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Access Antennas & Satellites

Audiovisual Equipment Installation
Osborne Park, WA
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Experts in Caravan Satellite TV - Home Theatre and MATV

We are the specialists in portable caravan satellite TV systems and kits. 
We have a massive range of tv brackets , ceiling tv mounts , caravan tv mounts.

We have a huge range of home theatre cables and other equipment. We stock a big range of 12 volt products including batteries , inverters and other components. 
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Reviews of Access Antennas & Satellites

  • Staff were very helpful and patient. I would highly recommend to all my friends and family
  • The experts in caravan satellite tv. New what they were talking about. Extremely helpful. I would recommend to all friend and family
  • A friend of mine recommended to visit these guys. I was pretty impressed with the knowledge and assistance of their staff. They made my choice so easy and simple. I will definitely come back.
  • Good customer service by the staff! Friendly, helpful and happy to serve you!
  • Purchased a G75, very happy with it! Great Laptop!
  • Couldn't be happier with the purchase of a lap top i made today.
    A laptop(ASUS P74X) i couldn't find anywhere and at a price cheaper(under $1400) then any system that could rival it.
    I had searched quite abroad to find a perfect laptop and found nothing more then overpriced crap at big retail stores until i found this place.
    The service was great and the guy behind the counter didn't hesitate to offer more bang for our buck in a friendly, not pushy way. even offering to demonstrate how to install a few extras!
    I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to buy a laptop especially for gaming, without having to pay out thousands of dollars!
  • I had a very bad experience with this business. I will not be dealing with them or recommending them to anyone. Laptops warranty is serviced by some company in USA. I live in Perth and at the time of purchasing the laptop i paid an extra $80 for the warranty. Only after 11 months of purchase there was a problem with laptop. When i contacted the warranty agent they told me to send the laptop to Jew Jersey, USA at my expense. In the end, I received my $80 back after 4 months of pain. Laptop still has a problem and i cant even sell it. I received my warranty money back only after involving my brother who told them to get there act together or they will be taken to court. They are still selling the same warranty they sold me. Stay clear of them.
    • This is a genuine customer. You purchased a 3 year mack camera additional warranty extension. The warranty is not handled by us , but with Mack Cam. You contacted them to request to get the laptop repaired. You stated the laptop had a crack left of the screen. You told the company in writing it was physically damaged so they then requested you send the laptop to them, which you refused. In the end I am told from Mack Cam they refunded you the $80 which is what you originally paid for the warranty contract because you refused to send it to them to be assessed as you told them in writing it had a crack. I am very sorry about your experience with Mack Cam - www.mackcam.com . Please do not take out your anger on our business as we only an agent for Mackcam.com warranty. Currently in 2013 we have decided not to sell any Mackcam.com warranty . We are only offering our own repair/replacement warranty which is offered by us and all work is done onsite by us.
  • The satellite system they sold me is working a treat - very easy to put up on the colour bond roof. Just had to run a cable down the wall Now i can watch Essendon play almost every week thanks to these guys helping me out.
  • Went to Harvey Norman, got a quote of $1899.
    Went into these guys, actually knew what they were
    talking about and the toshiba qosmio only cost me $1399.

    It wasnt just the saving of $500, it was more the customer service and knowledge
    which set them apart from the rest.
  • I bought a laptop from them and it took 25 days to deliver it they were just a problem after problem
    • Hi, I am verry sorry about your experience. Back in 2010 we used to import laptops from the USA. We did inform you it was being shipped from our supplier in California. There was a one week custom detention , which held things up. We let you know. We shipped the laptop and gave you a free laptop bag out of goodwill. We called you to let you know. Currently, we only sell one model of laptop , and our supplier is in Melbourne. We have basically exited out of the laptop market , we sell do repairs but in terms of sales we dont do much anymore. Sorry about your experience, if we can make it up to you in anyway please let us know and I can arrange something for you.
    • There was no contact, I struggled to contact you and there was no mention of it coming from the states
    • Dear Young ONW,
      I am very sorry about your experience. If you purchased the laptop on ebay back in 2010 there is limited contact details that we had access to through the ebay platform. Back in 2010 the business was operating entirely different , under different staff, different ABN and primarily selling laptops. In 2013, we primarily sell communications equipment. We now operate with twice as many staff , all friendly and helpful. We have store policies in place which mean if anything is out of stock then dispatch or sales will call the customer within 48 hours and let them know. I am very sorry there was a lack of communication. To make it up to you we would be happy to offer you a $25 store credit towards your next purchase , or if you want to purchase anything over $250 we could offer a 10% discount. If there is anything we can do to make you happy please call us. We endeavor our hardest to keep all customers happy just like we would like the same customer service in return.

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