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Reviews of Aroy-d Thai Restaurant

  • Best thai restaurant in Penrith. Excellent food and service. We are regular costumers for take out or Dine in.
  • amazing food! great service. My favourite thai.
  • Once a week (I know, that often!!) we order home delivery. Not only is it the best Thai food we have ever eaten, but the people that deliver are always really pleasant. We are moving home very soon, but we will be taking Aroy-D Thai with us :)
  • TL:DR below

    My wife and I have been there five times as of Dec 2013. We really love the food! Possibly the best Thai in Penrith (even with some great competition).

    Pros - Great and consistent food with generous helpings, fast service.

    Cons - Basic furniture (but I don't really care about this), Price (It seems a little expensive to me, but I think all Thai food is expensive. You pay for what you get, which in this case is REALLY good food.)

    Summary/TL:DR - A great restaurant, we prefer it over all other Thai restaurants in the Penrith Area. The food quality and consistency overpower the slight negatives. Love it!
  • We have been coming here for several years now and we have always enjoyed our meals.
    The service is excellent and the staff are always attentive to your needs. Nothing is too much trouble for them. We tried many different Thai restaurants before finding Aroy-d and as they say "when you're on a good thing, stick to it"
  • Simply the best Thai in Penrith. I eat here very regularly and order a range of meals and have never being disappointed. The chef and owner is very passionate and often comes to the table for a chat and loves to discuss his food. All of the staff are very friendly and efficient and the atmosphere is perfect (including the gold fish pond and water feature in the middle of the restaurant). I highly recommend a visit.
  • I first went to this restaurant about a year and a half ago and since then I have tried other places but nothing compares. I am always warmly greeted and spoken to and always have a good laugh with the owner.
    The food is beyond awesome I love it, it is always fresh and hot and always delicious

    Recommend to anyone who wants the best Thai in the area!
    5 Stars without a doubt!
  • We have lived in the Penrith area for over 20 years and have been to almost all Thai restaurants around and since going to aroy d Thai we have never looked back, the food is cooked to perfection and such a happy atmosphere and wonderful friendly staff including Sam the owner who is always inviting. I don't write reviews but you have nothing to loose but to try aroy d Thai you won't be disappointed this is a 5 star restaurant!
  • I have tried most of the Thai restaurants around the St Mary's and Penrith area but since going to Aroy-D 6 months ago I haven't gone to any other place since. I'm firmly convinced that they do the best Thai food around. Very nicely set out restaurant also with a great atmosphere and the service from everyone is always spot on, I'm still yet to catch anyone without a smile on their face. Always quick takeaway as well. If you haven't been there yet, believe me, go there for a feed and you won't regret it. Highest recommendation. 10/10!
  • HI just wanted to say what a great looking restaurant Aroy-D is. Atmosphere and ambiance are good, but unfortunately the treatment we were given by the management was enough to really ruin our dining enough to never go back there.

    Although the meals were freshly cooked etc we had cause to question if my husband's meal was the one he actually ordered. After more than 30yrs of eating Thai food, from Thair restaurants across Australia etc, I think it is a safe bet to say my husband knows what he is eating.

    I ordered a chiken dish with chilli, whilst hubby ordered a beef satay dish. My meal arrived first followed a few minutes latere by his. The first thing tht struck us was that the dishes looked almost identical apart from the meat content. I had never seen a dish that was supposedly peanut (satay) based that didnt seem to have any trace of peanuts in it by way of visual apapearance, smell or taste. So my husband tried for a while to get the attention of the wait staff, who blankly assured us that this dish was indeed what husband had ordered. We then compared both dishes and they were made with the same type of sauce - a bit odd when I had ordered a chili based dish and he hadnt - my dish by the way, was beautifully cooked but had little if any chilli in it at all - in fact I could not taste any chili but rather the sweetness of capsicum instead.

    The wait staff sumoned the chef and came to our table to blatantly tell us that the dishes we had set before us were exactly what we had ordered. They beligerant attitude was quite offensive and they did nothing to improve themselves in front of their clientele. We never raised our voices etc so as not to raise attention after all why spoil it for any of the other patrons there trying to have a good evening? My husband's meal lay vitually untouched and when the wait staff came to clear our table made the sweet eyelash batting commnet - "OK everything all right tonight sir?" to which my husband politely replied that it was not. He then asked for his bill and we went to the reception area to pay for our meal.

    The management then appears again and begins to tell us that we were given the correct meals etc and when my husband questioned the validity of a peanut based dish without peanuts (no smell, trace, taste or visual siting of the peanut) he was told that the chef doesnt make mistakes and their customers are more than happy with what they get.

    At no stage were we after any discount off our bill etc, we just simply would have appreciated the meal that fitted the description in their menu, and not get served up a meal that basically didnt fit any description of the dishes we ordered. The food was, as I say, freshly cooked and nicely presented, but the whole expereince ended up bad.

    Well, the Aroy-D is certainly off the list for us.
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