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Reviews of Armidale Post Office

  • I would like to thank Lorraine and the staff at Armidale Post Office for their help in delivering a very heavy parcel to me at my home. I rang the PO when I received a notice to come in to the PO to collect the parcel as I needed assistance.I am a woman in my late sixties and I suffer from osteoarthritis which makes lifting and carrying nearly impossible. Further, I was temporarily without a car. However even with a car I would have found it difficult to carry the heavy parcel to the car as parking as there are no parking areas close to the Armidale PO and no loading bay.

    It was explained to me that the PO has a policy which prevents the re-delivery of items to the house, and that no assistance for carrying the item was available. However Lorraine and the staff arranged for the delivery of the parcel to my home as a "one off" offer and the parcel was delivered at 6 :00 pm on the same day of my inquiry. I really appreciate the help I received and the extra effort made by the staff to meet my needs.

    I really appreciate the
  • Appaling customer service. Takes ages to get a parcel, not open on weekends (even just Saturday morning) and they have decided not to give out parcels to anyone you send in your stead (because they're only open when most normal people are at work).
  • No follow-up. Went into the Post Office to purchase an item that was in their catalogue, to be told that they had none in stock. When I asked the staff if they were expecting any more, I was told they didn't know. I then asked if they would order one in for me, they dithered and eventually took my details on a scrap of paper. I haven't heard anything regarding my enquiry.
  • Customer service is woeful. took me 3 months to get my passport, as they did not take the photo correctly THREE times! Lines are so long, meaning if you need to pick something up, prepare to spend your entire lunch break in the line, I also phoned to get some information about posting large numbers of documents, i was told "oh i dont know anything about that, just look on the Australia post website, bye." (i had already and there was no information about my particular inquiry) I have now changed my post box to the west armidale post office as it is so hassle free!
  • Pretty poor. There is no longer a parcel pick-up, so one has to join the long cues inside. Today my wife left the cards for the parcels at home, and we are out of town, she also left her ID at home! My son could pick the parcels up as he has his ID, but there is NO WAY OF CONTACTING THE ARMIDALE POST OFFICE!!! No phone, no email.
    This is ridiculous. And they used to be so helpful.
    Very dissapointed.

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