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At Advanced Auto Centre 95163366. we porovide blue slips, pink slips, auto mechanic, auto electrians, LPG rego inspections. RTA blue slips and pink slips online E safty checks.

At Advanced Auto Centre 95163366. we porovide blue slips, pink slips, auto mechanic repairs, auto electrians, LPG rego inspections. RTA blue slips and pink slips online E safty checks. We are in St peters nearby Newtown, enmore, redfern, waterloo, alexandria, surryhills, broadway, glebe, tempe, earlwood, mascot, pagewood, rosebery, rockdale, botany. We cater and service all makes and models in both rego inspections and car repairs. 

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  • Sab777   3 reviews
    Found these guys to be efficient, honest and obliging. The whole family come here & are very happy with the service.

    13 hours ago - 16/04/2014

  • MAG1 Newbie   2 reviews
    Staff are friendly, can easily book in and they have wonderful service. Very good.

    1 week ago - 09/04/2014

  • jcc835 Newbie   2 reviews
    Well to set the scene, I had a 4 year old mazda 3 that I had bought new and that had never been involved in any accidents or had any issues. The car has been serviced every 6 months and no issues had ever been mentioned. I moved back to NSW and so required a blue slip. I found them online but I wish I had never taken my car there.

    It's true, they do have a very strong emphasis on their customer service, but that is where their skills begin and end. Firstly, they told me I had a whole host of issues with my car and sent through photos of the issues to my mobile with a quote close to $2000. Confused as I'd had my car recently serviced (by a referral business in Brisbane), I called the dealer I'd bought the car from and whilst obviously they hadn't seen the car, they were very helpful and gave me cheaper quotes and informed that many of those things weren't required for the blue slip. I went back to them and they didn't deny anything and reduced the price, claiming it was just that they did such a good job that their prices were worth it. I didn't want them to do the work even then as I no longer trusted them but it was so hard getting my car anywhere with work and I was nervous about not having the correct registration so I made the mistake of letting them.

    That weekend, I had to drive up to the Central Coast. As soon as we got above 80-90km my car started shaking. I had to drive the whole way there and back keeping the car under 80km/hr. Some friends told me it was likely a balancing issue as they had changed 2 of the tyres. I called them and they agreed to take a look for free and fix the problem. Because it was free and I'd already spent so much, I stupidly agreed. their words were, "if it's still not right, don't panic, bring it back here, just don't take it anywhere else." I should mention that I had actually driven my car from Brisbane to Sydney (so plenty of 110km/hr roads) with no issues prior to them.

    The next weekend, I again went on a 110km/hr road and the car was shaking even worse. We also found that they had left the bonnet unlatched which isn't a big thing but again shows you how much care they take. This time, I was too scared to drive back home so I went to another service. They told me that the car had not been balanced properly, that instead of removing all the weights as they should have done, they had obviously just added weights to both sides. they also said the wheel alignment was horrible. The back wheels were aligned similar to how the front should be and the front were all over the place.They also told me the tyres were cheap and nasty so I just opted to replace all 4 with quality tyres. Everything cost me $400. Car drove like a dream again and I noticed I didn't skid nearly as bad in the rain which I had been with the expensive tyres Advance Auto Centre had sold me.

    It's almost irrelevant compared to everything else, but they also said I had to get a new windscreen wiper. Old one worked fine, new one obviously hasn't been put on properly because it screeches even in heavy rain and leaves huge patches unwiped. Now I do need a new windscreen wiper...

    Workers at Advanced Auto are incompetent. Anyway, I made an account just to make this review because I rely on these reviews when looking for service providers. I will never go back and I just hope that whatever else they have done to my car isn't too expensive to fix. The quality of their work is poor.

    1 week ago - 09/04/2014

    • stella78 Newbie 
      hi jacueline, we understand that the tyres were fitted to the rear of your car, not the front which may cause the vibration. we offered to balance and allign your car free of charge and test drove it over 80klm per hour. you may have faulty tyres which we also offered to rectify. we have been here for over 22 years and returning to rectify faulty tyres is no harm. we also offered a refund. so if you wish to return for any of services, plse do.

      14 hours ago - 16/04/2014

  • reems   5 reviews
    Really good workmanship, service and very helpful staff.

    1 week ago - 08/04/2014

  • mar999 Newbie   1 review
    advanced auto center is definitely the place to go to! I went for a service there for the first time not knowing what to do with my car and they fixed every single problem there was. they told me what they did and showed me exactly what and where they fixed the problems. these guys are really good!!! i highly recommend them. they are very professional and clean. i have never seen a mechanic as clean as them! even my husbands mechanic workshop isn't as organised as this place. ive recommended all friends and family and the results have been remarkable and constant

    1 week ago - 04/04/2014

  • TEZ2 Newbie   1 review
    Advance Auto Centre has been very helpful, professional and reliable to my family and I threw the years. I am a retired mechanic & have been going to these guys for a long time now, just had the car serviced on the weekend & what a fantastic job. Wouldnt recommend anyone else.

    3 weeks ago - 20/03/2014

  • reems   5 reviews
    I have been going to this place for years now and wouldn't go anywhere else. They are professional, honest and reliable. If your looking for a great mechanic these guys are the real deal.

    1 month ago - 19/03/2014

  • reems   5 reviews
    I used to work in this industry and after retiring I found it really hard to find someone who can be trusted to care for our cars. I was told about these guys & found them to provide quality workmanship, to be professional and they don't try to rip you off by creating false faults. Thank you Advance Auto Centre, your as good as they come !!

    1 month ago - 11/03/2014

  • Franco67 Newbie   1 review
    I took my car in to these guys for a grease and oil change less than a year ago and everytime I drive past I wonder how they are still in business. They come across polite and professional in the beginning. I specifically requested a Grease and oil change but when i went to collect my car, a whole lot of additional work that I know was not required (as it was already done 3 months prior) had been carried out and I was forced to pay nearly double the original quote. My car was also spotted at Marrickville being used to run errands but I was told it was standard for the company to 'test drive' the cars. Avoid this business at all costs! Really poor customer service. Steer clear.

    1 month ago - 09/03/2014

  • Honest Ken Newbie   1 review
    I took my vehicle to be serviced in May 2011, they told me the Transmission needed servicing, and said the fee was $220.
    When I came to pick up the vehicle they said they had also drained and flushed the Power Steering System because something black was in the fluid bottle and that they cleaned it the best they could, why didn't they phoned me and tell me they were going to do this extra service, they charged me $95.
    But not only that, they quote a price, not stating plus GST.
    The large Price List as you enter the property doesn't state plus GST but one thing for sure you will be charged GST on top of the stated price.
    I believe the reason being when they quote for the job it sounds cheaper.
    Beware! And don't say you weren't warned. Get everything they say in writing or you've got no evidence.
    Or better still Don't Go to Advanced Auto Centre.
    Don't trust them, don't deal with them. They only charged me $99 (opps, plus GST) for the engine service because it would have made an cheaper than the Dealership at $129 including GST.

    Because I was aware; the next time, and 18 months later, I wanted my vehicle serviced again, I walked in and ask them "how much was the service", they looked it up on their computer and said $299 (that would have been the maximum I would have accepted and expected to pay, but when I picked up the vehicle they had added GST again, I vowed I would never return to Advanced Auto Centre again.
    Get it in writing! Or Better Still, Don't Go to Advanced Auto Centre.

    1 month ago - 02/03/2014

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