and said something and then looked at me and said would you like to re book??? The place is dirty, service is absolutely disgusting. I will NEVER be going back to this place ever again. It's not even worth 1/2 star but it wouldn't let me post until I clicked it

    10 months ago - 04/10/2013

  • ktyak Newbie   1 review
    I have been searching for a place to get cosmetic tattoo for over a year now. There are plenty of places in Sydney but no one I was comfortable with and didn't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get it done.

    Then I heard about Helena and after seeing the testimonials on her site and a quick chat with her I booked in.

    So I've just had my eyebrows and top eyeliner done and already I LOVE IT! I can already see the shape and colour will be perfect. I am so delighted not just with the result but also with the whole experience; Helena's professionalism, wonderfully warm nature and confidence.

    I needed this because I commute to work on a motorbike and am a marketing manager in insurance so I need to look professional at all times at work and smudging my make up inside my helmet is not a good start to the day!
    Also I spend a lot of time on snow and in the ocean scuba diving and don't have time to do my face each day yet don't want to look drab.

    I'm going to be booking my sister and one of my best friends in soon! Massive thanks to Helena I am so happy with my new and improved face :)

    11 months ago - 18/09/2013

  • sarahdee2011 Newbie   2 reviews
    Excellent experience at A Beauty. I have seen Helena for cosmetic tattooing of upper & lower eyelids & just recently for eyebrows. Thrilled with results, she is a genius! She has corrected past mistakes by other tattooists, and always listens to exactly what I want & delivers. Comparatively she is much less painful, i would rate the pain a very low 2 on a scale from 1 to 10. Highly recommend her work.
  • KAS1 Newbie   2 reviews
    This Salon in fantastic value. The owner Helena goes out of her way to make you welcome and comfortable on every visit. I have been coming here for over a year now on a regular basis for a manicure/pedicure. On one of these visits Helena spoke to me about my non existent eyebrows and how tattooing would work well for me, I was more than a little apprehensive, but she was right, through over plucking there was not a lot there and I had been unsuccessfully pencilling in for years. Well all I can say is I wish I had done this years ago - it is amazing. I now have eyebrows that I am very proud of. Apart from Helena, all the girls are very welcoming and my sister and I always have a good laugh when we are there :)
    Thanks to the team at A Beauty xxx

