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Accent Antennas Sydney

Audiovisual Equipment Installation
Double Bay, NSW
Open today - 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Read our reviews! See what our customers say about us. Call 1300 115 727 FREE Quote. 30% OFF 7 Days Serving All of Sydney. No Call Out Fee. Government accredited.

We are the Sydney Antenna Specialist covering  all Sydney Suburbs. Call 1300 115 727 for a FREE Quote.

Specialising in all Residential Electrical Requirements, all T.V and Home Theatre Requirements.

  Do you have lines running across your television screen ?
 What is a set top box, do I need one?
 Can I use my old TV?
 Do you have reception problems ?
 Do you have an old antenna that damaged by lightning or storms ?
 How do I get high-definition digital TV?
 Is my old antenna a digital antenna?
 How do I get 20 plus free-to-air channels  
 Do you have a new  building that has been erected and block out the original  signal ?
  How do I get ready for digital TV?
  Can I record my favourite programs?
  What equipment do I need to upgrade?

We will answer and provide the solutions for all your antenna issues and we are the Sydney Antenna Specialist.

We have 30 years of Antenna experience with TV and CB  radio and has been providing the solutions for the problems that are associated with them.

We do not answer our phone  by an answering machine and  will always have a real person to talk to as our time is yours and we are the Sydney Antenna Specialist.

Here are the  Antenna Services that we provide in Sydney area.
* Digital Aerial and Antenna Installations
* TV Installations including mounting
* Set Top box Installations &and setup.
* TV Signal Amplifier
* Home theatre Setups and Installations
* Additional TV outlet for pay TV and Free To All channels
* Storm Damaged Antenna replacement and Insurance work
* Apartments and Strata works
* Real Estate works
* Free Quotations

We have the appropriate insurance policies that protect a consumer when a contractor is working on your property.

We are located in Sydney Eastern suburbs but we are the Sydney Antenna Specialist and serving all Sydney suburbs and the whole Sydney Metropolitan area.


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Servicing Residential Installations Telephone & Television Outlets

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Reviews of Accent Antennas Sydney

  • It do deserve a 5 star review. Quick, nice and professional service I saw from Tony and Dennis for antenna upgrading and electrical problem solving. Definitely we will keep your name card to recommend to our friends in Sydney. Cheers, Leslie & Patrick
  • Well done to Johannes for arriving on time, and fixing my reception, no more bunny ears.
    the original owners had a 30FT antenna installed 30 years ago. we stayed clear of that. Johanne found we could mount a small Antenna near our chimney instead. we now get all the channel thanks again.
  • Thanks Dennis & Johanne for the excellent service. Johanne arrived on time, was able to explain the process & complete the job in a professional manner. It is extremely refreshing to encounter such a dedicated team.
  • Dear Dennis,
    Many thanks for the recent cable works you done for us on our apartment block.
    With very short notice, you technician rewired 9 apartments in our block one complete day.

    He done a great job and was very polite every step of the way.

    I am very pleased to recommend Accent Antennas to anyone that may require your services.

    Many thanks
    Dominic Casey
  • Tony & Dennis

    In all my years of hiring Tradesmen, I have never had such fantastic, professional service as I received from Accent Antennas. Tony arrived within an hour of my call, and resolved all of the many issues I had with my TV reception & Antenna. I highly recommend Accent Antennas for their amasing service and price, I couldn't be happier !
  • Perfect team! Honest , punctual and able to solve any problem@ Thanks Denis I do 5 stars
  • Thanks Dennis and Johannes for the excellent service. Dennis was happy to better the price of a competitor and Johannes explained everything about the installation which he took great care was of high quality. We now have excellent reception of free-to-air channels.#reviewtowin
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    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you for the review, could you please keep the link below in case you need "electrical" work done from the "Electrical" arm of our Group.
      Denis Bowman
      Accent Group
      0411 273 648

    • Thank you for the review Mark, there's a lot of "Shonky" Installers out there, and most don't even have insurance to cover what damage that they might do to your home.
      The more reviews we get, just puts us that much further ahead than the competition.
      Denis Bowman
      Please also remember that we also have an "electrical" service for your needs,
  • Tony provided an excellent service and was quick to find out the problem. The team is reliable and responsible providing a good service and professional job. #reviewtowin
    Review to win highlight
    • Thank you for your review Wendy, please keep the link below relating to the "Electrical" arm of our Group for your future use,
      Denis Bowman
      Accent Group
      0411 273 648
  • Thank you for your excellent advice and service at a very reasonable price. Denis is very helpful and prompt to reply to calls and Johan is an outstanding technician and a very good communicator. I have already recommended Access Antennas to my friends & family. I am very happy with this business.#reviewtowin
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    • Thank you Sinclair,
      That's so helpful of you to write this review for us, we like to make money, but without customers complimenting us it just becomes a non meaning action.
      Sinclair please keep the link below for your future needs, its the link to the "Electrical" arm of our Group.
      Denis Bowman

  • Crear service by Dennis.
    Thank you very much.
    Adam and Luciana.
    • Thanks for the reviews, you have written a review for both arms of the Group, I will mention it now that you used both arms of the Group, TV Antennas, and the Electrical side of the Group.
      I have put the link to the "Electrical" arm of the Group below.
      Denis Bowman
      Accent Electrical
      0411 273 648


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