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West Ryde, NSW
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a new start, a new lifestyle!

Book your Keys2drive one hour free lesson now with us! please check your eligibility at www.keys2drive.com.au funded by government.

Special prices start from $50/per hour, Please call to find out more!!

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Michael 0432260732 or anewstartdrivingschool@hotmail.com
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Reviews of A New Start Driving School

  • I was looking for a good driving instructor around the Ryde area. After searching through Truelocal website, I found Michael's number and gave him a call. I booked for the 1st driving lesson just to see how it goes. From the very first lesson, I knew, he is the kind of instructor I was after. He is very well experienced and will tell you what you need to do in order to succeed in the driving test. He is very friendly and polite and will not intimidate you just because you are a novice learner. Due to him I was able to get my licence on the first go. He was very supportive all the time and helped me boost my confidence in learning all the tricks and necessities of driving. He is a very punctual guy and someone who can help you in getting your licence whatever your skill level is. He'll be very honest and thorough about your skill and tell you what needs to be done in order to get there. A great instructor !!!!
  • I tried many different instructors but I couldn't find any genuine instructor like Michael who really focus on improvement of driving skills rather than money. He was the one who has so experienced in this industry, being able to point out my weakness and skills to develop. He was not merely teaching but coaching me to drive safely with much confidence. I was able to pass the test in 2 months of practices with him and now driving is getting fun to me!
  • Great Instructor! Very helpful, patient and teaches well. Would highly recommend this driving school to all learners! Thanks Michael!
  • Having selected this driving school based on the reviews was the best decision ever. I would not recommend anyone other than Michael for getting driving classes. He is the most patient, informative and very accommodating instructor I've ever met. He makes you feel so comfortable and confident of yourself....and guess what I passed the driving test this morning on my first attempt. (Though am still coming to terms with it)..This is the best experience I've ever had. Even though I had previous experience of driving, I was still quite nervous while giving the test, but he knew how to calm me down. He's one instructor that I would recommend to everyone..:)
  • I passed the driving test this afternoon, on my first attempt. I couldn't have done it without Michael.
    I'm one of those nervous drivers with very limited experience on the road. However, Michael made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. He is an incredible teacher - enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable and very patient (he gently repeated himself when I kept making the same mistakes over and over again). He taught me and gave me a real foundation for safe driving. I'm still in a state of disbelief and so very pleased.
    Thank you so much Michael, I am forever grateful!

  • Great Instructor! Michael is really helpful ! I took a four hrs driving courses with him and passed the test! Thx Michael!
  • Has had couple of lessons with Michael before a test, even though I had 2 years of driving experience Michael has boosted my confident and we practiced driving test in real situation with all great comments and hints and tips. Highly recommend for those who want flexible instructor to get your test passed from first attempt
  • Great driving school for both new and experienced learner drivers, Michail are very patient and toughtful when teaching. I passed the test in unfamiliar are because of this. Highly recommended. #reviewtowin
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  • I highly recommend A New Start Driving School for all learner drivers. Michael was patient, understanding and very thorough in his teaching. His confidence in me helped boost my own confidence greatly. I was able to pass my driving test first go with his help.

