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Parramatta, NSW
Open today - 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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The Albion Hotel is a stylish bar and restaurant in Parramatta, however you could easily be fooled that you are within the clubbing hub of the inner city. With three bars on site including the open air garden bar and the popular Gasworks nightclub, you will be sure to find something that suits your mood and the ambience you seek. Gasworks is open every Friday and Saturday night till late, with the DJs spinning a range of beats from dance to pop and funk. Meanwhile, the kitchen is open for lunch and dinner everyday, with the cuisine being Modern Australian.
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Reviews of Albion Hotel

  • Disappointed in the recent menu change - now only 1 Vegetarian option. Guess I will be looking for a new venue with more variety.
  • mzthing Local Star 168 reviews
    Came here Sunday night with a group of friends. I was a little surprised at how quiet it was here...there was probably only about 10 people here not including my friends. The outdoor area is pleasant but only good during summer as it is too cold and i don't think i saw any outdoor heaters. We sat indoors which doesn't seem to have been well thought through like the outdoor surroundings unfortunately. I must admit i was looking forward to their food as i was here a year ago and remember the amazing pumpkin pizza i had back then... unfortunately the food this time was average. We had two pizzas one was Spiced lamb sausage, sheeps milk yoghurt, eggplant relish which the sausages seemed over-powering and greasy while the Chilli prawn, roast garlic, fennel, rocke pizza just tasted very bland and I didn't taste any garlic or chilli in that one we also had the squid salad which was ok.

    I am hoping this was just an off night for them in terms of their food, as their staff were pretty good. During the summer months this place used to be busy and full of life come to think of it even their music was bland and old school.
  • SBCIrish Local Star 194 reviews
    Was here on a Sunday afternoon. It was raining so there was not atmosphere. and pretty dead. It looks like it has had a reno recently enough. Food wasn't the best and I wouldn't say it was the cheapest either. My calamari was way over cooked the the wedges looks nice and rustic but were bland.

    The only reason they are getting 2 and half stars is because the staff were really friendly and they had outdoor heaters which they turned on for us.
  • Jess_2014p Local Star 170 reviews
    The food is delicious and reasonably priced,the ambiance if the beer garden is great on a summer evening or Sunday afternoon. The Albion is one of Parramatta's best kept secrets!
  • Great for meat eaters ... unfortunately I am not. I recently went for a work lunch and ordered a vegie pizza as there was very little vegetarian on the menu - even the salads had steak or chicken in! I waited patiently a very long time, after all my colleagues had finished their meals, and went to inquire about my meal only to find they had lost my order. I waited another 15 mins while they cooked it, even though by that time I wasn't going to have time to eat it. I needn't have worried as it was so bland and tasteless when it arrived that I didn't want to eat it anyway. $18 for a tasteless meal that took an hour to arrive? I do have to say though, most of my colleague's meals - steak sandwiches etc - arrived quickly and the proportions were huge, with piles of salads and chips. And to their credit, the service staff were very friendly, apologetic and professional - they just weren't supported by the kitchen staff. And, with an open kitchen, you could see they had twice the number of staff of most similarly busy pub bistros I've seen (ones who have better service and tastier meals) so it is a wonder they couldn't keep orders straight or plonk a few herbs onto a pizza base to give it some flavour.
  • This is the worst place you could ever go to . The staff and security guards are rude. They think they can throw you out for no reason if they don't like you coz they are big.
  • Im writing my review here after receiving shocking treatment from the security staff at the venue. I was not drunk and whilst using the bathroom I was kicked out of the venue, and was then called names and after wishing to speak to management I was advised that they had no time for me and that I should put my complaint in writing - here is my written complaint, on the internet for all to see. I considered Albian Hotel to be a fun place to go, prior to tonight. I am now one unhappy patron and will never return! And I was going to spend money ha
    • that has happened to a lot of people and I would recommend that people should not go there because there are known to spoil the fun that you are having with friends.
  • rina.v Local Star 407 reviews
    I've been to better places than here. They played R&B all night which isn't something I enjoy and the drinks aren't even that cheap PLUS you had to pay $10 to get in!
  • Extremely disappointed when we drove an hour to get there and its was closed!, despite it saying on the website that its opened until 5am on a thursday night .... ruined my best friends bday evening!
  • Even though the price is a bit dear, it is great place for lunch and a few drinks with friends or family.

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