About Life

Health Markets
Bondi Junction, NSW
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Reviews of About Life

  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 812 reviews
    Really great range with good specials. Excellent fresh products from there ready-made cafe. High turn over so everything is nice and fresh. They stock plenty of brands and opening hours are extensive (I.e. 6pm on Sunday)
  • This is a place I have an ambiguous relationship with. It's heaven for gluten free, organic and otherwise health enchanting products. It is the perfect place to come for healthy snack, afternoon tea or lunch.
    The only downside is that it is very expensive and the service in both the supermarket and cafe is very variable.
    Today it was great, but I am guaranteed to be annoyed by the lack of customer friendliness 1/4 for times I go.
  • Another one of my favourite lunch spots and you can buy some to take home as it has a shop bit too
  • Love the healthy organic food here. Always full of hot people and fitness instructors. Must be a good sign the food is actually good for you!
  • My wife and I are regulars at this cafe and supermarket. They have one of the best bacon and egg rolls going aruond. They also have a great fresh coconu juice that that you buy in the coconut shell. The groceries are a bit pricey, but they quality is certainly good.
  • Cee Zee Hot Bod 278 reviews
    They have a great range of organic and health products but their produce area is a real let down. Often find that I can find the organic produce that I am after and it isn't as fresh as one expect. However if you after grains, wheats (spelt, rye etc) this is good one stop shop for all of these items I would just get fruit and veg from somewhere else.
  • Great one stop shop for fresh, organic produce at a reasonable price. With everything from whole bean coffee to organic face moisturiser, Macro is a great shopping experience.
  • A fantastic place to shop for organic produce. The supermarket section is great. I only wish it was bigger as the isles get very crowded at peak times.

    The cafe used to serve delicious food however I rarely eat there now as the quality has gone from a 8/10 to about a 4/10 in my view. Also the cafe staff always seem completely disorganised and the eat in area is always dirty.

    If you are just going for fresh organic produce from the supermarket though you won't be disspointed just avoid the cafe until such time as they improve the quality of the dishes they are serving.

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