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Accountable Carpet & Tile Steam Cleaning

Liverpool, NSW
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We have been trading now for 31 years. 2 years ago I brought my son Tom into the business to work along side me. We use the best truck-mount steam cleaning system in the world and it cleans at over 200 degress (that's above boiling point). We specialise in carpets, tiles and lounge suites and are happy to move your furniture. We are Accountable by name and Accountable my nature, that means that we will be there when we say we will be there and do the best job  we possibly can.
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Reviews of Accountable Carpet & Tile Steam Cleaning

  • We had young Aaron out today to clean the carpets in our villa. Our dog had a very unpleasant accident on the landing at the top of our stairs and the stains were removed with no fuss and including deodoriser. Aaron arrived on time and completed the job professionally. The truck mounted system ensured a professional quality job. Will definitely use Accountable Carpet Cleaning again and will recommend them to all my local friends.
    • So glad to hear that all went well and we too look forward to seeing you again. Kind regards, Fred
  • We had our church cleaned by Fred and Tom on the weekend after the mess left by a Children's Holiday Program. Their service was professional, honest and friendly. They were very flexible with working around our schedule. I chose them because of many positive reviews online. After seeing their work and professionalism, I can say the testimonials are very true. I cannot recommend them any higher.
  • Pleasantly surprised - carpet looks brand new. Fantastic professional service as well.
    • Thankyou for your positive review. I'm glad you were happy with the job. Regards Fred
  • Thanks Accountable. Carpets look great. Lavinia - Canley Heights
  • Hey Fred, thanks again for another great job on the carpets. Glad you advised me to scotchguard the lounge after cleaning it. Already had a spill. Kelly. ;)
  • Just had our carpets cleaned by Tom, and what an amazing job he did! The carpet actually looks newer than we first moved in! Thank you so much Tom, you arrived on time, were extremely polite and professional and made our carpet 'shine!' I would highly recommend Accountable Carpet & Tile Steam Cleaning to everyone, and I am definitely going to continue to use them. Thanks again Tom!
    • Hi melcampbell, Fred here. Tom's dad. Thankyou for taking the time to write such a wonderful review. Tom will be excited to read it when he gets home. We're glad we were able to "tick all the boxes". We look forward to seeing you again next time. Regards, Fred.
  • I would love to say a big thank you to Tom! He has just finished cleaning our tiles and carpet and WOW! I have had carpet cleaning before but nothing compares to this. Our carpet was so worn out after having a dog inside and now it looks like brand new. Same story with our tiles and grout. I've never recommended anyone before but seriously if you want clean flooring these guys are a must! Tom was so helpful and happy to explain the process and give advice on maintenance. Thanks!!!
    Andrea, Holsworthy
    • Thankyou so much Andrea and Dave for giving my son Tom a great review. Sometimes people think that because he is only young that he doesn't know what he is doing. He served a full apprentaship with me plus a few years outside of that. He does a great job everytime and I'm proud of him. Thankyou again for your kind words. Fred.
  • Accountable came and cleaned the carpets in my unit and did a great job. Thankyou. I will see you again next year. Margaret Dennis, Liverpool area.
  • A courier, who had accidently made a mark on my carpet, paid Fred to come and remove the mark. I ended up having the whole room cleaned as it made such a difference. I thought my previous carpet cleaner, who had only been a month before and charged me for a heavy duty clean, had done a good job. NOT THE CASE. I FEEL RIPPED OFF. I will never use anyone else but Accountable ever again. Thanks Fred.
    • You're welcome Kelly. Sorry for all the hassle you had to go through for me to come out and clean your carpets. Glad I could help out and make things right for you. Fred
  • Fred has been cleaning my carpets for years and today he came to clean the home of my mum, now deceased. He has always done a great job and today he showed me once again what a nice guy he is. His care and respect given the situation really touched my heart. Thanks Fred.
  • The good:
    They came on time, were polite and did the job really quickly. There was no mucking around they got straight on to the job. The carpet turned out a little better than expected looking visually clean and smelling like clean washing.

    The bad:
    Missed a small spot behind one of the doors. Left a couple of bits of rubbish that they picked up on one of the tables. In one of the rooms the bed wasn't moved back (ok for me, not for a grandma).