    11 months ago - 11/09/2013

  • Luxlashes Extensions Newbie   1 review
    Hi Ladies! I'm sorry some of you have seemed to have a bad experience at A Beauty, however I have to give this salon a 5 star rating!! I am a beauty therapist by trade and I have had my eyebrows tattooed many many times but I have to say the owner of this salon and tattooist did THE BEST cosmetic tattoo on my eyebrows I've EVER HAD! I will be returning to do my eyeliner tattoo. Thx Sam xxx
  • Angela Vergassoff   2 reviews
    Best Eyebrow Tattoo Ever!!!! Give Yourself a try then see how its looks.
  • Shaaron Aceret Newbie   1 review
    I heard about Abeauty through one of my friends who came here for Cosmetic tattoo. I thought i would give it a try as i want to get my eyebrow tattoo done. Wow... They did a fantastic job!!!! I am now very happy with my eyebrow tattoo. The good thing about this place is they offer a wide variety of treatments. One small thing that makes me give this salon 4 stars is because the staff was 15 mins late for the appointment. Except for that, i am totally happy with them.
  • Angela Vergassoff   2 reviews
    After reading so many bad reviews about ABeauty, i was a bit concious about going there, However, i still gave it a try with the Scoopon deal for Laser Hair removal. It turns out great. Abeauty is actually not that bad!! Customer service was not exceptionally great but the Laser hair Removal treatment actually made a great result for me. I highly recommend this place for whoever interested in laser hair removal.
  • flower.girl Newbie   1 review
    This salon is disgusting. The staff are extremely rude. I bought a scoopon for IPL hair removal - only to be told due to my colouring it would not work and I was not able to get a refund or anything else in exchange. They did not specify the treatment would not work on certain types of hair/skin colours in the advertisement and I was told by the management I should have done my own research before purchasing so I basically lost $69.
    The salon itself is not very relaxing, infact I would feel very uncomfortable leaving my appearance in the hands of these people!
  • Amazed123   3 reviews
    In summary this place is dirty, bad customer service and no ambience or relaxing facial. I thought vouchers were to encourage people to come back. A Beauty does not encourage you to come back to use your second and third treatment. You are made to wait when you have an appointment and watch the staff eating under ripe cut up avocado while they are working in a dirty environment. Then I was led upstairs where you could hear the staff in another room watching tv. The bed that I laid on for an hour and a half was dirty and I couldn't wait to get home to have a shower. Don't buy a voucher for here! There are so many other nice beauticians to go to, I wonder if the council does checks in dirty filthy places like these!
  • mabeline Newbie   1 review
    I had some lazer treatments here that I bought from Scoupon. I planned to get my money's worth but couldn't make myself go back after two times. Service was very unprofessional and the place is VERY dirty. The last straw was when the girl did not have a clue how to use the lazer, I left furious and never been back. I wouldn't recomment A Beauty to anyone, and wonder how they are able to continue business like this.
  • Melissa Kast Newbie   1 review
    I have been to A Beauty a couple of times now and I have received very quick and polite service from the ladies. I have been a beautician for 10years of my Career and believe them to be a good salon so far. I get my eyebrow, Brazilian, and underarm waxing done as well as I have had a pedicure. The only complaint I have was that the first time I went for waxing it hurt a little because the staff doing it did not stretch the skin enough. Overall good little salon so far.
  • ChrissyG   6 reviews
    they have no idea what an appointment means, they keep u waiting and pretty much ignore you.. after one ipl service i saw no difference whatsoever and i have had it before with a change ... had a voucher for face ipl but asked to change to chest and they charged me extra 30.00 .. i do not recommend to anyone :<
  • ChrissyG   6 reviews
    i would never go back there, i had an appointment in my lunch break for IPL and they told me to get there early so they could apply numbing cream for my treatment i got there early then proceded to get ignored, after 15 mins or so the management said it was my turn and i asked about numbing cream to which they said "we ran out, you should have brought your own" well why couldnt they buy more ?? i had purchased a scoopon for 49.00 for full face IPL. How rude ... I have had IPL before at another place and after one treatment i could see a little difference ... after this treatment however I saw NO CHANGE whatsover talk about a waste of my time, money and effort ... DO NOT GO THERE
  • akay Newbie   1 review
    I experienced the worst eyebrow wax here! I had never had a reaction to wax before, however immediately after the wax the area under my eyebrows turned red and was left with the redness for days!
  • Olivia2404 Newbie   1 review
    Absolutely horrific! I went in to get two IBD gel nails repaired because the top layer had cracked, and they insisted they could replace gel nails. Not only did they insist that the acrylic nails they were applying were IBD gel, they didn't even use the right tip (they applied white when all of my other nails were clear), then painted the white of the French 'tips' to half way down my nail bed! The staff clearly had no idea whatsoever of what they were doing - they used the hand held filer on one nail for five minutes without stopping, filed down the entire acrylic nail and then had to reapply... not to mention extremely painful! I wouldn't recommend this place to my enemies, let alone my friends.
  • jess!   5 reviews
    I seem to have been one of the lucky people who received a great treatment at A Beauty. I recently bought a Scoopon for eyelash extensions, and they did a lovely job. I got it done 3 weeks ago, and I still have the majority of the fake lashes (of course some have fallen out as my natural lashes fall out). I also got my eyebrows waxed there and it was the best eyebrow wax I have ever had.
    One thing I didn't like, however this seems common in these nail/beauty bars is that one person started the eyelash extensions and was doing it for about 5 minutes, then someone else came and took over and did the rest. Another thing that I wasn't very happy with was they didn't give me any aftercare instructions at all. Thankfully a friend recently had the extensions done and told me don't rub them, pat them dry etc and they'll last longer.
    All in all it was a positive experience, and the actual service they performed on me was great, they just fall down a bit with their customer service.
  • Anette Newbie   1 review
    I got a cosmetic tattoo there 2 weeks ago, they did a terrible job, the tattoo is not even, the ink quality is the worst, it started to fade so quick, I contacted them very disappointed and made me come back to re-do it, and made me pay for the mistakes they have done!!!!!... Now I have a horrible tattoo I cannot take off never!!!!! THE WORST PLACE IN LANE COVE!!!. NEVER GO THERE!!!!!
  • Douglis Newbie   1 review
    Horrible!!!!!!! Is the dirtiest salon I've ever visit, the make you sit on towels that has been previously used by other clients!!!!!, customers service, the worst ever!!!! the management is so rude!!!, they make you wait in the waiting room for hours and ignore you!!!!, there is no system whatsoever, you make appointments for nothing! cuz they still make you wait, or they cant find you on the appointment book, or call you to cancel ???? I wouldn't recommended to anyone, THE WORST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
  • chi2010 Newbie   1 review
    Terrible Experience laser hair removal
    This is possibly the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. They want us 'complaining or disatisfied' customers to just go away
  • SkinExpert   2 reviews
    Horrible, they are so so tight and will charge you for breathing, make you wait a long time in the waiting room, and the eyelash extensions are HORRIBLE, they cut them and makes them look weird, and they all fall out within the first few days, THEN THEY CHARGE YOU TO FILL IN THE GAPS THEY CREATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • chi2010 Newbie 
      Terrible Experience laser hair removal
      This is possibly the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with.This has to be the dirtiest hair salon in Lane cove. They want us 'complaining or disatisfied' customers to just go away.


  • Mimi M. Newbie   1 review
    They burnt my lips and eyebrows with hot wax! and they still charge me!!!!!

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