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Home, office regular, move out, move in, carpet steam clean.


Service, Quality and VALUE!

Do we reduce the price by cutting the quality?

Not at all! Check out our website to view our testimonials.
All job performances are GUARANTEED! We do it until you happy with it!  We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction!!!

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Cleaning services we provide:
+ Carpet steam clean
+ End of lease
+ Move in / Move out
+ Commercial & industrial
+ Domestic
+ Windows cleaning
+ And more!

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  • janebluesky   4 reviews
    I have used A plus clean team's regular home cleaning service since 2010. They left my house spotless every time. They are reliable, honest and always easy to deal with. I highly recommend their service to working wives or mothers like me-who like having more free time with my family than doing the cleaning work. Jane

    11 months ago - 21/05/2014

  • NancySSS Newbie   1 review
    Good Service and fair price. Easy to deal with!
  • Amanda555 Newbie   2 reviews
    I have used A plus clean team's home cleaning service for the past 2 years. They come every fortnight and are always honest and reliable. Thanks for their help and I have been able to spend more time with my kids than doing the housework. Keep up the great job, guys! Cheers, Amanda
  • Lily1234   3 reviews
    Tim organised his team to do an end of lease job for us last weekend and I have to say, I was glad I chose his company as he was very professional and easy to deal with. The price he charged was quite fair and his team did a great job that the real estate agent was very impressed! Thank you!
  • siobhan jeffs Newbie   1 review
    Tim was very polite efficient and kind. His team were prompt and proficient and he even a agreed to return to the property and clean again despite the real estate agent behavioring unfairly.
  • milili Newbie   1 review
    The Team has provided home regular cleaning service to my family for more than 2 years. They are the solution of my home cleaning after I had changed 3 cleaning companies. They are professional and reliable with a fair price.
  • Grindrodnew   4 reviews
    A plus clean team has helped us with our regular home cleaning for the past 5 years and is always reliable and responsible. I would like to recommend them to anyone who seeking quality cleaning service. Thanks, guys, you've been doing a good job!
  • Annewnew Newbie   2 reviews
    I have used A plus clean team for my regular home cleaning for the past 3 years and have to say they are the best cleaners I have even met and always been reliable and friendly. For sure . will keep a long relationship with them! Thanks, Guys!
  • Skinner123   4 reviews
    I have used A Plus Clean Team for nearly 2 years for my house cleaning. They are very honest & reliable & friendly and will recommend them to anyone who looking for regular cleaners.
  • David Sappey   5 reviews
    I used A plus clean team over the weekend for my move out cleaning and got my agent to do the final inspection this morning. My agent was very happy with the place and now I decide to have A plus clean team to come to my new place to do a move in clean. They charge a great price and perform a really good job! Thanks, Tim!
  • Jenifer Johnson   3 reviews
    Very good quality job, very good service, will recommend them to everyone!
  • 3FS Newbie   1 review
    Very good, very reliable and they do a great job - can't ask for more. I did an end of lease cleaning and they had the place looking so spotless I wanted to move back in!!
  • Rev girl   6 reviews
    A Plus did a 'pre move-in clean' for us. We were happy with the service, but some things were not done quite up to scratch (e.g.: the window seals). They worked hard the whole time they were here and took approx 2 hours for 3 people. The kitchen was spotless and they did a great job cleaning out the oven and sink.
  • newgirl1 Newbie   2 reviews
    Was 2 hrs late and didn't bother calling to say they were going to be late, charged me full price as well. It was annoying because I needed to hand my keys back at 6 AMD they cost ne am extra day or rent because they didn't let me know. The job was ok not the best ans my appt is a small 1 bedroom or tool the 3 of them 3 hours to clean it. I was furious that they didn't bother calling me and when I called after they were 30 mins late the staff said "oh Yeh I should have called you" I asked how ling he would be and he said another 1hr and they ended up being 1.5 hrs.really bad don't use them.
  • PandT   5 reviews
    Fair price for a decent job... I had a "pre-move in" clean done, and while I do keep finding little bits and pieces that weren't done perfectly, am overall quite happy that I got a very fair deal. I believe the time I allocated (3 hrs x 3 ppl) was tight for what I expected, and rightfully kept the workers busy and productive. Cannot complain, and might consider them for ongoing cleaning once I test a few more companies.
  • Cam Jones Newbie   1 review
    Had to be called back in as the landlords were not impressed with the cleaning job. Will not consider this service in the future.
  • rec   4 reviews
    Did a fine job,fair price, Lee was very helpful strongly recommended.
  • Eric Korhonen   2 reviews
    We had a bit of a mix up on times and A Plus came late and stayed late to help me out. I am very impressed with the job they did and will be getting them to clean regularly. Very very happy with the result. Thank you!
  • LaurenGG   4 reviews
    Really good service and excellent cleaning. Very good to deal with as well, and reasonable rates compared to some of the other places I called for a clean to a new house I was moving into. Highly recommended.
  • April Jaci   10 reviews
    Called them Monday, they did an end of lease clean for me on the next day. They did a great job and cleaned carpets better than I expected. Very good job.

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