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Reviews of AJ's Family Sports Centre

  • AJs could be so much more, it's huge and yeah its the only fitness centre with three pools, but so what!
    There always full of school kids on swimming lessons anyway.
    It's such a shame they haven't ever bothered to bring the place up to date!
    Whats wrong with them? They take your money every week though.
    It's tired, its creepy even! As for the pools they all have a horrible musty smell, that just puts you off even getting in. as for the saunas and steam room So Old and dirty.. And you have to go ask for key from reception to go in anyway, which is embarrassing! What's all that about?
    The staff all seem friendly enough, and helpful and it's always busy lots of customers
    But I think the only thing keeping most of them from defecting to a fitness first, is the fact That AJs is on the doorstep for a lot of them.
    I say to management go take a of tour of a go health club...
    Internet bar, coffee machines, beautiful clean showers with hair straighteners, Aircon!! In the fitness room
    Then ask yourself why the h**l would anyone wanna pay the same to go to AJs?

    • Everything you say is right on the money. Management are very well aware of the issues, cleanliness (or lack thereof), the shockingly filthy pools, gym equipment in a state of poor serviceability, filthy saunas, but, worst of all, the sheer state and stench of the toilets. It is, without a doubt, the filthiest centre I've been to in the Asia-Pacific region, and I've been to many around the world. Management clearly don't give a stuff about patrons, and it shows in their attitude and premises. Customer/patron service is an alien concept to them. Favouritism of family members working on their team is a well established constant. The old saying of 'Culture stemming from the top down' is clearly abundant in every aspect of this outfit's operation.
    • What I can say the management at AJ should clean up the swimming pools as it CLEAN. I would be coming back to AJ ,I will be taking this further , my husband has now allergic reaction due uncleanliness of this place. It is so bad his body covered with rash. Disgraceful AJ. This is not the end we will be taking this further.
  • What a great centre. I have my kids in swimming lessons here and they love it. The pools always look clean and tidy and the kids love their swimming teachers. After the lessons I can drop my kids into the childminding area and do my own workout. The machines are fantastic whether I choose to use the main gym or the woman's only area. I love coming to this centre as I always feel so welcome from the reception staff.
  • The opening hours are very convenient. And that's it.
    There is a distinct avoidance of adhering to duty of care, by the management, as the state and sheer stench of the changerooms and toilets attest. On further inspection, the pools are poorly balanced in terms of ph levels and cleanliness, as well as lane ropes that flex from New York to Los Angeles (metaphorically speaking), zero policing of kids and people sitting on lane ropes, gym equipment that is in a shocking state of repair and cleanliness, i.e, weight training machines, cycles used in the cycling class. The carpark area has lots of refuse, MANY nails and other screws from works that have been carried out over time, just ready to puncture vehicle tyres. When they were approached about all these issues, they became very argumentative, and tried to state that no one had a problem in any of these regards before. It's time to make management wake up to themselves, and start treating patrons with the respect they deserve.
    Management have scant regard for patrons and their own staff, unless they're family members. They're well aware of the issues in their gym and pools, make no mistake. There are far better gyms and pools elsewhere. User beware.
  • I signed up a while ago, after putting on much more weight than I care to discuss. I was very apprehensive about working out in a public area, but the ladies only area is great and the group fitness classes are much more fun than I imagined. I have found the staff very supportive, and friendly, especially the trainers. They have no problems talking to you about nutrition, giving honest feedback about supplements, and being completely clueless about these sort of things, I appreciate it a great deal. I've been to other gyms, I find this one the most supportive and the most fun.
  • thumb Local Star 291 reviews
    There is everything you could want under 1 roof - classes, cardio, weights, ladies only room (quite small), pool, sauna etc. Most of the machinese are in good condition and thre is usually not much of a wait however it is very steeply priced. casual visit for 1 facility is $15
  • USED to be a good gym. The place was a good gym once, but not anymore. The good staff members have all left and those that are left are not interested in offering decent customer service. I paid for personal training sessions - the first one the trainer didnt even show up and I wasn't offered a refund or replacement session, the second one, with a different trainer, cannot answer my questions properly. The childminding is always overcrowded with not enough staff and kids just sit there crying. They only ever have two staff members on, no matter how many kids, and I have been there on days when these two women are trying to deal with more than 40 kids under 5. Most of the machines have some problem with them like the settings dont work or the radio sets dont work. If you're a fit young single person who is looking for a cliquey place to build muscle, AJs could work for you, but if you're looking for a nice, family oriented place with good staff where you can build your fitness levels in a supportive environment, AJ's is NOT what you're looking for, and certainly not at the price you pay. As soon as my contract is up I'm out of there.
  • AJ's is fantastic for nipping into during my lunch break to catch up on my swimming and fitness. The staff are awsome
  • I have been a member of this gym for 2 years and it is great!
    It has a fun and friendly environment and there isnt alot of pressure to look great whilst working out like many of the other gyms around Brisbane. The equipment is awesome they have everything I need. The trainers are awesome, they actually care about your fitness and your fitness goal. I regularly do classes at AJ's and it is so much fun, it dosen't even feel like I'm working out, but more of fun activities.
  • bmurray225 Local Star 603 reviews
    AJ's has swimming, squash, tennis, gym and other fitness programs. Love the indoors swimming pool especially in cool/colder months. The swimming classes has give great confidence to my children in the pool or ocean. Highly recommend all children to do a swimming course.
  • Has everything you need in a sports centre without the fitness first price tag. The best thing about this centre is they offer a free childminding service from 0 months. This means you can get straight back into it without having to organise a baby sitter for the kids.
    • Why you would leave your kids at the childminding at AJS it truly concerning. Pay peanuts, get monkeys. The are us always overcrowded with kids and no limit of kids per two staff is enforced. DANGEROUS. I wouldn't even think about letting my kids go there. Safer to put them in a pram and go for a run. (In a direction away from AJS)

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