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Reviews of Adelaide Metro Infoline - Head Office

  • Can someone help me with figuring out what I could do re fricking cold busses at 6:50am? Yes, it's gonna be 23 degrees today! But it's 6 degrees now Nd I've been asking drivers and myself why I need to sit in busses with freezing cold air blasting through the vents while drivers sit in the warmth? I've asked nicely, stated nicely how cold it was, have been writing online to Adelaide transit- to no avail. Sitting here now, hat on, gloves on- and cold as- I'm a paying customer! Doesn't anyone else notice this?
  • It's been between 3 & 6 degrees Celsius around 6:45 am in Adelaide for weeks on end. Yet bus drivers have ice cold air blasting through the vents. When asked friendly if they could change it, they tell you there's nothing they can do or they get unfriendly. I pay thousands of $ to this transport system and have complained in writing a number of times- no response- no change= bad bad customer service and I may just buy a car again...
  • i was told by infoline that tram was late due to signal issues but tram driver said it was a medical emergency. someone please tell me the truth.
  • Adelaide Metro is a great bus service with a new line of more comfortable, better buses. These buses have many routes spanning as far as Murray Bridge, cheap fares and an all round great service!

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