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  • ToucanRoseville Newbie   1 review
    The service department is outstandingly good. My car had quite a serious issue, and they kept me updated regularly with status reports. The car was ready at the specified time all fixed, and nicely washed and vacuumed. The service pricing is reasonable, and everyone is very friendly and helpful. And you get a lift to the station if you need it.

    2 months ago - 12/06/2014

  • Justine Hines Newbie   1 review
    I walked into Artarmon Mazda on a busy Monday morning and was greeted by 2 friendly gorgeous ladies at reception - Michelle and Lina. A salesman was introduced - Charles and 2 hours later I bought my new Mazda 3!! The service at this dealership is outstanding - the sales team professional and friendly. Cannot recommend this dealership enough! Thank you Artarmon Mazda for making my experience so enjoyable - definitely recommend them!

    2 months ago - 30/05/2014

  • Mrs Mmm Newbie   1 review
    Always in a meeting if you want after sales service. I would rather forgo my warranty than deal with this lot ever again

    5 months ago - 27/03/2014

  • markjan Newbie   1 review
    Very happy with the way I was treated & my deal on a new Mazda 3. The sales manager Glenn is a gentleman & the other guys I dealt with were also very helpful. I've bought plenty of cars over the years (47 y/o) & this was my best experience to date. I'd have no hesitation in buying another car off them, recommending them to friends & family. I know it's my first review but thought my good experience deserved recognition.

    6 months ago - 26/02/2014

  • Lauren Wel Newbie   1 review
    Terrible servicing.

    I purchased a brand new car from the dealership and had it serviced there for the first 3 years.

    Within a week of purchasing the car it experienced an issue where it wouldn't start and made a horrible noise at the same time. This continued, but it was only ever intermittently.

    At every service I mentioned it to the artarmon Mazda service centre and was told because it couldn't be replicated there was nothing they could do.

    This problem has continued and now the car will not turn on at all. Instead it makes that horrible noise and doesn't kick over.

    It took the NRMA 10 mins to narrow down the problem.

    Unfortunately for me the car is no longer under warranty and both Mazda Aus and Artarmon Mazda won't take any responsibity.

    Shocking customer experience and servicing. I will never buy another Mazda nor use this service centre.
  • Martin McFarrel   2 reviews
    Thanks to Cameron, my wife and I bought a Mazda 2 recently and are very happy with the car and could negotiate a good deal too. He even went the extra mile and presented the car to my wife at her workplace! Can recommend the service.
  • MoparMan90   3 reviews
    I purchased a used car from them 4 weeks ago because they looked reputable and I felt comfortable with a warranty. This was all a faade. The car I have now owned for 1 month but only had possession of for a week. All the other times it has been broken. The Key has broken, The airbags lights go off, the Power steering went, the transmission was slipping gears and the Buff job they did wore off to reveal hundreds and hundreds of scratches. I am seriously considering contacting a lawyer. Not to mention I took the car to the manufacturer to get them to look at it and the motor mounts and transmission mounts were so worn that the car was not even roadworthy and I had to personally pay $1100.00 for new ones to be installed, Eurocars shirked me and did not want to know about it. They fixed the other problems with distaste and really don't want to know about you once the deal is done. I went to a nice shiny northshore dealership as I thought they would be reputable. Do not buy a used car from them and I would not even buy a new car, the service department is so large they don't have a clue what is going on and it took me 20 minutes to be able to leave there service department because it was such a jam of parked mazdas and they could not find my paperwork which I still have not received. I have another 3 months of warranty left and if one thing more thing goes wrong I am contacting a lawyer and invoking ACL rights. P.S for the 3 weeks I was without a vehicle they did not offer me a loan car once. Try getting home to the northern beaches from Artarmon more than 4 times without a loan car or so much as an apology. I cannot stress enough how much of a mistake it would be to enter into business with these people.
  • Trentley Newbie   1 review
    Sorry about your experience pscapalaba, we turned up there last Saturday and greeted at once by either a management or salesperson there the moment we walked in upstairs, and directed to the new cars downstairs. Credit to them who showed us to the kids room to keep our son occupied, took my partner and I on separate test drives, and took our photo today with our new CX-5 (3 days turn around yay!).
    Yes these guys are sales people, but its their job to sell cars, try and up-sell the insurance and extended warranty etc. But we were well-treated, conduct was professional, the attitude was good and the atmosphere friendly.
  • pscapalaba   2 reviews
    My review relates to their Sales department. I called the sales department and provided details of the car I wanted to buy. I provided an offer and confirmed my intent to sign that week, pending best price. I was told a "manager" would call me, after being told quotes could only be given in person in a dealership. I did not receive the promises phone call.

    The following day I went to the dealership and spoke directly with another salesman, using the same information. After a coffee, explaining clearly what I wanted and repeating my initial offer several times, I was ushered into the "sales managers" office and told, for well over an hour, that unless I was willing to pay a deposit RIGHT THEN, on THAT day, that they couldn't give me a price. Not even an indication of a price could be offered unless I conceeded that I would sign up on the day.

    They are a busy show room that clears many cars, it is well known, but you must wonder how many people they fleece with these bully boy tactics. Not enjoyable. Not recommended.
  • steve_44   5 reviews
    Professional dealership and other good services such as the Shuttle bus which takes you to Artarmon Station but too expensive which is normal for a dealership i guess. I walked away with a $900 bill for a "big" service and nothing was wrong with the car... Will not be going back.
    • Mrs Mmm Newbie 
      I had my car in for a day to replace faulty window seal. They replaced the good one and left the other one hanging. When I complained they hung up on me.

      5 months ago - 27/03/2014


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