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Reviews of Almond Bar

  • Nudie_foodie Local Star 58 reviews
    Yummy yum yum. I've now been to Almond Bar twice, both times have been very pleasant experiences! The ambiance is fantastic, the staff welcoming and very knowledgeable and the food delicious. The banquet menus are a must - so much food for your coin! The only downside is the seating arrangement - you're either squished in against the wall (literally tucked in, they have to pull the table out to let you in to your seat then they put the table back) or you're sitting on a rather firm stool.
  • My favourite restaurant in Sydney. The food is always amazing and the service great. If you have never been you have to try it out!
  • simonc22 Foodie 137 reviews
    Tasty dishes just kept coming out. The calamari is especially good. I'll go back.
  • Terrific food, very friendly service from the owners. Someone had a birthday while we were there and they cranked up some Syrian tunes and everyone clapped spontaneously. It's got that hard-to-manufacturer, intimate feel to it. The calamari is sooo tender. The beetroot dip was also a standout. Highly recommended.
  • This Syrian restaurant is Syriasly good. Indeed, it is clearly the best value for money dinner I have had to date in Sydney.

    The Garlic Bread was ambitiously described by the bubbly host as "the best you will ever taste" and we were very "mm hmmm, whatever Love" - 5mins later we were fighting over the last piece and wondering if it is possible to come in and just order the Garlic Bread for a snack and leave. Brilliant.

    Im glad we didn't leave after just the garlic bread though as each dish was flavoursome and generously portioned (unlike nearly every other Tapas or small plate style restaurant in this town). It should also be noted that the Rose Water ice-cream is so good it could probably solve the whole Middle East conflict.

    The tables are very narrow which thankfully allows more people to enjoy the place, but probably best to make sure you either both have the Garlic Bread or you bring some mints with you because you really are sat very close.

    2 very enthusiastic thumbs up.
  • Had a great meal here with friends on a Thursday night. The staff were very accomodating with our sudden change in bookings (table of 11 became a table of 5) and were attentive to our needs throughout the night, with water always at the ready and extra bread before we even asked.

    The decor and ambience is impeccable, service lovely and the food is delicious. We ordered dips and several mezza plates to share between our group and it was plenty of food between all of us, and worked out relatively cheaply when split between five people. A special mention to the delicious falafel that outdo any regular kebab shop filler. Almonds on the tables are a nice touch also.

    All in all, great food and friendly staff made this a wonderful night. Will definitely be back soon!
  • Great Syrian style food - have the Meat Banquet - some nice wine selections. Great service and cosy surrounds with traditional furnishings. Authentic coffee and deserts to end the night - nice.
  • Think Tapas but Syrian style and you've got a good idea about what to expect at Almond Bar. Intimate surroundings, great food (at reasonable prices), friendly and attentive service, there's really nothing not to like about this place. A perfect place for a date or dinner with close friends.
  • I've lived in Darlinghurst for over 3 years and never knew this place existed! It was a good wee find when my boyfriend and I went here for our 3 year anniversary.

    how it works is you order small dishes, they're priced at about $10 a dish, then you share them. Surprisingly 3 dishes is enough to fill up 2 people.

    the food was very reasonably priced, for entree of dips, 3 dishes, 2 cocktails and a bottle of wine it only camd to $150.

    what i like the best though is the amazing service - very attentive and sweet wait people. that really makes a difference, and the lighting is dark - has a good vibe.

    i will go back again.
  • Highly recommend this restaurant. Great for a romantic date as well as dinner with friends. Fantastic service and flavourful middle eastern style food. Small and busy so book well in advance.

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