    Thanks Michael!
  • Great Instructor! Michael is really helpful ! I took a two hrs driving courses with him and passed the test! Thx Michael!
  • I have had a really hard time trying to get my license, I actually went through 3 driving instructors before coming across new start driving school. My instructor Michael was absolutely amazing. He picked up on what I was doing wrong and fixed it straight away. He is the best instructor I have ever come across and appteciate all his help. Anyone can get their lisence if Michael is their instructor! So happy with the service. Thanks for helping me get my license Michael.
  • I was lucky to have Michael as my instructor. He is definitely the best. I chose to take lessons with Michael, after reading reviews from TrueLocal website. All these beautiful reviews posted here is 100% true. He is very clear in his instructions, patient, punctual, polite yet makes the learner understand. I saw a huge difference after taking 4-5 lessons with him. Today I gave my driving test for the first time and cleared it. I could not have asked for a better instructor. Thanks Michael!!! Keep up the good work!!
  • I had the pleasure of having Justin as my instructor. I got great pointers and the issues with my driving were solved right then and there. My instructor Justin was friendly and polite when he needed to be and strict when the situation called for it. I passed my Driving test today thanks to his style of teaching. I will definitely recommend this school to anyone I know that needs help in passing their driving test.
  • I had had a lot of driving experience outside of Australia. But on moving to Australia I had to learn to drive the Australian way of driving and unlearn a few bad habits. Michael helped me with this a lot. I needed to be reminded of the rules a lot and he did that patiently and politely. And with his help I cleared the driving test in the first attempt. Thanks Michael.
  • Michael is an excellent driving instructor! He is a very patient teacher who answers all your questions and gives you a very good foundation on safe driving. His coaching and encouraging manner helped build confidence for the exam - I passed my driving test in Ryde RTA on the first attempt. Thanks so much Michael! Best driving instructor ever :)
  • I highly recommend Michael if you are looking for driving lessons. He is friendly, attentive and a very good teacher. Prices are excellent for what you get and he makes you feel more like you are driving with a friend than an instructor. Thanks to him i got my license on the first attempt. Highly recommended! Thanks Michael
  • Hi, I thank Michael, for inducing the safe driving skills and most importantly to be patient. He is more of friend than instructor to me. He is calm cool and friendly.
    He will teach you driving for life and not only for passing the driving test.
    I suggest you better spend for classes with Michael, than spending on rebooking for test.He is best guy who can teach you.
  • Michael is a very experienced and friendly instructor. He knows the RTA driving rules very well and he ensured that i learn the same level of driving skills. During the lessons he will point out mistakes and areas of improvement, his coaching helped me to get my license in first attempt. I would recommend anyone to take driving lessons with him before going for the test

  • Best driving school ever. Michael is very good and dedicated. He cares for your safe driving skills. He taught me very nicely and never hesitated to point out my mistakes. He made me practice more on my mistakes and helped me to correct them all. His practice gave me all the confidence needed to appear for the exam.

    I recommend Michael's "A New Start Driving School" for all new learners and overseas license converters.
  • Passed on the first attempt with flying colors. Michael was very patient and friendly. Couldn't have asked for anything else. Highly recommend Michael.
  • Michale's advises are very helpful and he is very much interested in knowing our requirements and trying to workout a plan for that. His guidance is a focused one and really targeted at RTA Test.
  • A new start driving school is definitely a new start for me. Having been experienced with the bad instructor before, I couldn't believe how friendly and patient Micheal is. He explained things very clearly in details and encouraged you to believe in yourself throughout the lessons. He wouldn't encouraged you to take more lessons than you required and definitely have the sincere intention for you to pass the test and not just doing it for the money. An excellent instructor!
  • Thank you very much Michael! I got my license today.
    I have not driven from a long time and he has fixed all my mistakes in just 4 lessons. He is very professional and friendly. He always welcome questions and explain you in details.
  • I would like to thank Michael for his positive encouragement in every class, patient approach in instructing me and his tips and tricks in driving, that helped me in securing my full license on my first attempt.

    Michael also helped me in getting familiar with the test routes which made me confident while taking the driving test. He is very kind and motivating and i would certainly recommend him for people wanting lessons to drive. Thanks Michael once again for all your help.
  • I have just passed my driving license today, and got my driving license on my first attempt. The test route was pretty much the same as the training route.

    Michael has taught me well - a right way of driving, and not only for passing the test. He is very positive, encouraging, strict (for my own good), patience, and friendly. He approached me as a friend, than a coach. Really recommend Michael as your driving coach. You will love him.

    Thank you so much Michael
  • I just got my license today , i never think i can passed test on my first attempt. i have been through a few instructors before. they all lost patient on me. Michael is the best coach i have ever met , he is very positive , incredible patient and nice. I highly recommend him. you can rely on him. Thanks for all the help Michael.
  • Michael is very supportive, friendly and encouraging, I didn't even know nothing about driving but now I got my license and all because of his way for guiding me. Lovely person
  • Michael is FANTASTIC! He is so friendly and always happy to answer any of your silly questions about driving. I passed the test today and it was my first attempt. I would recommend Michael to anyone :)
  • Just got my license today. Michael is a friendly, encouraging, patient and above all a very good driving instructor. Thanks for all the help Michael!
  • I've passed driving test on the first attempt today.
    Having an overseas full driver license for 7 years, I nevertheless decided to prepare for exam here in Australia. I've taken a couple of driving lessons with Michael which I consider very helpful.
    Thanks a lot.
  • I just got my license today. Michael helped me a lot.We had lessons in early morning or weekend,very flexible, very good instructor. Today in driving test, there was no place that we have not practice there. The test was like one of Michael's lesson. I really recommend him. Thanks Michael.

