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Reviews of Aldi

  • mass.d Local Star 471 reviews
    I'm not sure why it seems like this, but all Aldi staff seem really rude and not willing to help. No matter which Aldi store I go to, they all seem to have that same attitude. When asking for assistance in finding a product, all they seemed to do was just point in a general direction and say if you can't find it then it's sold out. I ended up finding what I was looking for in the opposite direction to where I was guided. The reason I like shopping at this particular Aldi is because this one seems a little less popular than the other ones and I always seem to find the sale item here if it's sold out at the others.
  • robstein Local Star 317 reviews
    A decent sized Aldi which seems to have good stock levels, the only issue I have (& this isnt limited to this Aldi but is common to most) is the wait times! They often only have one cashier active & if you only want to grab one or two items you have to wait a long time for very little reward, an express lane please?????
  • This incident occurred at ALDI Footscray West. 67 Ashley street, west Footscray 3011
    Last night as usual my wife and I went for some grocery shopping at this store. This is the store were we usually shop. At the entrance of the store there were pictures of products which were on specials and their prices. Among them they had mushrooms for $2.99 but the picture which they had was sliced mushrooms. Thinking that they have sliced mushrooms on specials we bought one pack and walked out of the store. As a usual habit of going through the bill after shopping, we went through the whole bill to find that they charged us $3.99 for the mushroom. So I approached the staff who served us. He first went and looked in the freezer for the price and said its $3.99 so I directed him to the price on their notice board. Thats when the problem started. He looked at the picture and price and said in a very rude tone we except the customer can read properly to which I said it was not my mistake if the picture displayed on the board was wrong and then the argument started. It went to the point that another staff came in and quickly look out the picture and started defending him. I asked for the store manager and both the attendants were adamant for me to leave the store. For our safety we left the store but called the cops from within the plaza. I have registered a case against this store staff in Footscray police station.
    All he had to do is apologies for having the wrong picture displayed and we would have happily walked away instead he creates a big scene.
    I personally suggest people who shop in that Aldi store to either go to coles which is just next door because the attendant in Aldi stores are not trained to server their customers with respect.
  • Great produce and items agreat value!

    Customer service needs massive improvment. A few time have asked for assistance and received none. Once asked for help to pick up a heavy tv that i purchased and was told I had to do it my self. Check out is also fustrating because hey dont allow you to ake your time very rushed and annoying. Staff members seem o be grumpy all the time.

    Besides customer service- the store is a great place o buy and save.

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