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Reviews of Accent Blinds

  • PArt 1 of 4
    I called them about when they could come to my blinds, was waiting for a reply but it still hasnt come.
    Ive waited now week 4 is coming up, out of the 3 quotes i got this was the cheapest but only by no more than $50 but this is also the longest wait out of the 3!! IS it really that hard to tell me when they can install it?

    PArt 2 of 4
    They call my partner to arrange a time and they said they will come out the next day,which i took the day off for. My partner calls them on the day and they said they are not coming, because they didnt get me on the phone!! I did have a missed blocked call with no message on that day. But why does it matter if they got me or not on the phone? My partner already said it was ok. So now we have to wait a few more days for them to come out, its already been over a month, i will update when they do the job

    Part 3 of 4

    So i rang to arrange a time and it was getting late on the time of there arrival i rang them to find out what was going on. They called the fitter who rang me and said they cant come because by the time they finish there current job they would be over after 6pm so they cant drill
    SO in other words this is the 2nd time they cant come
    Ok organise a week later, which i now rang again because it was getting late. They said they could not do a morning time, Im unclear why

    Part 4 of 4
    So i rang at 4pm and the staff goes "they come between 1-5pm" and i said can you GUARANTEE that why still will be coming, they said "YES" They spoke like i was bothering them
    So after 5pm i rang and guess what time they came over, 7.30pm!!
    There is drilling by the way so my neighbours did complain,
    but i dont understand why the 2nd time they said they couldnt get out after 6pm, and now they come out 7.30pm!! Makes no sense at all
    I rang them to complain and ask for a discount, i rang 3 times, answered twice and they said they will email there management,NOTHING!! Its been 3 weeks now and nothing!!

    IF this TRUE story doesnt turn you off ACCENT BLINDS, nothing will!!
  • Wow after reading all the negative comments I'm not alone, the lack of customer care, they admit they measured incorrectly yet trying to get them to rectify the problems I seem to be at my wits end with these people, you would think they would have a dept that looks after complaints from the get go to the end. I've been waiting for 9 months and still get the run around. You measure the windows incorrectly well come out and remeasure and re order how hard is that to get done.... ACCENT - very very hard basket !!!! NOT HAPPY !!!
  • This business should be closed down! Shoddy workmanship and appalling customer
    Service. I had a security sliding door installed by them in October 2013 which they admit wasn't installed properly as it was under warranty I expected it to be fixed free of charge but was still charged a service fee for them to inspect and order a new part and you guessed it I am still waiting for the door to be fixed. Please do yourself a favour and do not use this company and tell all your friends not to use them also.
    • Im with you 100%! I wish I had read all these negative reviews before I went and gave my 50%deposit. It has been almost 4mths and Im still waiting for my awnings! They dont want to speak with me, they have this lovely staff, who has to do all their dirty work for them! What a joke! This Company should be closed down, should get someone to inspect their paperwork!
  • The worst customer service ever !! don't deal with ACCENT or you will have to deal with the rudest unprofessional management. Who lacks everything. 5 months of of ongoing issues and no apologies . don't go with this company
  • I have never experienced such appalling customer service from a company. They took a 50 percent deposit from me in June of 2013 and I am still awaiting my curtains to be installed ... it's February 2014. I've spent over 30 hours righting letters, emails and making phone calls following up on my continually botched order (too many errors to list in one review). They continually refused to refund my deposit (over $2,000), even though it has taken then over 8 months (and counting) to fulfill the curtain order. Please please please DO NOT use Accent Blinds. Nobody deserves to go through what I have went through with this terrible terrible company.
  • Save yourself grief and time, go elsewhere.

    Placed a deposit in April for 5 Blinds and 14 Flyscreens, took 3 months of chasing them before anybody came to do a measure, a further 2 months before they installed just the blinds stating the flyscreens needed a "check measure". Note we were required to pay the remaining balance at this stage. Updates never came from accent, they had to be constantly chased. Calls hardly ever returned and information provided was limited to "it's in production".

    Another month passes before we are called with an install date. The installer comes and takes one look at the house and says the details written during the measure and check measure are incorrect. Nothing can be done and I'd need to call the office on Monday to find out what is going on. After calling on Monday and being told everything from "Our security door part is ordered" to "That job is listed as complete" we finally got the old cherry "it's in production".

    3 weeks later, 9 of 14 flyscreens were installed. 3 were measured incorrectly (twice it seems) and 1 was faulty from the shop. Not only was the job not finished, but the installer also damaged a window in the process. 7 months had now passed, job not complete, paid in full 2 months ago and I'm still getting nothing from Customer Service. I sent a formal complaint in writing and was assured management was looking into it but heard nothing for a further 3 weeks until I chased them by phone again to finally arrange installation on 24th Dec.

    I eyeballed the installer this time (having being out when they did the first run) to ensure no further damage and was shocked to see that flyscreens needed to be hammered into place with a block of wood! I would expect flyscreens should be easily removable to clean windows! It took Accent 8 months to install 5 Blinds and 14 flyscreens. Myself and/ or my wife had to make ourselves available for no less that 5 appointments for just 5 Blinds and 14 flyscreens. And there has been nothing from Accent Management with regards to correcting the damage done to the window. When I asked the installer at the final installation they stated they'd drop over a new winder, 3 weeks ago. I'm not holding my breath
  • DONT GO NEAR THEM!! Happy to tell you want to hear to get a 50% deposit down and then its down hill from there. Lead times are generally triple what they tell you. No one ever calls you back (would have left 5 messages). 8 weeks into a supposed 4 week order and they are telling me its going to be another 6 weeks. Do yourself a favour and avoid this poor excuse of a company. Never again.
  • Do not even consider using ACCENT BLINDS. We ordered ONE motorised roller blind in early August and paid a $500 deposit. The order wasn't processed by Customer Service so waited a further ten days for a fitter to measure. The blind finally ready, installer came, broke it, was very rude to me and left. Waited again, next installation, when white blind was unrolled had huge black grease mark all down it. Waited another week - when installer came the motor was faulty and gave off high pitched buzzing noise.. Waited again and was promised 4th try today, October 15 between 10 and two pm - it's now 2.45 pm and no sign of anyone.... Update: Finally the installer came at 2.48 and guess what? The program on the motor is faulty! So here we go again...Any calls I made to them I was told Customer Service would call back. Mostly they don't and when you speak to them they behave as if they've never heard of you or spoken to you before. I asked for the management and was told this information isn't given out over the phone. So, 'no'. Really? Asked what compensation I'd get for all this and have been offered $85 off a total price of $835.00 - so they have had my $500 for two months and I still don't have a working blind. Argh!! I suggest management to take a long hard look at their staff and product. I would never use them again and will discourage any of my friends from doing so.
  • I wish I had taken the time to review this company before making an order. Would of saved myself months of frustration. As per previous reviews, very quick to take your money - very slow to refund when things go wrong. I have never encountered a company that really couldn't give a hoot about their customers. Do not go anywhere near this company. Poor service, can not deliver goods, appointments continually cancelled, poor excuses. After 5 months of dealing with this company I would warn people - go elsewhere. They are shocking.
  • I ordered my blinds on 5 Jan 2013. It is now 24 May and I still do not have my blinds. Five times an installation has been scheduled. The first time they found the blinds were not measured correctly, three times they have told me they were not made correctly (the same mistake each time) and one time the fitter was sick. Twice now I have called and asked for management to complain and the management has not returned my calls. This company's customer service management has shown no interest in addressing a problem or maintaining customer relations. I do not recommend Accent Blinds.

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