    p.s.:We had fun too :)
  • Thank you so much new start Driving (Michael) I just got my license 2 hr ago :-)
  • Just got my license yesterday, i was extremely happy since i got full license at my first shot, It was very special since i was not having a car but still i manged to get through the first time itself, Credit goes to Micheal for all his guidance and coaching, he does teach all things and is ready to answer any kind of questions no matter what. Highly recommended!!!
  • I never thought that one day i will drive car and now my dream comes true only because of Michael who is such a great experienced instructor of New Start Driving School.Now i m perfect in driving my car.Thanks Michael.
  • Michael is a very gentle and friendly instructor. He is very patient and corrects you in a very encouraging way. He takes extreme care to ensure that you are ready to take test before you appear for the test (you better believe him on this!).
    And yes, I cleared at the first shot too, like all others who did with Michael's help!
    He is absolutely genuine with his efforts to ensure that you are prepared! Don't think twice!
  • i just took the driving test for the 1st time & i passed it.

    i didn't even have to drive for 45mins.

    it was only 25mins, back to rta, passed & licence issued.

    All thanks to Michael's friendly teaching, patience, encouragement & disciplining.

  • Just got my license. And at 1 shot. All credit goes to Michael. I had a very bad experience with another instructor who only tried to confuse me and sell me a package of 15 classes.

    But Michael has been very different. He is always cool and encouraging. A very good instructor.
  • Michael is the Best. He is the coolest driving instructor I have ever seen. I felt like I am learning with one of my family member, easy and stress free. I got my licence yesterday and all credit goes to Michael. He was with me until the beginning of my driving test, reminding me all the traffic rules that he taught me.
  • I used the services of Michael for my 'crash course' instructions one day before my driving test. he is a genuine, friendly and smart man, who is focused on helping you drive better and pass your test. he constantly gave me tips and advice, all the way till the last minute leading to my test. he also took me through the tricky intersections and points over again, instead of repeating what I already knew. this also means that his efforts are not on prolonging your instructions or on getting more money. I would genuinely recommend him for your driving instructor without hesitation. I give him half star less than 5 stars only because you may find it a bit difficult to understand his Chinese accent immediately (lol). Thank you Michael, you stay just around the corner from me, look forward to 'bumping' :-) into you once in a while - cheers.
  • Finally I passed the RTA driving test & got my full licence , though not in first go.
    I really appreciate Michaels efforts to get me through. I must praise him for his patience , encouragement to me not to loose hopes & be ready each time with confidence.
    Two top qualities of Michel I like most are
    1.His availability on phone & for lessons as per our convenience(he gave me lessons at 7.30 in morning If I had to go my work early)
    2. His honesty while suggesting number of lessons required to you.

    I recommend his services for who wants to become good driver first & then pass Test.

    Manoj Mali
  • I scored 113/114 and all credit goes to Michael. He is an excellent instructor. He doesn't try to make more money out of you and will let you know when you are ready. My driving was rash but he taught me to be patient and better teacher than RTA test instructor. He is a good adviser as well. I'd strongly recommend him.

    Thanks Michael. Cheers!
  • Not a good driving instructor , don't learn from them!! Too emotional, gets frustrated easily. And inexperience.
    • Hi Sunwayastronaut, thanks for your feedback, out of 55 reviews, you were the only one who gave the negative review about my service. To he honest, I couldnt record you, may I ask you true name, or if you would like to contact me in private, I would appreciate your time and efforts for improving my service. thanks
  • I got passed full license at the very first test! lol~~Michael has a lot of good suggestions and very patient on explaining the details. He concludes your acts at the end of every lesson to let you know the progress and what needs to be improved next time. Well the most important thing is not just pass the test but also to form a good habits through learning and michael is truly helpful with this :)
  • Good instructor, very friendly and lots of positivity. He quickly accesses your level and suggests areas of improvement. He is very patient and explains you slowly and you can task any number of times.
    He doesn't push for more classes. When he says that you are ready for test, then trust him you would be ready. I read the reviews about him and called him, and the reviews were proved right. I highly recommend him to all learners.
  • Michael is the best instructor I ever have. With his lessons and recommendations I have passed test for my full license with no problems at all. Will recommend him to all my friends!
  • Michael is a very good instructor. Thanks to his suggestion I could get my full driving license in Australia. 100% recommended.
  • Michael is a very detail orientated instructor. Although I only had one lesson with him before my second test, but he pointed out several dos and don'ts about my driving in that one hour! His advice helped me passed my driving test and got my full NSW license from international license, as I have failed one before because of several small errors. Thanks so much Michael!
  • Michael is the best instructor one can get. He has immense patience and understands that each student is different. He can literally smell a candidate's driving skills within few seconds.

