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Surry Hills, NSW
Open today - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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A full-service beauty salon dedicated to providing high customer satisfaction through excellent service, quality products, and a relaxing environment.

We are dedicated to providing our clients an excellence in skin & beauty treatments, whilst still receiving a personalized and friendly service.

We only use the highest quality skincare products  Alpha-H, for a variety of reasons.  It balances the skin's pH levels, eliminating dryness and absorbing excess oil. It has been designed to treat and visibly improve many  skin conditions such as acne, eczema, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, scarring & psoriasis.
Alpha H
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Reviews of Aleisha-jane Beauty Salon

  • Amazing eyebrow shaping! I have been to so many places and am extremely lucky to have found this place! They have managed to thicken my brows up (after so many other places have made them extremely thin) and get the exact shape I desired. Amazing would highly recommend!
  • Super quick brazilians! Plus they get the job done nicely - they've definitely struck the right balance here.
  • I discovered this gem of a place after hearing some of my girlfriends raving on about it .
    I decided I would see what all the fuss was about ....And Yep I was super impressed .
    I truly believe these guys are the masters of fast, but gentle Brazilian waxing!!
    Don't forget to ask about their discount waxing packages, I got a 5 pack of Brazilian waxes for super cheap .
    Overall it's A Small salon but staff are super friendly and professional - but most of all they know what they are doing!! I would definitely recommend !
  • I came here because of the amazing reviews, but want everyone to be aware that good reviews don't necessarily mean a equally as great service as everyone else. I came here for my second ever Brazilian. The first time, I went to a quick in and out place, cheap, pain free and efficient. The staff was polite and talked to me which helped me from feeling completely awkward when staff would be looking at my parts! This time however, I thought I would spend a bit more money to treat myself and go to aleisha-jane, based on the great reviews and the website. Basically all I got was a hello from the staff, they made no effort to comfort me or talk me through what was going on even though I had mentioned to them I hadn't been here before. Not only was the wax extremely hot but the removal was the most painful thing I have ever been through, and i've had a wax before! As someone who has a high pain threshold covering the top half of their body - thats saying something. This painful and mute process was over soon enough. Coming home, I have dried wax still all over me, missed areas and I am just so red and raw. I have never been so compelled to write a view before and hate to complain but want you all to know what my experience was like before you make your decision.
  • I've been getting my brows shaped at Aleisha Jane beauty for the past 3 years. Obsessed! These ladies are absolute perfectionists and fabulous at everything they do. I always recommended them to friends/ work colleagues and have received nothing but positive feedback. Enjoy!
  • So impressed with this salon, the staff are extremely friendly and professional. The waxing here is excellant, I wouldnt go anywhere else for brows!! Also love the products stocked here - highly recommend it!
  • What can I say But this salon is super impressive so professional and welcoming. Last Saturday I was a walk in off the street No appointment I wanted some waxing done well I was told to take a seat and they would fit me in and that's what they did. I walked out of the salon feeling amazing my eye brow looked so well shaped and tinted to perfection. My other waxing was super quick without any pain, no wax left sticking to my skin. The staff were clean welcoming and knew their job. I don't live in the area but Ill be travelling to Aleisha-jane Beauty for all my treatments. I can see why they have been highly recommended well done girls. A1 Salon
  • Been a client of Aleisha's for the last 7 years. She gives the utmost attention to my eyebrows every 4 weeks and I would never go to anyone else. Prices are reasonable and I like going there to dr stress for the occasional facial too.
    Love this little nook
  • Went here for the first time last week - gotta say I had the best wax ever. The girl was So quick and barely hurt one bit. I was so nervous and she made me feel so comfortable.
    It was only my 2nd wax ever- but was really impressed..they really know what they are doing here . Happy customer.
  • I had to share my waxing experience as I first went here off the back of these glowing reviews and some word of mouth, and I will never go back again.
    My first experience was okay in salon, terrible after. Seemed a little to focused on being \"fast\" and I was pumped in and out in 10 mins. However, the beautician was pleasant and chatty. Hair removal was decent but I left with a large red burn down one side of my bikini line, the skin was raw and there were little spots of blood. A week later I broke out in horrible huge boil like ingrowns!! Like, unbelievable cystic acne... and this is after diligently exfoliating every day since the wax.
    I wasn\'t going to go back but the salon was recommended to me again, so thought I\'d give it another shot with a different therapist. What a mistake. Second round the hairs weren\'t even pulled at the root... two days later and it looks like I shaved rather than waxed. The itching the night after getting waxed was so unbearable I had to sleep with a cold compress. My underarms have bruising and my bikini is all stubbly.
    Definitely not going back.
  • Highly recommended beauty salon. Super quick waxing, friendly and welcoming staff and reasonable prices! Definitely make an appointment!
  • Aleisha Jane beauty is the only place if you want a fast, professional and quality Brazilian wax. I would recommend her to anyone. The spray tans are pretty amazing too- check out her mid week tan specials if your a tan-aholic!
  • I see a girl called Eden for my Brazilians at Aleisha Jane Beauty- she is the best! Made me feel so comfortable. Very thorough and only takes 10 mins. My friends told me about this place, they really do know what they are doing there. Small salon but very professional.
  • I've never written a review before but considering the only reason I went to this place was because it had good reviews on here I thought I would sign up and let you know about my experience at Aleisha Jane.
    I have had a few brazillians over the years, and although the staff at A J were really nice, the wax was pretty horrible. You can't expect to get your pink bits waxed without a bit of pain but this was rediculous. I got the feeling that, my waxer, just really didn't want to be "down there". Staff was way too quick, didn't warn me when staff was about to rip or get me to sync my breathing. Staff was careless.
    For a brazillian just on the shy side of $50, I feel as if Aleisha-Jane Beauty Salon just didn't cut it.
  • I wanted to write a review about my experience here, as I have been contemplating a brazillian for a very long time, but didn't have the courage to book an appointment. When searching the web this seems to be one of the most highly recommended places so even though I don't live in Surry Hills I decided to try it out. As a first timer- I was expecting a lot more questions before I had it done. I was also slightly surprised at the salon; it's small and only has a few rooms and limited space and there was only one beautician there today. That being said I thought for me, the experience was quite good. I had a girl called Eden and she was very quick, which I think is really important as you want this over and done with as soon as possible. She was also very attentive and made sure the wax was the right temperature and I was comfortable throughout. As a tip- I took a neurofen plus before going in and it was so much less painful than what I expected it to be. It was all very no fuss and over before you knew it. The price was the cheapest I had seen when looking for a place- I had the new client discount as well so it was only about 35 dollars! I think if you want an in depth consultation and a really luxurious setting this is not for you- but I found it a really good experience as I just wanted to get it over and done with.
  • Went to Aleisha-Jane Salon today and was super impressed with their waxing . The lady was so gentle and quick ! Plus very friendly!!
    I was out in no time. Had been referred by a friend - now I will be telling everyone !
  • I highly recommend this salon, the girls are professional and lovely to boot. All treatments are of a high standard and prices are competitive. One of my favourites.
  • Aleisha Janes Salon is the salon that has the best service .The best waxing in Sydney I must say + great prices. This is a salon that knows its waxing a1+++++++
  • This fabulous beauty nook was recommended by a friend, good convenient location and they specialise in waxing. Friendly, quick, and very efficient, the prices are truly amazing, I'm now a regular.

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