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All About Hair & More is a fully equipped home salon conveniently located in West Pennant Hills on the northern suburbs of Sydney. The salon offers a full range of quality hair services for women, men and children at competitive prices. No matter what the occasion, I cater for all affairs and functions including weddings and formals. These services are provided by a professional licensed and insured hair stylist with over 18 years of experience in Australia and the UK. 

Whats More?

Make-up service for those special occasions 

Spray tanning (mobile service)

A mobile service - where I will come to you. This is a convenient option not only for special functions such as weddings and formal bookings, but for those less mobile including the elderly. 

Keratin Complex hair smoothing treatment.

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  • ShadiK Newbie   1 review
    They just ruined my blond hair... I cried all the night

    I am really really disappointed with the colour that they put on on my blond hair. I had a long blond hair and I just wanted to colour my roots...but they just turned all of my hair to dark brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I would not believe what they did to my hair... I could not sleep last night just crying...
    That hairdresser is the worse hair dresser that I have been seen in my life also the nightmare is they are not responsible for the s**t job that they did....

    Not recommend her to anyone, if you love your hair!!!!!!!!!!

    1 month ago - 27/02/2015

    • Joanne Milligan Newbie 
      I'll have to put my response in a few parts as Truelocal only allows 1000 characters per comment.
      There are 2 sides to any story so here is mine to put the record straight.

      I was horrified when I read your review as I have worked long and hard on my business and pride myself on my reputation as an excellent hairdresser.

      1. You phoned and booked in for scalp bleach.
      2. A scalp bleach is normally a ½ -1 inch of regrowth. You arrived with 4 inches of regrowth (which I didn't know about) with only a 3 hours appointment to colour it in.
      3. Your hair is naturally black and you in my expert opinion have spent along time trying to go blonde, which meant you came to me with poor condition, waste length hair which was due to all the bleach used in the past by other hairdressers.
      4. As a result you were offered a deep conditioning treatment to help repair the damage, which you declined saying 'my hair is not dry'.

      3 weeks ago - 28/02/2015

    • Joanne Milligan Newbie 
      Part 2 of response.

      5. As you were not happy with the result (because we ran out of time) I offered to have another go at it (which would have been at my cost). However, in the next appointment and after your consultation you agreed it would be best to tone all your hair to one even colour (which would make it more natural looking). Please note - you were only charged for the long part of your hair and not the regrowth component on the second day. I asked what make & colour your last hairdresser used but you didn't know. I then spend 1 ½ hours bringing the rest of your hair from the 'yellow hair' you came with to a warm natural blonde.
      6. Admittedly when I finished washing out the colour it looked darker (as most blondes do when wet) but when your hair was dry you left my salon with a #10 warm natural BLONDE hair colour. This is the colour that YOU chose and this was the best that could be done with the yellowy blonde damaged hair you arrived with.

      3 weeks ago - 28/02/2015

    • Joanne Milligan Newbie 
      Part 3 of my response.

      7. Just prior to finishing you wanted me to go even lighter but I refused. My reasoning as explained to you on the day was by putting more bleach on it would damaged it more and could have even fallen out.
      I have over 20 years of experience correcting other hairdresser's mistakes. I could not make your hair more damaged or let you walk out with yellow hair. You got the lightest warm blonde available and the colour you wanted, so it's not dark brown it's blonde as requested.

      Sorry you are unhappy with your colour but feel free to pop in to any salon worth their salt and they will also refuse to put more bleach on it once you inform them about all the colour treatments you have on your damaged hair.

      3 weeks ago - 28/02/2015

    • Joanne Milligan Newbie 
      Final part of my response.

      For your future reference, I suggest that you have your regrowth done at no more than an inch. Also please invest in a good deep conditioner and use it regularly so that your hair is in a better condition, this will to give your next hairdresser a fighting chance. Also it's not that I don't care (as you put it) but it is that the previous condition of your hair is at fault and I cannot be held responsible for that.

      Joanne Milligan - Owner

      3 weeks ago - 28/02/2015

    • ShadiK Newbie 
      1- I called you to book an appointment and I explained you via phone that my original hair colour is black, at the moment I have a long blonde hair; and I would like to dye my 4 inch regrowth. This your company, this is your policy?you could ask me to come to have a look on my hair first then assign a time for the job?that unfortunately you did not and asked me to come for the first time and put me in rush and you did not finalize my bleaching because you had another customer?
      2- You should know that how long will take to bleach a 4 inch regrowth and I told you that last time they divided my hair in 4 sections and bleach each section separately to reach the brilliant result but you were in rash to just finish the job regardless of the result?