    He will truly tell you when you are ready to give test and not insist on more classes to make money. After every class, he will spend a minimum of 5 minutes explaining the areas where is scope for improvement. He will take efforts to point out the weaknesses like specifying positioning, decision making, vehicle control etc. He will also ensure that he points out the pros of your driving skills.

    He's genuinely a fantastic human being. I felt like I was being taught by a friend and not an instructor.

    I am more than happy to recommend Michael...Good luck :)
  • Micheal is one of the best instructor I have ever got. Hats off to you. He made my driving skills perfect by giving his valuable instructions and guidelines. I would definitely recommend Micheal to all my nears and dears!!!!!!

    You are awesome....Thanks a lot Micheal !!! Cheers
  • quite simply - michael is best !! can't thank him enough for his help and guidance.
    most importantly you are a very friendly and a patient teacher. thank you again michael. you are fantastic !! i would recommend you to my friends without a hitch.
  • Micheal is one of the best instructor I have encountered so far. He makes you feel driving is easy. He gives you good advice and keeps your morale high. He is responsive. He told me i an ready and I don't need more than 2 classes in my first class itself Bottom line he is worth a try.
  • Thanks to Michael, I passed the road test. Michael has to be one of the best driving instructor in the area. He quickly identified issues with my driving during our first lesson, we then focused on the problem rather than just driving the test routes. Not only he taught me how to drive better, he did it in fewer lessons than I originally planned. I would definitely recommend Michael to any learner drivers who are looking for a instructor can help them to get the license, whom is skillful,knowledgeable, and caring.
  • Michael is an excellent instructor. He has got all great qualities which a best instructor should have. He is very kind, motivating, friendly, patient in bearing the mistakes of new learners and explaining them very clearly.He quickly identifies your weak areas in driving and encourages, guides and provides you very useful tips to improve your driving skills. He is such a nice guy that he is always ready to clear your queries. One of the great quality is he never look for making money by taking the advantage of new learners. I was surprised when he said I am ready for the test, he is a right judge! I really enjoyed learning driving with him and I highly highly recommend him. Thank you once again Michael for helping me to clear my test.
  • Michael is an excellent instructor. Apart from he being an excellent instructor he is a very nice person. He explains minute details which helps one improve their driving skills.His lessons have really helped me a lot in clearing my driving test in the first attempt. He was very patient in explaining my mistakes and how to avoid them. I would definitely recommend Michael to my friends and anyone who wants driving classes.
  • I wish I could have given you 10 STARS for review. I was really impressed by your teaching skills. I would say you are the best. Michael is a nice human being apart from a excellent trainer. One important thing for everyone, Michael will not look for taking more and more and more money from his customers/student. For me I wanted to take just around 3-4 lessons as I was experienced driver, However he straight away said me you do not need lessons after my first lesson. If it would have been any other instructor he would have given me all the required lesson which I would have told. But he was very honest, very sincere and very good at telling me my loose areas. BINGO Michael...
  • Michael's driving instruction is excellent, catering to all levels of experience with drivers. His instruction allows for identification of driving mistakes, such as positioning, scanning, or performing checks, and provides clear and easy ways to eliminate these problems. He is extremely friendly as well, even when criticising a mistake, and at the end of the lesson sums up the areas that need to be addressed very well to make improvements to driving all that much easier.

    Thank you again Michael!
  • Michael is an excellent instructor who teaches you all basics and how to drive safely. His lessons helps you get the licence with ease. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends!!!!!!

