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Air Conditioning Online is not only an air conditioning online retailer. We are air conditioning professionals who offer the latest products at affordable prices for the biggest brands of air conditioners including Fujitsu , Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba, Samsung,Hitachi and Carrier. We deliver Australia Wide.

We provide breakdown service, maintenance and installation for all Air conditioning systems including split systems, ducted systems in the domestic and commercial environments. (In Sydney Metro and Gosford areas only)

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Air Conditioning & Heating Installation

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Commercial Refrigeration Systems Inspections Residential Evaporative Systems Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Wall Split Systems Installation Air Quality Measurement Testing Design Portable Units Mechanical Services Upgrades Maintenance Repairs Service Ducted Systems

Fujitsu Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Toshiba Samsung Actron Hitachi and Carrier. We supply other brands if requested.
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Reviews of Air Conditioning -

  • Called up last week to have some contractors to come fix an issue with my cooling system, the receptionist was horrible, had to ask for a different speaker to be able to communicate, the different speaker was only marginally better, I explained my issue and how I wanted them to fix it, she sent me a preliminary quote, I agreed to have the work done.

    On arrival the technicians assured me that they wouldn't have to fix it the way I had asked and proceeded to use duct tape to fix it. They leave, I get charged $300, fair enough, they said they had warranty on their work.

    A day later the issue still hasn't been fixed due to a quick (but not cheap) job the first time round, so I call them around a second time, this time they do as I originally wanted (that is, take the fan unit off the wall and cover the pipes completely to stop them dripping water), here I am thinking that I am going to get a discount considering it was poorly done the first time, get hit with a extra $400 bill!

    I contact the company and they offer me a small discount, still being overcharged for their mistakes and wanting to cut corners the first time. When I express my discontent with the discount the woman on the other end of the phone gets defensive and tells me an incorrect price pre-discount (I mean, come to a consensus internally about how much you were originally trying to rort from me). At this stage I see there is no point to continue arguing and it's just easier to foot the bill and move on.

    Side note:
    The technicians were great, they did the job correctly the second time round after they saw duct tape couldn't fix everything. Their service was 10/10, it is a shame though that poor management + lack of integrity from the owners of the company ruined the rest of the experience, instead of doing it correctly as asked the first time, they make me, the customer foot the bill for them wanting to cut corners.
  • Apart from the first receptionist my dealing with this company was brilliant, fast delivery, very competitive prices, my unit installed cost less than buying from my local air conditioner suppliers. Thank you, it works a treat!
    • Thank for your comments. We are glad that you are happy with our service. We hope you have a great day. If you need any help in future with the air conditioning, please let us know. Have a happy Holiday Season.

      Kind Regards
      Airconditioning-Online Team
  • Very competitive price, in fact could be the best price i can find in Sydney. And transparent price list including installation and old air con removal.

    Very happy to recommend it to friends.
    • Thank you Very much, Ben for your comments. We are glad that you are happy with our service. We hope you have a great day. If you need any help in future with the air conditioning, please let us know. Have a happy Holiday Season.

      Kind Regards
      Airconditioning-Online Team
  • Dealing with Air conditioning online has been truly painful. I would be surprised if they knew what day it was, let alone when their own products are available. Despite requesting an immediate refund 3 weeks ago, I am yet to receive my money. Upon calling them today I have discovered they have not even processed my request.They take a new meaning to an unorganized flimsy internet business.
    • We apologise for your bad experience, that you had. We try our best to provide the best service possible, we are only humans and we are not perfect. We have definitely take your comments on board for future. Your money has already been refunded. Sorry once again for the inconvenience caused. Wishing you the best of luck in future.
      Kind regards
      Airconditioning-Online Team
  • Martin has be very informative, reliable, and "on time" with all our requests for air conditioner units we've purchased off him and will continue to do so into the future.
    Would not hesitate to refer him to other similar businesses.
    • Thank you very much Michael for your comment and business. Please let us know, when you need anything else.
      Kind Regards
      The Airconditioning-Online Team
  • As previous reviewers have already indicated, which influenced our decision to deal with A/c Online, Martin and Team responded promptly, did all that was expected by way of competitive and efficient service and were a pleasure to deal with besides. As we have technical experience in this area and have also previously engaged other providers of these services, we can confirm that our job was competently specified and then executed. There is nothing else that can or should be expected. We would recommend A/c On-line to anyone, without hesitation. If only all other service providers were similarly inclined.
    • Thank you for your comments and your business. We hope you have a great day.
      Kind Regards
      The Airconditioning-Online Team
  • Was very pleased. Prices were competitive and installation costs were transparent - which is disappointingly rare. Service was extremely responsive to my email, and very helpful over the phone. Installers showed up when they said they would, and didn't leave until they completed the job. It's different having the aircon cable coming out of the wall and into a powerpoint in the bedrooms, but I'm not really fazed by it.
    • Thank you for your comments. If you would like it hard wired we can amend.
      Please send us an internal email and we can arrange a time and a day to come if you wish. Thank you for your business and if you need anything else in further let us know.
      The Airconditioning-Online Team.
  • Thought I'd post an update since getting my 3rd split system installed by these guys. Wonderful, professional job as usual. I am very happy with my three new aircon units. The only minor thing I would like to point out is that my electrician went under the house and found some of the aircon electrical supply cabling was running loosely over the ground. For low-current cables this would be fine but seems to be a hazard for anything that draws a large current like an aircon. Other than that, thanks for your services as I am very happy with the units.
    • Got a nice follow up call from them about rectifying the issue. Get your aircon from these guys; you won't be disappointed.
  • I found airconditioning-online thanks to the other reviews here, and I'm very pleased with my new 2.5 kW split system they've installed for us. In fact that I've just placed a second order with them for a 3.5 kW unit! Purchasing online and booking the installation was very easy. The team were pleasant to deal with and happily catered to our last-minute decision to move the outdoor unit to a better location. The prices for the units and installation were very fair. After this I'll be looking into a 6 - 7 kW system for our living/dining area.
    • Thank you Very much Fiona for your comments. We are glad that you are happy with our service. We just received your third order and we will be contacting you soon to confirm the installation date. If you need anything else in the future do not hesitate in contacting us.
      Kind Regards
      Airconditioning-Online Team.
  • What a fantastic experience using Air Conditioning - Online! Completing the whole transaction online and via email including booking the installation was a breeze. Silvana was extremely helpful and very quick with replying to my email enquires. The installer was on time and very professional - nothing was a problem. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. Thank you Silvana and Martin.
    • Thank you Karen for your comment. We are glad that you are happy with our service and that we found the right trunking colour to match your house. If you need anything else in future let us know.
      Kind Regards
      Airconditioning-Online Team

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