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Reviews of All Suburbs Catering

  • Wow the catering was simply outsanding. They did catering for two of my events, my mothers 50th and an Australian Day BBQ this year. Food was delicious both times. Highly Recommend!
  • These people are the most UNPROFESSIONAL caterers I have ever dealt with and I've been in events coordination for ten years.

    If anyone is looking for a catering company, please DON'T ever call this company. I rang after hours because I wanted information about Hot Platters for my father-in-law's funeral (which is only a few days away and we needed to work out last minute options for ordering). The management who I reached said they only dealt with orders with a minimum of $300 and they asked if I had that budget, I said no we're not looking to spend that much just a few platters to complement what we already have, so they immediately hung up on me.

    I rang back just to clarify why they hung up and they told me to *f**k off* because it's after 8pm at night (which was not the time here in QLD).

    WOW what a way to run a business. Their website says they deliver 8am to 10pm so one might expect that they are contactable within those hours.

    If you the business do not want to answer business calls after hours then let your number go to a message bank. Didn't need to be spoken to like that ever. COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL, save yourselves the worst phone call of your life.
  • All Suburbs catering provided gourmet finger food for our anniversary party last week. The waitresses turned up on time and were friendly and efficient. The food was lovely and our friends were complimentary. I would choose them again for this type of function.
  • Extremely disappointing! The spit roast meat was tough and full of fat, the salad was inedible. They advertise "guaranteed all you can eat" and i was provided one dip and one packet of crackers for 40 guests. Was a waste of money and very embarrassing at a special family occasion. I have formally provided them feedback which they have not even acknowledged receipt 6 weeks later. I have never written a review before, but dont want anyone to experience that.
  • ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!!!! with 1 week until my wedding i have been calling and calling only to find out like others that the representative i had been dealing with and paid a deposit to has left the company and the quoted price is not the actual price coming in at over $300 more than the original they failed to give me so much information such as the fact that you need to pay the staff yourself on top of the quoted price there is a staff agency fee as well and that 1 chef and 2 waitresses also needed to be paid for an additional hour for dish washing WTF!!! 3 people 1 hour to wash dishes for 50 people, i think not
    on the plus side they have agreed to refund my deposit another caterer have gone above and beyond to help me out and have been extremely transparent in all their costings so far in fact they were able to cater for us with a weeks notice and cater to dietary requirements as well, something all suburbs were reluctant to do
    Absolutely appalling, extremely unprofessional!! Called last night for some help and information, Because i have our meat already taken care of, we were only in need of salads, vegetables and desserts - Plus people to serve- The their response was - Then What the F**K Are You Calling Us For and hung up the phone - they were extremely arrogant and unprofessional. Its hard to believe in this day and age to get such poor service, I'm am so disappointed i only signed up to true local today to let others know of this, so they will not be burnt by Company.
  • Wish I read these reviews first. I enquired about them for an upcoming event in Oct 14. Dec 13 they contacted me, told me about a great deal which would take 10 dollars off per person, but the catch was I had to book before 3pm that day & pay a deposit of $100. So I booked! I have sent 17 emails asking for a confirmation of the full price, the set menu etc. Did not receive an answer, finally 2 months later in Feb 14, I had a voice mail on my phone notifying me that they don't do anything along those lines until A Week Before. That is very unprofessional & very inconvenient. I have emailed back stating "I'm sorry but that will not work for me. I need to know the set menu for our function and an estimate on the full price, including the hired staff, now, so I can confirm it all with my partner. If this can't be done then I will have to cancel and find another company that works to our needs. Thanks." Lets see if it will be another 2 months before they contact me.
  • !!!!!!!!DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!! Well where on earth do I start with this poor pathetic excuse of a company?? this company is BY FAR the worst I have ever dealt with. Having run reputable businesses myself I am extremely dumb founded with what this company does back in September I made an inquiry thru their website as I was helping a family member plan their small wedding reception and as I work as a chef and venue manager of businesses we agreed that I would take care of this, Prompt efficient service straight up I received from a lovely staff happy to help with any queries or concerns I had which was great as I was provided with a very good quote I opted to book in and paid the $100 deposit as requested to secure the date.
    After I had noticed an item was left off my original quote weeks later I tried emailing and calling the staff I originally dealt with having tried for a week and bit I finally got hold of a rude arrogant staff who had informed me that the staff member I was originally dealing with had left and that my quote would not be honoured I argued and argued as I have every right too, to then be told by this staff this is our price your original quote means nothing practically in simplest terms it was absorbed by myself as this company doesn\'t value its customers regardless of circumstances .
    After proving my point on numerous occasions the 2nd staff I had dealt with turned around and said if you dont like our prices going up find someone else, unfortunately this wasnt possible as I searched everywhere rang up everyone to be told that the date in question December 7th 2013 is booked out.
    I guess this is now the icing on the cake today on MONDAY 2ND December I made contact with All Suburbs Catering to finalise my menu and times etc. My very first conversation today was regarding my booking in which I was told we have no booking for you and cannot provide you with catering, anger and frustration has never ever been endured this much in my life. I am organising a reception for family to then be told my caterer is no longer providing. Having contacted 3 times to find out more and more information I had instructed to them I was wanting to organise this, and as I was working and would be our of contact via phone they could email me, it then came to 4pm Perth time and 7pm Sydney time I then spoke with an after hours staff who told me that the caterer would not be able to carry out the catering now as they are booked up and unless I was willing to pay more money AGAIN I wouldnt be helped.
    How can one company issue 3 different quotes, take a deposit to secure a customers date to then turn around to a customer 5 days out and instruct them that unless they put their hands in their pockets and dig deeper for more money they couldnt help. This is a warning to everyone out there STAY RIGHT AWAY FROM SUBURBS CATERING. I will definitely not ever recommend these guys to anyone.
  • DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, I Had a similar experience to Jacinta2013.
    The quality of this food and taste was extremely poor. The taste of the foam boxes was through the food. A taste, quite disgusting and extremely embarrassing.
    My guests were complaining about the taste. I wrote to them twice, no reply. Surprise suprise! I wish I have had read these reviews before I went with this company.
    I had to throw out most of the platters, as the taste was so bad. The presentation. Of the platters was poor, meat pies falling apart, pizzas burnt and fish cocktails tough as nails. VERY DISAPPOINTING AND EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING.

    We had pretty much the same experience as LouLou23.
    It was so embarrassing serving the guests the food that we got. We purchased the DELUXE PACK B, which included the following: Fish Cocktail
    Chicken goujon Cocktail sausage rolls Mixed patizzi
    Filo mini hot dogs Cheese spinach triangles Thai crab cakes
    Mixed gourmet bites. The chicken goujon were just chicken nuggets. The cheese spinach triangles had more pastry than filling. Same goes for the filo mini dogs as well as the mixed patizzi. The only thing any of our guest ate was the thai crab cakes. Everything looked like it just came from the freezer section in a supermarket! And we paid $500+ for it!

    The 'platters' did not come covered, so food was not really warm. On top of that it was soggy. I feel so mislead by the All suburbs catering website. Will not ever use this company ever again.
  • Not only was the food delicious at my cousins christening, but the service was outstanding! The whole team at All Suburbs was very professional from start to finish. Jeff was very responsive to all of my e-mail inquiries and provided written estimates and reciepts, which I didn't get from other catering companies. Well Done, 5 Stars!

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