    Thanks a lot Michael!!!!!
  • Michael is an excellent instructor and a good teacher, I wouldn't have passed the exam without him. Thank you and please continue your excellent work. Best wishes and good luck, I recommend him to everyone.
  • Well it's been fun! I have just done 3 hours with Michael but it has been useful. I wanted to get unrestricted NSW license and I did it with 99% score in the driving test. I had an awesome time with him and we shared quite a lot of useful info. I recommend him for sure.
  • Excellent instructor. Helped me build lot of confidence in driving. He teaches you how to safely drive which is more important . I would highly recommend Michael to all new learners.
  • Very kind, patient and excellent instructor!
    When making a mistake Michael is very detailed on what you should always do and further improves your skills. With only 3 lessons with Michael (120 hours done with parents of course) I was able to perfect my skills and pass my test in one go! I highly recommend Michael to everyone!
  • Michael is the most patient and helpful teacher , he made my driving studying experience more fun and enjoyable. He helps me build a lot of confidence when I am driving. He will explain all the questions and encourage u to do more better and to stay focus , I passed my test in one go, I was really happy . I would highly recommend my friends who want to learn driving to contact with him. Thanks again for all the help. Because do him, I can drive safely and smoothly in the future :) Jenny
  • Michael was patient, understanding, and very persistent in ensuring I didn't "overbook" lessons. In fact, he was the one who suggested I was ready for my driving test, not me! His local knowledge and understanding attitude made the lessons low-pressure and gave me the confidence I needed.

    Thanks to him, I passed the test on my first go no worries, thanks Michael!
  • Michael has an eye for detail and always encouraged me inspite of my mistakes. He is very punctual and responsive.
    I believe he has all the qualities you need in a good driving instructor.
  • Highly Recommended Driving Instructor!!!!

    Michael is very patient, very thorough,encouraging and provides honest opinions about your driving.
    I had an overseas licence, and after taking a 4-5 lessons, he advised me to go for the test, and I passed it in the First go.
    All credit to the tips, his constant pointers for minor improvements/adjustments that are required to clear the test. Will surely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a quality Driving Instructor.
  • Guinness World Record for Best Driving Instructor. He provides lots of positive reinforcements that makes driving a less nervous experience and recognises when you are ready to sit the test. Shares techniques that I've embedded in my driving approach to become a safe driver. And he does it in the most positive and friendly manner with very helpful feedback throughout the lesson. It was a delight to be taught and guided by him.
  • He is one of the best driving instructor as I passed my driving test in my first attempt. He provided me all the technical advises, great tips and positive thinking towards driving. I just had 2 driving lessons with Michael, he advised that I should attempt the test and don't need more lessons as I had been driving for quite few years in my home country. I would highly recommend Michael
    • Michael is a great instructor I only had two lessons with him and I got my license the next day.
      He is very patient highly recommend him!
  • I really dreaded driving at first with my overseas instructor, but when i started to learn driving with Michael, i really enjoyed the lessons and gained a lot of confidence. Thanks to him, i have been able to drive around and am in love with driving. He gives us learners good instructions and explains everything with patience, even if we ask him hundreds of times. He always thinks about what his student's would benefit from and plans the lessons accordingly. One of the best instructors ever!! :)
    Whoever wants to learn how to drive safely, you should contact Michael. You will not regret your decision!!
  • Highly recommended. Many thanks to Michael, he is the best driving instructor as I passed my driving test at first go :-) . He provided me all the good advises, great tips and positive thinking towards driving. I just had 2 driving lessons with Michael, he recognized that I did not need anymore lessons as I had been driving for about 15 years in my home country and he advised that I should attempt the test. Cleared it!!! :)

