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Reviews of Almustafa Restaurant

  • What could have been an excellent night was unfortunately ruined by very very poor service. We repeatedly had to request basic things like menus and drinks. Mains were brought out at different times and we were made to feel like we were inconveniencing staff members that were more interested in checking their iPhones than serving their customers. Really unfortunate as the food was delicious.
  • mumsrite Local Star 233 reviews
    If there's a restaurant which we could count on for great service and fabulous food, it'll have to be Almustafa! For all the years that we've been there, we've never been let down. The staff are really friendly, food is always top notch and not to forget the live entertainment - gorgeous belly dancers!

    Last but not least is the reasonable price for a really enjoyable feast! Almustafa is a must try restaurant - highly recommended!!!
  • Great place!
  • What a shame - loved my first time here but will never return. Ordered drinks same time as meals, despite numerous requests, finally came when meals were almost finished (45mins in - also had to go to the counter to finally collect the beer that never came with the order). Staff lost track of food and we had to ask numerous times for items included in the banquet menu. Some came, some didn't despite repeated requests - finally gave up even though we didn't receive all the dishes we were supposed to. Restaurant also appeared unclean. On the plus side, food was tasty and I appreciate the staff meant well. What happened to this place?
  • Fantastic authentic lebanese food with a warm, welcoming atmosphere and cheery attentive service. Ask to be seated near the rear for a semi alfresco experience and a more private table. I strongly recommend the lebneh, fosoulia, fatoush salad and the all lamb dishes - a taste sensation! Appropriate for both large groups or interment dinner dates.
  • Great place to eat, the food is top quality and there is loads of it! really fun if you are with a group, belldancing was great!
  • Chux D 136 reviews
    Went here for the first time and had the banquet... there were 8 of us. The staff were quite accommodating considering we waited around an hour for friends who were running very late and then never arrived. Needless to say, by the time the food came I would have eaten anything. However I thought the food was very good and more than enough for everyone (which I usually find is not the case with group banquets, I'm always left feeling hungry.)
    The $45 cost covers everything including Lebanese coffee at the end, which was the perfect way to finish.
    Overall the food was good, good value for money and the staff were helpful.
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