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The most established driving school in Sydney.
we help you to become an independent ,safe and confident driver.
Satifaction guranteed. We ensure  lesson plan is achieved at the end of lesson . We also make sure the driving envorenment suites the lesson plan.Based in Granville , also providing driving lessons in following suburbs: Ryde,WestRyde,Rydelmere,Silverwatre,Auburn,Parramatta ,Haris Park .            
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Reviews of Adil Driving School

  • Today for my driving test I scored 98% and passed on my very first try!!!
    Wether you are a beginner or someone who is quite confident in your driving, I would recommend you give Mr. Adil a ring first and let him prepare you for the driving test. Personally I was ready for the test, but I still got three lessons from Mr. Adil, and these lessons were EXTREMELY VALUABLE. Mr. Adil is a meticulous and conscientious driving instructor, carefully pointing out any driving errors you may have made, as well as thoroughly explaining proper procedures in lane changing, reverse parallel parking, three point turns, etc. It is undeniable that Mr. Adil helped me get my P's, but more importantly he taught me how to be a SAFE DRIVER.

    Thank you Sharif for all the help!
  • I was able to pass my driving test with a score of 98% I would highly recommend him to other learner drivers it is worth the time, effort and money. Within the space of 2 weeks Mr.Adil taught me how to avoid dangerous situations, how to respond to hazards, how to change lanes whether it is peak hour or not and how to properly perform a curbside and reverse parking. His patience and confidence in me has helped me improve my driving. Thank you Mr.Adil Sharif it was honestly a pleasure to have you as a driving instructor.
  • Got my License this week in one go! I will recommend Adil Drivnig School to every 1 because it's worth your time and money.
    He is friendly, patience, professional and provides positive support.I have been driving for 10 years and to obtain this license i met mr adil and i will not feel any shame to tell you first time i realised how many mistakes and casual i have been through all this time.
    Best of Luck to everyone.
  • MR. Sharif Tahiri is a very good instructor. I passed my driving test in one attempt and scored 97% because of his excellent teaching and guidance. Mr. Tahiri is immensely experienced in his profession, very polite, has a positive attitude and provides prompt feedback. I am really glad that I came in contact with a person like him and would definitely recommend Adil Driving School to everyone I know. Thanks a lot Mr. Tahiri for making the road test appear so easy after all the informative and demonstrative classes I had with you.
  • I have no words to describe how good Sharif is! His attention to detail, unhurried method of teaching a learner driver how to scan, how to respond to hazards, how to park, reverse park etc. are genius. His patience with a learner driver allows the driver to build up confidence as well as understand the proper way to drive a car. I am extremely grateful to Sharif for his teaching techniques - I got my P plates with 97% results at the very first go and that is a smashing result - a testimony to Sharif's incredibly amazing teaching skills and techniques. I shall be definitely recommending his school to other learner drivers.
  • Very Good Instructor! Mr Tahiri is a genius instructor and provides all the mandatory training and advice to pass the NSW driving test. Today with his guidelines, I passed the driving test in just one attempt, scored 95% and got full unrestricted licence. In just two classes he instructed all the minute details required to pass the test. The main factors to pass the test were giving right information, correcting my errors in less time, observing my driving patiently and providing feedback to improve my driving skills. I therefore very firmly recommend Adil Driving school to all the people who desperately need NSW LICENCE.
    The best teacher I have ever seen.
  • Great Teacher, I just got my P's today on my first go, I achieved 95%. I wouldn't of done it without his professional guidelines. This instructor has all it takes to be a great teacher, his patience, his approach of teaching, his punctuality, his motivation and encouragement are a few things that I found to be the key factor in his success. I strongly recommend Adil Driving School to anyone.
  • Great teacher....reliable and friendly instructor...got my full license today on first attempt in just four classes....will recommend him to others....ideal person to learn driving....thank you Adil
  • Wow...i got my P licence today.....i had 100% wit no single mistake, i would not have done it without the patience and professional guide from Adil Driving School. I strongly recommend this driving school for you out there. Its for real.
  • Got my Ps this week in one go! I absolutely recommended Adil Drivnig School because it's worth your time and money.
    He is friendly, patience, professional and provides positive support. What i enjoyed throughout the lesson is his method of teaching. He will not hesitate to remind you of what you should be doing or feedback on how to handle the situation, he will also provide demonstrations with step by step guidance.
    [As for me, it was no taking the easy driving test routes because he has focused on my driving skills and confidence which made me more experienced and confident when it comes to driving on harder routes which integrated with the RMS test routes. It made the RMS testing routes easier.]-my point of view.
    I'm glad that i had him as my instructor on this site.
    Best of Luck to everyone else.
  • I have been to more than 1 driving school, and from personal experience, Adil driving school eclipses the other driving school I went to in every aspect. From the basics to teaching you crucial knowledge in regards to passing the P's test, Adil excelled in all areas. Adil is extremely flexible with in his lessons and easy to talk to in the car, so it's quite a pleasurable experience getting in the car with him as you know you're in safe hands. I'm extremely grateful for having him teach me how to drive and pass the P's test. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the area. Not to mention he offers relatively cheap services compared to the bigger driving schools that are more publicized.
  • I am very grateful for having Adil driving instructor. He is patient and understanding, highly experienced, and most importantly very committed in making sure that I become the best driver possible. He is friendly and his lessons are flexible and enjoyable. He has a good vehicle and was flexible with lesson schedules. Under his guidance, I was able to pass my driving test in the first attempt. I highly recommend Adil for anyone looking for a driving instructor, no matter what level youre at.
  • Thanks to ADIL driving school I got my licence in one go !!!! I couldn't ask for more. I would like to commend the instructor on his achievement in helping me get my licence in a true professional way. The instructor has all it takes to be a great teacher, his patience, his approach of teaching, his punctuality, his motivation and encouragement are a few things that I found to be the key factor in his success. To sum it up, ADIL Driving school is a cost effective and efficient way to learn to drive in Australia. I will recommend all my friends to go through ADIL driving school if they want to learn to drive and get their licence.
  • I have been to more than one driving school and I would like to say that Adil driving school was by far the best. The instructor is very talented, patient and friendly. The teaching method used is precise, professional and also not expensive. I just wanted to express my thanks to Adil driving school for being helpful and due to the fact that I passed the Ps test on my first attempt. Thank You
  • I got my P plate in one go. I am very pleased and fortunate to be taught by a fantastic expert driving instructor who was very friendly,patience,punctual .I would highly recommend Adil driving school for anyone who wants to become a good driver.Thank you very much.
  • This is by far the cheapest and most professional driving school available. The instructors patience, knowledge and professionalism far outweigh those of any other Driving School. I am now a confident P plater who passed on my first go thanks to the expertise and guidance of my very courteous instructor . I would highly recommend him to anyone.
  • it is a fantastic deal. after browsing through many instructors I chose him due to the cost effectiveness. However, when I took up the first class, the amount of details I received in the instructions was fantastic. he was very well aware of the localities and the testing routes which helped me in clearing the test. Otherwise, even for learning it was an excellent experience. Myself being a driver for quite some time overseas didn't knew lot of things that he taught me. the best part of his training was to teach how to scan the road conditions, different signs, zones and to easily follow them

    All in all an A+ for his instructions and highly recommended instructor

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