    Thanks for all your help and honest feedback.
  • Most absolutely recommended...Michael is the best instructor!!!!! Started taking lessons 2 months ago aiming to get my license before october. Michael was so helpful and understanding.I remember when I first started driving 1 hour lesson seemed like 10 hrs and I couldn't wait to get out of the car.but only after 3-4 lessons with constant feedback I was comfortable and started looking forward to my lessons.I passed my test in first go.A big 'Thank You ' to Michael for his guidance and patience.
  • Michael is the guy to go to! He is professional and fun to be around. He doesn't only teach you how to pass the test, you will learn how to drive safely, responsibly and with a lot of confidence. He is very polite and encouraging on my lessons and often correct my mistakes. Pass my test today! Michael is highly recommended!
  • I contacted Michael knowing what I wanted to achieve and what I needed from him. Because of Michael's refreshing approach and ability to understand my needs, together we agreed on a way forward which ultimately resulted in me passing my driving test. My experience was both professional and fun, while helping me become a better driver in a safe environment. Top marks Michael and I would recommend A New Start Driving School with absolutely no hesitation.
  • Michael is a very experienced instructor who starts with acknowledging how your driving skills rate and after that the encouragement doesn't stop. He provides immediate feedback after every lesson which is not sugar-coated and the ongoing assistance is valuable. I felt very confident after a couple of lessons and did pass the test in one go. A good man with a very good attitude towards teaching and he will end up as your good friend.
    I have my P's now :-). Still feel like raging with excitement but Michael told me to control it haha!
  • I was a fresh man on road. Start to drive the car in first 10 minutes, and got my license after 20 hours of training. I passed the test with my first attempt. I found it rewarding of every hour.
    I was treated patiently all the time, even though I spent some dangerous mistakes.
    I never was being charged more than what we had agreed of. I actually got advice that I could reduce the number on training because I was ready for the test.
    So overall, it was a pleasant experience. I am very happy about it.
  • I could say that I am so lucky to learn my driving skills with Michael. He is friendly, kind, responsible and patient instructor. He taught you much more about how to be responsible for yourself and your passangers in the future, rather than just guide you how to pass the test. He will never forget to remind you to concentrate on every details which you will encounter in your test. It was really helpful to my whole driving life. I am really appreciate him and highly recommend everyone to go with Michael, if you want to be a good driver.
  • It was an absolute pleasure learning to sharpen my driving skills with Michael. He is fun but also serious about teaching best driving techniques & practices. Value for money service and would always recommend his school to new drivers as well as drivers with little experience.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a driving instructor!

    Michael is the best instructor. I only had 3 classes with him during the week before my test and he taught me everything that I needed to know in that time. He is extremely friendly yet professional and made me feel comfortable driving and taking the test. Passed in the first go! :)
    Thank you so much for all your help Michael!
  • Michael is very friendly and professional. In a short span of time I learnt how to drive safely and also passed the test in the first attempt. The details of driving which he taught me were really useful. Cheers to Michael... :)
  • Michael is an excellent instructor. He will not only guide you on how to pass the driving test but on how to drive safely as well. He is flexible with the schedule, always gives constructive criticism and very professional. I may have been driving on a full license in my own country for more about 10 years but I would have never received a full, unrestricted license here in NSW without Michael's help. Thank you!
  • Thank you Michael for guiding me with the test!!! Got my full licence just now. Michael is really professional and very honest. He will let you know if you make mistakes! the lessons were just exactly the same with the test!! so if you want to get your licence in 1 try, you should come to Michael. thanks again mate! :)

  • Michael has been the best instructor I've ever had! He is not only patient and very encouraging, but will go out of his way to help you on your journey to that elusive P. I've had several instructor in the 7 years (yes, 7 year!!) it's taken me to get my Ps and none compare. He is everything you are looking for in an instructor and so much more :)
  • "Highly Recommended - who values for money and time" - Michael is the Best Driving Instructor. I think I was really lucky as I took approx 3 months lessons only and passed the test in first go, completely started from scratch!!! All credit goes to my friend Michael. He is very patient, calm and friendly and very clear in his instructions, no confusions at all under his guidance. He always provided me very useful tips which are very easy to ignore but are in "must follow" list for the test. He is very honest in giving feedback and helped a lot in building up my self confidence and positive attitude towards driving. To Mention here- Unlike most instructors I've heard of, he treat his students very much as a friend and values for their money and time and won't take them for lessons for months and months for just money sake. I would've gone for 2-3 months more on lessons but acc to him I was all ready for the test, he was my boosting power to make me go for the test and filled me up with positive attitude and encouragement. And here I am-started from "0" three months ago and now passed the test in the First attempt!!! Many thanks to Michael :))) He is the best instructor and in Bonus Honest Friend!!! Thanks buddy and be in touch . TC
  • Mike is really one of the best driving instructors I have seen or heard of. I took a couple lessons when I came here on work visa to be able to drive here and then when we thought of taking an Australian License we approached Mike. The difference between the earlier instructor's and Mike's guidance was just too much. Mike was way above the earlier one. He is very patient, always smiling and very clear in his instructions. He is prompt and honest in giving feedback and provides proper guidance to overcome your mistakes.
    Learning driving from him was a great experience which will help me be a better and safe driver all my life. No wonder I passed the test in first go !!!! :) Thanks Mike, we (he taught my wife too) owe you a party.
  • Michael is a champion teacher. He is very patient and knows his job perfectly. His best skill is that he understands your expectations and can judge your driving level in a couple minutes you drive with him. This makes it easy for him to help you build up your driving skills as per your level. He is very clear in giving instructions and pointing out the exact spots and traps where you might normally fail in the test. He is well versed with the test routes and its combinations. He has helped me pass with almost full marks in my first attempt. Just lost 1 mark.
    If you are giving your test in Ryde, some lessons with Michael will ensure your success in the very first attempt.
  • Mike is an excellent instructor and someone you must take classes from if you want to know the road rules well which in turn will help you not only clear the driving test but will also ensure you continue to drive responsibly.
    He is always willing to clarify doubts and will ensure you are absolutely clear.
    Whilst driving he is patient and gives you good feedback on how to improve. He is very honest about your level of preparedness for the test, I completely trusted him and passed my test in my very first attempt!!! :)
    I strongly recommend taking a class just before to test to clam and Mike is great at calming your nerves and to ensure that you get a snapshot of all the rules etc just before the test so its fresh in your mind.
  • Instructor Michael is a good instructor. no doubt on his teaching skills, detailedly safely, and he helps u to build ur confidence, and always give u feedback after each incorrect operation. And finally he really really help me, I got pass on first go! Had no experience before
  • Very good. He is courteous and patient. Michael has given me a boost of confidence on the day I needed it most, the exam day. His positivity is very contagious. He has run through improvement areas in my driving like a good teacher and encouraged me like a doting parent. He helped me to relax and focus on my exam and I gratefully passed it.

