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Reviews of A-Z Computer Services

  • wonderful helpful staff. Just brought an ipad. the knowledge and help they gave was fantastic
  • I don't normally get on my soap box, but the service from A-Z Computers is fantastic, disregard the negative comments! They've helped me through the whole process from changing over from windows to Mac and supported me along the learning curve, much more than they probably needed to. Very happy customer here.
  • Great business to deal with, I can't fault their service at all. Friendly, efficient, and great can do attitude. Will happily deal with them for all my future Apple requirements and recommend them to anyone in the area.
  • Ive been dealing AZ for nearly 5 years and buying equipment for personal and business use, I must say contrary to other comments the team there has always pointed me in the right direction, provided great pricing and after sales support. I had never used a Mac or Apple product before however with their help I was able to put it all together for my family and business. They have always been willing to help me and offer a wide range of knowledge, the good thing if they dont know they find out and get back to me, I didnt know how the Apple TV or time capsule worked they showed me. They cannot stock everything but they do have a great range. If you want to buy online at Apple or elsewhere go for it at least I had real support from people who were willing to help me learn, show me how to use things and support me, maybe my approach and expectations were not as arrogant as others, thanks AZ the family is Apple mad now! Keep up the good work. Cheers Digby!
  • Poorly stocked country store with very below average service and product knowledge. Quite surprising that its an Apple Stockist considering the rank amateur approach of one of its staff. Dont bother wasting your time with this outlet, they will simply waste your time and spin some story. Whats more annoying is that they tell you that they will order a part and they dont then fail to follow up leaving the customer in limbo. Then they will hit you with another story as to why they cant get it. I went straight to the Apple store online and ordered the part which is what I should have done in the first place. Quite annoying when trying to support local retailers.
    • I endorse the previous review. Arrogant, know-all attitude. I too will be going to the official Apple shop.
    • I agree with paparia's review. This shop is a bit too arrogant and know-it-all for my liking. I've decided to buy my computer directly from the Apple Store.
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