    30 mins cleaning. 3 hour drying time. carpet turned out great. Ive used two different carpet cleaners before and these guys win hands down. I will use them again.
  • I went to cancel my job with Fred because it had been raining for days. He promised me it wouldnt make any difference unless it was raining inside!!!!!! Fred and Tom came today while it was pouring rain and did a fantastic job just like he said. Our carpets only took about 3hrs to dry which was great for suchna lousy day. We have a family function on the weekend and my carpets are lovely and clean. Thanks guys. After this weekend all my family will know about you :)
  • You have done a great job now for 6 years in a row. Thanks very much Fred. I'd recommend you to anyone and I have. Kelly.
  • Hey Fred, it was a pleasure meeting you today. I said I would do a review and I am keeping my word! You did a wonderful job of my lounge suite. Your professional manner and integrity showed through in everything you did. I would gladly use you again. Yours sincerely, Jimmy
  • Had some water damage in my unit and I thought it was about time I got the carpets cleaned - it had been 15 years! The carpets are probably 25 years old and I thought I would be wasting my time, but I cant believe how well they came up. Thanks very much Tom you did a great job and I will be recommending you to people.
  • Fred and Tom came to my house today and did a fantastic job. It was 41 degress here at Wakely - gee they worked hard for their money today. They cleaned my carpets, my tiles and my leather lounge. I would recommend these guys to anyone - they did a great job.
  • I called Accountable back to touch up a few spots that I thought they had missed. It turned out that my son had made them after Accountable had left. They cleaned them anyway and did not charge me. What great service. Thanks fellas. Highly recommend.
  • accountable carpet cleaning, cleaned the velvet lounge that i thought i would have to throw out but iy came up great i'm keeping it now. thanks guys.
  • They have cleaned the carpets in all 3 units in our building more than 2 times. they have done a great job every time i would recommend them to anyone.
  • Accountable has done our offices twice now. I know we left it too long both times but they still came up great. Fantastic job guys and would highly recommend you to anyone.
  • i had booked a carprt cleaner who didn't turn up. I called them was able to help me and he did a wonderfull job i am so glad the other company didn't turn up.Thanks.....
  • Cleaned our carpets & did a great job. Our dog had puppies & made quite a mess we are so glad we called accountable. Thanks guys.
  • Fred cleaned my leather lounge i thought i had left it too long , but now it looks great & feels great too. Thanks Fred.
  • These guys are amazing. I had my carpets cleaned when i first moved in by somone else & they got them even cleaner 2 years later as i am moving out. I would recommend them to anyone.
  • the boys at accountable did my carpets i have a daughter who is a bit messy with her makup they did a great job.I will probably be seeing them again shortly. Thanks.
  • My husband and I both work long hours and house cleaning is not a priority in our free time. Fred cleans my carpets every six months and my tiles and twelve months. As far as I'm concerned its money well spent. He's been doing this for seven years now and I would recommend him to anyone.
  • My daughter vomited on the carpets last night fred gave me some great advice that got me buy until he got here. He got every thing out what a relief .Thanks. If you see this you should use him.......
  • accountable carpet cleaning was recommended to me buy a freind. They did a great job of my third floor unit . Thank you very much.
  • They cleaned my tiles i was so sick of them i was ready to replace them but they just about got them like new even the grout i couldn't believe it . I would recommend them to any one .thanks.
  • We have dogs, cats &birds roaming around in our house a real little zoo. Fred & Tom did a great job they got our carpets cleaner than we thought anyone could we can't sing their praises loud enough. Thanks Fred& Tom.
  • My wife is very fussy the boys from accountable did a great job. My wife is happy I'm happy evreybody is happy.Thanks accountable.
  • fred was recommended to me by a Friend he did a great job you can,t beat a good recommendation see you next time thank you very much.
  • fred has been cleaning my carpets for over 25 years now he is great. he is more like a freind now .i have even been to his house for lunch.we love you fred.
  • accountable cleaned my carpets &they did agreat job. i have cats & they got rid of the smell. thank you very much.
  • were selling our house . we got fred & tom to clean our carpets tiles & loungesuite they did a great job i got them from true local . thanks true local thanks fred & tom.
  • I have 3 wild teenage boys accountable carpet cleaning got stains out that i thought were there to stay they did a great job. ill be calling them back. thanks fellas.
  • when fred spoke to us about reviews for his buisness why wouldnt i he has done such a great job for me for many years . he does a great job every time i would recomend him to anyone. thanks fred.
  • Fred from Accountable has been doing my carpets and lounges for over 10 years now. If he wasn't the best I wouldn't use him. Time and time again he has done a great job. It's like he has become a friend now - and now he has Tom working with him, Tom's exactly like his dad. I know they will be cleaning our carpets for years to come.
  • Fred cleans my unit and also my mother's house. He does a great job every time and I trust him. He is great around my mother who is starting to get alzheimers and she feels comfortable around him. Would highly recommend him to anyone.
  • Accountable Carpet Cleaning cleaned my leather lounge. My dog had been laying on it and had left it fairly dirty and oily. It came up great and Fred also gave me lots of great tips to help me maintain both my carpets and lounge because I have the dog in the house. Thanks Fred. See you in 12 months.
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