    Thank you very much and I will always remember the headchecks. :-)
  • Micheal... He is really a champion in letting me know how to pass the test.. I have heaps of driving experience but could not gathered it while being prepared for the driving test.. Micheal learnt me to be calm relax and focus on the driving..

    He is a true professional and made u comfortable by his humble and polite way of teaching..

    Thumbs up for Micheal .. (Y)
  • Highly recommended. Many thanks to Michael, he is the best driving instructor as I pass my driving test at first go :-) . He provided me all the good advises, great tips and positive thinking toward driving. Before, I was scared to drive but he helped me a lot with the driving as he was very calm and now I'm really confident to drive by myself with of course my P license. He actually save my money as I was thinking that I'm not ready to do the test but he was so sure that I can do it (as some instructors try to make more money out of you but not Michael) Call him now and make appointment, you won't disappoint. Thanks Again and Make sure you do the head check all the time (Hahaha)
  • I had an international license for more than 12 years, I knew how to drive but Michael helped me find what to check for while driving and to clear the exam. His guidance is been very helpful. and after 2 classes I appeared for the exam and came smiling out of the RTA.
    Great instructor and does his job full heartedly!!! CHeers
  • Michael has been extremely helpful and patient driving instructor. He knows the ins and outs of the P-driving test and his little tips and knowledge of the testing procedures and common mistakes prepared me well for the actual driving test. Would recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor
  • Michael is such a great driving instructor! He taught me every detail about driving patiently to make it superbly clear. And he often shared some interesting stories about driving with me like a good friend dose. This made me aware of many common mistakes. More importantly, he is always encouraging me to be brave but careful so that I can be full of confidence. Under the professional guidance, I got my P plate licence after 4 lessons with Michael, thanks so much for his help!
  • My husband and I recommend their instructor as he is a very helpful and friendly. His coaching is very clear and easy to understand. He makes you feel at ease. We managed to pass the dirivng tests and are grateful for his help.
  • The instructor of "A new start driving school" is a very good driving instructor. He is very helpful, positive attitude and good mentality person. His instruction is very clear and easily understandable which helped me very much. He gives lots of information about safe driving and continuously explain about improvement areas. His time management is very accurate and review section after every lesson is very helpful. I wish his successful career in driving instruction.
  • Michael is the best driving instructor I have ever known, before him I had other 2 driving instructors and had done just 6 lessons but were of no good, since the time I started learning from Michael he taught me driving in no time. Just in almost 3 weeks time he taught me how 2 drive.
    He is very professional friendly and patient, he makes you feel comfortable. I really enjoyed taking lessons from him, I would totally recommend him to everyone who wants to learn driving in a smart & safe way. Michael is the guy for you!
  • Michael is a great driving instructor.I got my P plate license in just one go. I found him to be very patient and professional. With him, i am not afraid of driving anymore and my skills have improved a lot during those lessons. His approaches are very easy to understand and apply in day to day driving, not just to pass the exam. He is an amazing teacher and i would definitely recommend him !!!
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