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  • Andrew-m Newbie   1 review
    I have just had my car towed to Adams Smash Repairs. I found they were very helpful, they organised the towing company and gave me details to organise a complimentary hire car whilst mine was being assessed. I'm awaiting the assessment but my experience is definately different to Bradgilly below.
  • Bradgilly Newbie   1 review
    I have rated Adams Smash Repair as half a star, (not good) let me tell you that is a major understatement.

    My experience was terrible, I have never felt so unwelcome in my life, I went there looking for a quote to replace the door on my lancer, I was told the door should cost between $200 - $400 depending on condition it was in, I was pleased with this quote, this was unpainted and only included the price of the door which was explained to me, they told me they would ring up and find out the exact cost that day. After not receiving a call the next day, I rang up and they told me that it would cost $590 installed but not painted which I was fine with. When I was told the car was finished I was also told that it was now going to cost $790, I was annoyed at this, I was told that $590 was the price un fitted which was not true as I had asked the price fitted when I got the quote. A day or two later I went to pick up the car, my mother was there with me as she dropped me off, I wanted to pay using credit card, then was rudely told that they only accepted bank check or cash. they told had me that they had stated this over the phone (which they hadnt ) but it was the way they said it, they repeated themselves and used an aggressive assertive tone (like one would use with a disobedient child) they stood there from behind their desk staring at my mother and me with his arms crossed patronising us. My mother (who had drove me and hour to pick the car up) I was extremely angry at how I had been treated and my experience with them, I thought to myself I would never go back there again, that id just pay and be done with it all.

    Today (Thursday 24th September) I went to pick up my car I was greeted by them staring at me with a smirk on their face, they moved some cars so I could leave with mine. I tried to unlock my car (my car has an alarm and it opens without using keys) so I pressed the button to open the door it made the noise to indicate it had unlocked, but the door would not open, they then told me I had to use the key, I asked them what was going on and that this wasnt happening before, I then went to my other door which I also had to use a key to open only the key would not work (passenger side door which was not damaged) by this time I was furious and I asked hem to fix it and they told me that it was like that when they got it, I know for a fact it wasn't cause I checked both doors before I gave it to them they then told me to calm down as I had raised my voice and told them that I would call fair trading, they then told me to go or they would call the police! I had no choice but to leave as I had to drop my girlfriend at work, but I was seriously tempted to stay and report what had happened to the police. As I drove away I was again looking at the same smirk I was greeted with, no words can explain how disgusted I was.

    If you are thinking of going there I urge you not to, and if you have had a bad experience there, I urge you to ring fair trading and to write a review stating your experience.
    • brett r Newbie 
      I have used Adams Smash Repairs for 10 years & have always found them to be honest & trustworthy & there price to repair cars is competitive with other local repairers.Maybe you just had a misunderstanding with them but if you weren't happy why didn't you go to the department of fair tradeing or were you trying to get something for nothing & it didn't work



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