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Reviews of Animal Emergency Centre Canberra

  • Vets take care of animals as they would at their local. ive had to take 2 dogs their and despite being a long drive with a sick dog to get there. all available treatment is there if needed. All costs are high when it comes to animals but u have the choice to take the treatment. My dog got hit by are car and luckily i have taken out insurance so hopefully they will pick up the bill
  • Beware and avoid this place! Unprofessional. My daughter and her boyfriend took his cat with a sore leg to AEC Fyshwick. They charged $700 for a leg xray. I willingly gave my credit card number to my daughter to pay the $700. AEC's bank rejected payment because daughter's signature did not match mine (AEC should have picked this up). AEC, instead of one simple phone call to me or my daughter (they had both our phone numbers), sent letters to her boyfriend's old address, which were never received by either her boyfriend or her. AEC then went to a debt collection service, who with one call, got through to my daughter and charged her an extra nearly $200 ($900 in total), even though they had done not one bit of work. There are plenty of good, honest vets around--this is certainly not one of them.
  • CanbChic Pet Lover 38 reviews
    The Animal Emergency Centre uses a triage system, so the most urgent patients will be admitted first. The staff are very friendly and helpful which is just what you need in an emergency. You might want to ring first and get some advice over the phone before heading over there though because it's really expensive, especially after hours.
  • Avoid this like the plague if you can. Same dog, same condition, yet two different vets giving opinions that were poles apart, after keeping my dog all day. I don't know what the answer is to finding quality emergency veterinary care, but it's certainly not found here.
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