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Reviews of Aquaristic

  • One of the Best Aquariums in Sydney with a good Balance of Marine and freshwater fish. This shop is also a must to visit if you are interested in keeping plants as the have a massive variety of plants with rare and unique species occasionally. Great Service and the staff and very knowledgeable (When it comes to the plant side, I cant speak for marine service). Definitely will be going back in the Future!!!!
  • After visiting most well known aquarium stores in Sydney, I was so glad to get to this store. I was in the process of setting up my first reef tank and decided to pay these guys a visit. Although I did a of my own research, I had been told by staff from other stores that I would need a lot of extra equipment, supplements, etc. and went to this store with the intention of buying all this extra stuff because they seemed to have good prices online.
    On my first visit, I was definitely impressed with the shop. Looks great and has a lot of stock instore. I plucked a lot of different things off the shelves without speaking to the staff as I thought I knew what I needed. I got to the counter and had a quick chat to one of the guys. I told him about my tank and he was so knowledgeable and helpful. To cut a long story short and this is no joke, instead of me purchasing close to $400 worth of equipment, I ended up walking out with a single $30 bottle of a certain reef supplement. That's right, an aquarium business that is willing to give you the correct advice and undersell you. I was shocked and amazed and that's why I don't even bother shopping anywhere else now. My tank is thriving because of the help from these guys.
    They have helped me test my water, bring my tank back from a minor disaster, source specific types of livestock and always given me accurate information. They do seem as though they care about their customers and their tanks and not just a sale. I can't stress this enough. They have always given my the right advice and encouraged me to buy only the correct equipment. This was not the experience I had with any other aquarium store.
    Great stock and great prices as well. Shop prices are competitive with online stores and their advice will save you a lot down the track.
  • Petunia Kelly Pet Lover 5 reviews
    So good to FINALLY visit an aquarium store that actually takes very good care of their Betta fish.Visited this shop recently and am happy to say that the Bettas are kept in clean big cubes and all looked healthy and happy.Great! Took a star off because the service there is lousy,not one person asked if I needed any help.But the most important thing is that they do care for their fish properly.
  • great store to buy tropical fish and fresh water plants
  • Can get smelly in there but the service and quality of the pets is wonderfull. 9/10
  • Very clean, always fresh stock and super helpful.
    One of the best corals and marine fish in sydney by far.
    A bit far from everywhere but really worth it visit them and have a look.
  • This place is the best shop I have found in Sydney by far! I have been visiting Aquaristics for many years now and have no complaints. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and most of all patient Im not an expert when it comes to maintaining fish but for a novice I have the most beautiful tank and its down to this place. They have an amazing array of healthy marine fish, and tropical. You can really tell how passionate these guys are about running aquariums.

    The layout of the shop is pretty cool, it is like a gallery I often just go in there to just watch the fish!
  • I was a very happy bunny when Aquaristic opened up recently, just down the road from my place. The staff there are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and it's stocked to the roof with everything you'll need to start or maintain a freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

    They have a very good selection of fish which is constantly updated and refreshed, and they have just started stocking saltwater fish and corals which is great.

    They specialise in planted setups with a huge range of plants and they've been incredibly helpful regarding a new planted tank I've just setup. The range of planted tanks they have in make it really easy to visualise the changes in your own tank.

    It's one of the best aquarium shops I've found in Sydney, I send all my fish loving friends there first and they usually aren't disappointed.

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