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  • sharonpukal Newbie   0 review
    Sorry, this review has been removed by TrueLocal.

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  • Lissat_81 Newbie   1 review
    Would not recommend to anyone and certainly will not be going back.

    I took my dog to the vet when she developed a hot spot on her back near her hind leg. Staff was rather stroppy with us and insisted it was our fault because our dog was "flea ridden". Staff continued to carry on about it even though staff could not find a single flea, just a spec of two of dirt (I know the difference and gees, if we had a flea infestation at the house, we would know as I have another dog, a maltese shitzu, that is white and clipped and both sleep on our bed!).

    Staff also then tried to blame us for our dog having bad back legs (they were like that when we got her at age eight and the vet we see regularly said there really wasn't much we could do except expensive surgery that probably more than likely wouldn't correct the problem and given she is frail, it wasn't a good idea).

    Sorry but really unimpressed and will be getting a bad rep from us.

    1 month ago - 15/03/2014

  • IMTJ Newbie   1 review
    Our dogs were taken to this Vet Hospital on Saturday about 6pm by a kind member of the public. The vet contacted us to let us know she had both of them and one had been hit by a car and had not survived.
    We all went down there, the Vet was very accommodating. They had cleaned up our poor boy who had been killed and put him on a rug on a bed for us to view, if we wished. The other dog had had a quick check up and was physically unharmed and given the ok to go home. We were given time alone to say our good byes for which we are grateful and our loss was treated respectfully. We were charged a fair price for the Vets services and payment method was flexible at the time given the situation and late hour.
    We were very satisfied with our dealing with this Vet practice and came away from the experience feeling they really did care and did the right thing by our family and pets. .

    9 months ago - 18/06/2013

  • DamienScott   4 reviews
    This is a good vet i have gone here for years
    She does things at a great price and provides a good service to the blacktown area being open the hours some of below reviews are just silly

    10 months ago - 02/06/2013

  • Puc Newbie   1 review
    Do not go here! I took 2 rabbits there recently as they got into a fight and had had cuts that needed around 5 stitches. we were told at the consultation that it would cost $300 to $360 and we signed the contract for $360. on return after 3 days, they increased the amount using reasons such as we needed to give more medication and the change of operation and it ended up costing us $1600!!!!!!!!!! we asked for the receipt detailing why the cost was so high and had made us pay fluctuating prices. For example, hospital stay varied from day to day from $15(which was the quoted price) to $40 per night with no explanation as to why there was an increase. this was also the same for consultation fee for each time we visited ranging from $40 to $60 even when it was only to check on the rabbits. We were also not called or advised to when they were to change the price! when we confronted them about this issue of increasing the price to more than a thousand. Only said that they had forgotten or could not get in touch with us!!!!!! Afterwards we took the rabbits to a different vet and asked how much it would have been altogether. Quoted us $280 for the procedure. But unlike the other only charged the $280 he quoted! Do not go here if you care about your animal! They only care about the pricetag.
  • Sam N Adam Newbie   1 review
    Could not be more happy with black town veterinary hospital :)
    I took my 10 puppies to get vaccinated last year and the service was impeccable I didn't even have an appointment and I was still seen to promptly. And to top it off the price was amazing only $270 to vaccinate my whole litter and that included their vet check and consultation fee. Thanks so much I will definitely be returning to you for my next litter which is due to be vaccinated in a couple of weeks time.
  • Muntaser Newbie   1 review
    My cat got run over by a car at 2am at night, and this vet was the only one open at that time. I took my kitty there and they attended to the case at once. They operated on him and they managed to save our cat. The price was reasonable and the staff were very friendly, the service was excellent.
    • bee.caseyy Newbie 
      The vet is rude! She charged us over $500 for a "consultation" a dose of pain relief and antibodics. did not clean his open wounds or show any affection towards him. he stayed in over night as she told it was best and was to do X-rays tomorrow when he is rested. we did not like her attitude so we told her that we will be getting him in the morning to take him to another vet for an opinion she said it was a bad idea and that we were to go home tonight to get the $553 to pay. we were shocked as living in merry lands we were forced to go home get the money go back and then home again even though we would be getting him in the morning! we arrived at 7am to find that the drip had not even been in his arm! we were furious! this whole time the vet was asleep with a dog in a small cage in deep pain!


  • DK_BLK Newbie   1 review
    Recently moved to this area and decide to give this vet a go. Service is good (same as a lot of other Vet). However, make sure you get quote elsewhere before you come to them. Quite pricey overall.
  • KLK Newbie   1 review
    If i could give a score lower than half a star i would. dont ever go here if you can avoid it. we took our cat on an afterhours call after he cut himself. we were charged over $1100 for 8 stitches. we were charged for emergency prices but the vet held him overnight and operated on him in the morning. she charged us for every thing she could think to charge for and even with a pre-op quote the eventual price was far greater. when we picked him up, we were not told how long the stiches needed to stay in for, i had to call to check and when i took him to get them taken out, she couldnt even tell if she had taken them all out and asked me to check.
    i cant even say that their customer service was that outstanding that it made up for the outrageous bill.
    please, unless you have more money than sense or there is no other option in the middle of the night, think twice about going here.
  • KIMNBRAD Newbie   1 review
    I took my dog and her pups to the vet as they had the runs and were off their food. They took the temperature of 9 of the 11 pups and listened to the heart of about 4 of them. They did not know the exact problem but gave them a shot of antibiotics each. They only used the one syringe, and changed the needle between pups, they got 0.2 ml of antibiotic each. Then they did the same for the female canine. The bill when given at the end was for consult per puppy and the female canine had her own bill. The pups charges were $495 and another $155 for the female canine. They took $50 off when I questioned the cost of 2ml of a drug being $220. So $600 later, instructions for a bland diet for mum and no diagnosis I left. Later I was reminded that I had changed the milk of the puppies the day before and this was why they had the runs. No questions asked at the time of the "numerous consultations'" about the pups diet only the mothers.

    I have had 2 experiences with them. Please get a quote for services BEFORE allowing them to see your animals. I think their charges are unreasonable. I even phoned their own afiliated Chelsea vet hospital and was quoted less than half of what I was charged for the consult (telling them that both pups and female canine had the rns and where off food). When I phoned and asked them about this discrepancy they said I was lying.
    I will not be taking any of my numerous animals to them again.
  • S.Favetti Newbie   1 review
    Last Week, I made an appointment for Rosie (my maltese shitzu) to get desexed. Animal Care Veterinary Clinic, which in my honest opinion is the only Vet Hospital in Sydney which provided professional care for Rosie and reasonable prices for their Great Service!
    Not only am I happy with their results in many aspects, they were presented on Channel Ten for saving the lives of two dogs, which police had brought to the Hospital as an Emergency on June 29, 2011.
    Animal Care Veterinary Clinic has provided high standard level of care and dedicated services to many lucky clients. I am very pleased with this Vet Hospital and hope they persist in their services.
    Rosie has never had any problems since we became a client of Animal Care Vet Clinic. She has been visiting regularly for a while now. Thank-You to the veterinarians and staff working there, I appreciate your help!


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