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Annandale Auto Services

Annandale, NSW
Open today - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Mon 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tue 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Wed 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Thu 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Fri 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Reviews of Annandale Auto Services

  • A true gentleman .opened his shop on a day off to help me out . cannot recommend him highly enough thank you Barry I will spread the word
  • I took my car to Barry for the first time and was really impressed. He is a really nice, honest guy who preformed a great service on my car including installing a new timing belt kit.

    I found him to be very well priced and to use decent parts and oils.

    Overall I couldn't recommend Barry enough.
  • I take my car here for it's regular service, they do a amazing job and include a great carwash at no charge. Thank you Barry.
  • All good, got my bike fixed, paid less than expected
  • Just want to let you know about this quaint little workshop I have found in Annandale, it's a bit hard to find down a lane way at 50 Albion Street (NOT the big place on the corner of Albion and Trafalgar) but was well worth it. The owner Barry was very helpfull when I dropped of my Madza gave me a fixed price for the service and promised to call if he found any other problems. We he did call and I had to have new front brake pads. When I collected my car he went through the bill and even showed me the old parts. What a nice guy. Highly recommend.
  • I have just moved to the area and wanted to find a local, trustworthy and reliable mechanic. After reading reviews and getting quotes I found Barry to be the best price and when I called seemed to be a lovely man. After getting my service and timing belt replaced I found Barry to do a fantastic job and couldn't be happier. I will continually go back to Barry and would recommend him to anyone.
  • I have been using Barry as my mechanic for 5 years and i personally have never had a problem, whether it be price, service or reliability. Him being a MG enthusiast and racing car driver he knows vehicle from back to front and goes beyond your inquiry and repairs( old fashioned mechanic ).
    I cant recommended him highly enough.
    Any make or model..he knows.
  • Well what good peice of luck going down this small alleyway and finding Barry, suck a helpfull guy! I had my car serviced last week and there were a few extra problems on top of the service, I told him I need the car and he worked back to get it done. Try getting a dealer to stay back for you!, thanks Barry. I will be recomending you to all my friends. Tom J
  • Barry has serviced our car for the past four years. I had previously taken it to a Holden dealership. I have always found Barry to be reliable. HIs work is thorough and reasonably priced. As I have little knowledge of how cars work I rely on Barry's honesty and expertise to keep our car running well and safely for our young children. I recommend Barry to anyone who asks where I have our car serviced. He is a first rate mechanic and a very friendly person to deal with.
  • I have just moved to the area and wanted to support a local business. I found this business and particularly its management to be very unprofessional and quite disinterested in retaining me as repeat customer. I was told the service would take 2 hours and that I would be called when ready. 2 and half hours later and no call I had to call and check if my vehicle was ready. Upon returning to pick my vehicle up, I queried the charge of $280.00 which seemed unusually high for a normal 10,000km service. Being an older person said it takes them a little longer, which is fine by me except that I was charged for their slowness with extra labour costs. I was also informed that because as it was a Saturday I was being charged extra, along with the fact that because the rent is high so they had to charge extra as well. The icing on the cake was that they said they didn't need to work and that they actually treat their business as a hobby. As I am a courier Saturday is the only day that I can have my vehicle serviced and have never come across this extra charge before. I have my vehicle serviced every 6-8 weeks so I have a good idea on how long services take and how much they usually cost. I am deeply disappointed with my interactions with this business and could not recommend it to anyone.
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