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DO YOU WANT TO REALLY PLAY THE GUITAR LIKE YOUR HEROES? if you you're ready to launch your guitar playing to the outer reaches of the UNIVERSE, then you need ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS

My name is Rob Lobasso and when I was where you are now I never thought I would ever be able to play the guitar as effortlessly as my guitar heroes.In fact, I thought that kind of mastery over the instrument was downright Alien!
I read and watched countless books and videos trying to get a handle on what playing guitar was about,  without much success.
I became frustrated, and discouraged to the point of quitting.That is, until one magic moment of clarity, and it was earth shattering!
In one moment all of my hard work came together and it changed my life for ever.I was in heaven, I could play anything I wanted, and instantly too!
In 2003, I started teaching some of my guitar playing friends the insights I had discovered, and to my surprise, and theirs as it had worked for me, it  worked for them as well.
So in 2005 I started  "Alien Guitar Secrets", and began sharing my SECRETS and the rest is as they say 'history'.I have since taught over 500 satisfied students and growing in number every day.
My influences range from the pioneering styles of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Eddie Van Halen to the compositional skills of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Paul Gilbert.
I will show you all of the techniques of electric guitar playing  including sweep picking, alternate picking, tremolo picking, string skipping, finger tapping, legato, staccato, trills, sequential patterns,and most of all how to have fun whilst playing.From beginners to advanced, I will take you on a musical journey that is sure to please.I  thoroughly explain these  concepts and techniques, showing you how to incorporate  them into your playing immediately, not just teach you song after song mindlessly, without you really ever understanding how or why the the song came to be.  
With my understanding of the Pitch Axis Theory, Diatonic Harmony, Modes,and of course my "ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS", I have developed a structured and unique approach to teaching, allowing my students find their inner guitar GOD!

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  • eDebit Newbie   1 review
    I acquired an unwanted guitar from a mate which Rob fixed up for me and I have now been having lessons with him for 8 mths. I am now playing some of my favourite songs and have learnt alot about guitar music.
    Rob is a fun teacher, I always enjoy going to my lesson every week and have happily recommended him to others.
    If you are thinking of learning to play the guitar, go with Rob!
  • slowhand Newbie   1 review
    In 4 months I have gained the knowledge to tackle solo's that I would never have dreamt I could achieve. Rob shares his wealth of guitar knowledge with patient, supportive care.
    If you can't play yet, he can help you and get you playing. If you can play, he can help you play better than you ever imagined.
    Alien Guitar Secrets teaches you how to express the music we all have in us, with no boundaries or limitations, just pure energy and fun.
    I am so thankful to have found Rob and the knowledge he shares... a wonderful teacher!
  • AlexBCake Newbie   1 review
    I have recently begun guitar lessons with Alien Guitar Secrets and find that the lessons are very informative, but most of all really fun. I had previously tried to learn guitar for about one year but never really got past just learning a few open chords and parts of songs. Now that i have started the lessons with Alien Guitar Secrets, i have learnt that its not just about the mathematical side of the guitar, but the emotional side of it. Rob's lessons are sooo good and i am now motivated to go to the limits and beyond with guitar playing because of Alien Guitar Secrets.
  • Mitch A Newbie   1 review
    When i first started, i had never before played an instrument and had really no idea what so ever how to play guitar. In the 7 or so months since I've been doing weekly lessons i have learned so much and i am having a great time. Ive started learning all new techniques to help me and this is making me have more fun and get better. Its something i am extremely pleased i did and i will stay this way in the future.
  • Alex? Newbie   1 review
    Alien Guitar Secrets offers the ultimate guitar experience. It isn't a matter of just learning chords, scales and then song after song using tablature and printed music. Instead, Rob provides a lesson that not only develops technicality and skill but also delves into the licks, tricks and emotion needed to play well, write songs, write solos, improvise (for ultimate jamming experience!!!) and generally understand the guitar as not just an instrument but a total spiritual experience. It is an opportunity to learn everything you need to play the guitar really well but at your own pace and with the help of a FANTASTIC teacher
  • JimmyB Newbie   1 review
    When I started with Alien Guitar Secrets, i thought i had a good understanding of music and how to play a guitar, having tried to teachmyself for 5 years. Not only did i not understand much at all, but i had no idea that i'd learn 32yrs worth of guitar secrects all jammed into 8.5 months! Now i can say after learning the tips and tricks, that you couldnt possibly teach yourself, but i can confidently apply these tricks to all types of music. In hindsight, i'd still be trying to work out how to put my fingers on a frett board if i hadnt called rob. Now i'm writing songs, with solo's, i can work out songs on the radio by ear and have daily epiphonies on how to improve my techniques. BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF!!!!!!

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