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A.S.A.P Plumbing and Electrical Pty. Ltd.

Gladesville, NSW
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Reviews of A.S.A.P Plumbing and Electrical Pty. Ltd.

  • Hi ASAP Plumbing,
    I will make sure never to call you again. EVER.
    I urgently required a plumber and my landlord asked me to get one in.
    When I called, you interrupted me several time in a very rude way. When I said I was a tenant requiring help, you literally refused to help me and hung up.
    It is your right to do this. However, the way HOW you do the customer support is a completely different matter.
    I will make sure to share this experience with everyone I know. It certainly won't hurt you, because you seem to be just fine with the amount of jobs you are getting in anyway.

    Not with kind regards,
    • We had difficulty getting them to respond to a call and when they came out we queried the price and agreed a figure which then increased exponentially with extras added on which were not agreed. Would not recommend them and will never call again
  • I REPEAT, do not under any circumstance engage these plumbers to quote or undertake any works. Their quotes are grossly over priced i.e. triple the standard price on a job. I was recently rorted on a hot water installation in which I was charged nearly $3,000 for a job which should have cost approx. $1K based on 2 further quotes I subsequently obtained once realising in hindsight I was to proceed with them.
    When I challenged their invoice and cost they did not want to address or clarify what the cost involved except to say that you agreed to the price so you shouldn't complain. Their poor customer service and business practice is nothing short of disgusting
  • BEWARE Unless cost is no object go elsewhere. At $896 to install a vanity (with water proofing done, mixer, all parts provided) and remove the old vanity they were working at over $300 per hour. I have since learned this is significantly more than other plumbers would charge for such a simple job, If only I too had read the reviews. When I rang and asked for a 'ball park' figure they wouldn't give me any indication over the phone.
  • Great service- friendly and professional staff. Plumbing always is quite dear but at least ASAP got the job done properly.
  • We had a plumbing job booked and ASAP plumbing did not turn up for the first few bookings because it was raining (without even letting us know)! They took forever to provide us with the report and quoted us what we now know to be grossly exagerated figures. I would definitely never use them again!
  • I was charged $1500 to locate a leak in a pipe - $910 for the first hour and then $298!!! for each 1/2 hour after. I have since found out that other companies charge around $380 for this job. I wrote to ASAP to ask them why they charged so much but despite resending the email 3 times and calling many times I have had no response from them. I wont be using them again.
  • Excellent outcome, great service espeically given the messy job at hand. Dont be worried about calling a tradie again, these guys are professional and get the job done
  • Have been using ASAP for several years. My favourite plumbers there are Joe (blocked pipe specialist!) and Jason (for various tasks). Plumbing problems can be very stressful so choosing the right plumber really helps.
    • Would like to add that Jason is wonderful with blocked pipes, too! Since my last review I've required assistance at my two rental properties; all fixed, no drama, as always. Highly recommend!

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