      3 weeks ago - 02/03/2015

    • ShadiK Newbie 
      3- You did not offer me deep conditioning, you just kept saying your hair is dry, your hair is dry and I told you my hair was not dry and you made it dry because you left the bleach material on whole of my hair for 2 hours and the bleach became dry and its dust fall over whole my hair length that made it dry.
      4- You applied too much ash toner on my hair after bleach and as result my root was too ash also there was ash band on the overlap of my regrowth that made it worse.

      3 weeks ago - 02/03/2015

    • ShadiK Newbie 
      5- When I came back for the second time to remove the ash tone, you showed me the colour that was what I wanted but I kept saying to you I am leaving this things with you because only the final result is important for me that is why I am here otherwise if I wanted to choose a colour and toner I would go to shop and I would buy it and I would not come to the hair salon.
      6- After you put the toner on my hair I could see what you were doing on my hair and you turned it to brown and I just crying but you said that I could see what I am seeing but it is chemistry and it is out of your control?. That was just more nerve racking for me?

      3 weeks ago - 02/03/2015

    • ShadiK Newbie 
      7- At the end you did not have any solution for s**t job that did for me.
      8- If you call my final hair colour ??Natural Blonde?? # 10 I am so sorry for your dictionary and all of your experience that you are proud of!!!

      3 weeks ago - 02/03/2015

    • Joanne Milligan Newbie 
      I stand by my previous comments.

      3 weeks ago - 02/03/2015

  • mariafromthehills Newbie   1 review
    Jo is a magician! I always leave her salon looking and feeling like a million $$. She knows what I like and delivers every time. I especially LOVE the intimacy of her salon, it's so private and welcoming - I feel like a VIP! See you soon Jo. x

    4 months ago - 15/11/2014

  • Rach07 Newbie   2 reviews
    Joanne has been cutting and colouring my hair for the past 18 months. She has a great setup and is always friendly and welcoming. I value her patience, experience and advice. I can definitely recommend Joanne - in fact I think it's time to book another haircut :)

    5 months ago - 15/10/2014

  • green19 Newbie   1 review
    Jo is great! For over ten years I have trusted her with my cut and style and I am always pleased =] Jo is friendly, professional, listens to what I want and advises me, and is also very affordable. I can recommend Jo with absolute confidence.

    6 months ago - 16/09/2014

  • West Pennant Hills Newbie   1 review
    Joanne has been washing, cutting and blow drying my hair for the past 2 and a half years, every 6 weeks. I have been 100% satisfied with the result every time. She has a professional set up as a home salon and makes it a relaxing and enjoyable experience. As she is the only one working on my hair, she knows it well and she knows what I like. It makes it easier to explain if I am trying out a new style. I would recommend Joanne to anyone who is looking for consistency in having the same hair dresser each time and consistency in a great result.

    6 months ago - 15/09/2014

  • Deckers Newbie   1 review
    Jo, day in and day out provides wonderful service in a lovely positive environment, every time I go I feel a million dollars.

    6 months ago - 12/09/2014

  • VFR Newbie   1 review
    Jo is excellent!.I have finally found an experienced, brilliant hairdesser! I have been looking for a good hairdresser for 12 years! I have long curly hair and none of the hairdessers i have been to in the past 12 years have understood how to cut and style curly hair so i have had to live with a bad cut and style, until now. Jo is excellent and i cannot recommend her highly enough. She could immediately see the problem with my previous cut and she took her time to explain what she would do and clarified if that is what i wanted - she is an excellent communicator and a very lovely lady. I had a wonderful hairdresser 12 years ago, trained in England like Jo and when he left to live interstate i have been searching for a new, good hairdresser ever since!! I have finally found Jo! This is the best cut and style i have had in 12 years and I will continue to go back to Jo! Thank you Jo!

    6 months ago - 10/09/2014

  • RMac1 Newbie   1 review
    Jo is brilliant! She has created a salon where you never feel rushed. She takes the time to understand exactly what you it is you want done and offers useful advise where needed. I am now bringing my two teenage boys to Jo and they too are really happy with the results.

    7 months ago - 04/08/2014

  • rlongley Newbie   1 review
    I've been going to Jo for about 9 months now and am very happy with the results. Jo is very professional and friendly and always makes sure that I am happy with my colour and style. An excellent hairdresser who listens to what you want, offers her advice if needed and makes sure that you leave looking and feeling great !!
    Really enjoy my visits and chats and happily recommend her !!!!

    7 months ago - 01/08/2014

  • lozzyjane Newbie   1 review
    I've been getting Jo to do my hair for about 8 years. Not once have I ever left her salon unhappy with how it looks. There has been times where I've tried a home dye myself and had to call her to fix my green hair and she has fit me in within a day or two and been able to fix my hair without any problems. It's so nice to have a great hairdresser that you trust to do anything with your hair as well as be able to chat about absolutely anything for a couple of hours :) I would happily recommend Jo to anyone and I will continue to go for many more years :)

    8 months ago - 14/07/2014

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