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Reviews of Ascot Car Rental Pty Ltd

  • JaxRostom 0 review
    I have worked in the travel industry for over 15 years and have travelled all over Australia and around the world and let me tell you that the best car rental rates and service i ever received was from Ascot Car Rental, this is the first time i rented with Ascot Car Rental, i found them by just comparing car rental rates and they were the most competitive and the cars are new which is great.

    the car, the service and the rate were so good that i had a friend visit from England and she wanted a one way rental from Sydney to Cairns so Ascot gave me another great deal with no drop off fee's, no added fee's for leaving the car in Cairns and she only paid $33 per day for a 3 week period that was so competitive, she loved the car.

    i had my rental car for 4 weeks and i will try and get Ascot customers thru my travel business, they went out of there way to service me and my friend and they really are the most competitive car rental company around.

    look in today's economy price is important but you need that great service and Ascot Car Rental offer that service with a smile, the travel industry really needs more companies like Ascot Car Rental.

    if you rent with Ascot Car Rental you will have a great experience.

    thanks Ascot......

    Jax Rostom
  • I would not go near Ascot again. I rented a car Dec 2014 and it took three months to get my deposit back. Let's get this clear, there was no dispute over tolls or damage. It took Ascot months to return the deposit AFTER they confirmed no outstanding issues. It was so stressful, it became my part-time job almost, including weekly calls, e-mails and they were so rude. Finally went to Fair Trading who worked with Ascot to move things along.
  • My nephew from Brisbane wanted to rent a car while he was in Sydney for a work trip, I took him into Ascot Car Rental as I was happy with my rental, he rented a new corolla for 6 days and he was very happy with the deal offered, as I said if I receive good service I will recommend to other people, Ascot discounted a further 10% off the book rates, thanks guys.
    • Airport guru is the guy who runs Ascot car rentals because he also runs a park and fly near the airport
  • I rented a car back in August 2013, and since then I have been calling them and getting promises to get back my $400 insurance. More than 10 months has passed.
    I went to NSW fair trading who tried to help, but was not effective.
    Will raise issue with NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).
  • Got to say what great service Ascot Car Rental provide, the free airport pick up deal is great and the rental rates from this rental company are great as well.

    First time I rented with Ascot and extremely happy.

    Will rent from them again.

    Great bunch of people.
  • I rented a car from Ascot Car Rental and didn't get my deposit back despite multiple requests and broken promises. I went to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal via the internet, paid $38 and lodged a general complaint and by telephone told my story on the appointed date - no lawyers needed.
  • we rented a car from Ascot Car Rental for 18 days, we drove all over NSW, loved it, great holiday and great new car.

    We rented a new Toyota Camry sedan, found this company thru the hotel we were staying at near the airport, highly recommended.

    Bad practice, bad business!
    I had to chase them every day for 2 weeks after which I go there in person.

    SO MUCH HEAD ACHE AND STRESS. ABSOLUTELY NOT WORSE THE CHEAPER RATE. I would never go around an unknown, cheap rental company again.
    SURE YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THE CUSTOMERS WHO might not have any problems with them but then again you might very well be the one who gets screwed over.

    Sure, as a customer, like me, we would be looking for the best deal in town. Who doesnt like saving money. After going through a renal experience with them after which I came online and checked their reviews, Ill let you be the judge.

    I rented a Toyota Camry for 4 days. It was a long weekend and most places were out of cars. I came across Asoct on Google. I call them, the staff tells me they have a Camry. 200 for 4 days, including insurance, unlimited mileage and every thing AND that they will come pick me up and take me to the car and drop me back to my place when I return it.

    I go there with give them the 500 deposit in cash (because they say the refund will be faster in cash!!) and 200 on my credit car.

    The staff records the scratches on the car during inspection and off I go. There were so many scratches and lines but they apparently were recording mostly the ones on the rims and front panel/bumperI did mention there were more but they ignored what I said and said dont worry about it.

    Off I go. I return the car. The staff comes and immediately spots a scratch on the rear bumper and keeps telling me the car just came out of a panel shop. I argued but to no avail. I am absolutely sure I did not have any accident. Funny thing is there were many other scratches on that rear bumper for a car which just came out of a panel shop.

    I object to the fact that why don't they pick on the numerous other scratches on the car which were not recorded in their file. They ignored it and kept saying the car just came out of a panel shop.

    The staff does not drop me back to my place, instead drops me to a train station and tells me to take a train which directly goes to the station near my house. NO SUCH TRAIN. Had to switch a couple of trains! They had promised to drop me back.

    I was forced into agreeing to pay for the repair. The staff messages me later with a quote from a panel/body. $300 for the scratched area.

    The staff says they will come by the day after to give me a refund. Coincidentally the staff gets sick the day after for TWO WEEKS. I kept calling and messaging every day and same story. ALL THE NUMBERS GO TO THE SAME PERSON AND KEPT PROMISING ME they will come and refund me the day after because the person in charge is sick.

    I finally go all the way there, tell the staff to either give me my refund or ill call the police right there. Surprise. They don'tt have cash in the office (they had told me if I pay my deposit in cash refund will be in cash and straight forward!!!).
    Gives me a check and kept calling me their mate. I am not your mate even remotely !!!
    And tells me this matter should have been taken care of before.

    There it is. My experience and I know I am not the only one. THANKS TO THE WEBSITE THAT LET US SHARE OUR EXPERIENCE.
    • I've rented many cars, I'm sure you would have signed a rental agreement with a damage section? You rent a car it's in your care, if there is damage sustained while on rent to you then your liable. I don't think they would rip you off if the the car was returned with damage, check your rental contract going out? How many klms did you drive? Were you with the car 24/7? Think before you accuse.....
    • I searched all the web for the reviews on this company, and more than ANY OTHER company they have more negative than positive reviews.
      there are people who might not have any problems with them but the problem is more people experience problems than those who don't. Then again I just wanted to make my story heard.
    • Hey KIA444,
      As a happy client of this company I find it hard to believe you forced to pay anything, they did a full proper check out report with me and another renter while I was at the office, if you were not happy with the way they do their check out reports you should have canned the rental, the car was in your care, if you sustained damage well you are liable, I've rented cars from all companies nearly and have encountered a damage problem once but like the car rental agent said to me was I with the car 24/7? No so you know I'm responsible, you should re think how you subject a car rental firm, to me it seems you are liable if there was additional damage, these Ascot people seem very fair to me, I was happy.
  • ASCOT CAR RENTAL HAD THE BEST RENTAL DEAL in town, we rented a toyota land cruiser for 5 days and the rate was almost half of what the other rental places charge, you cant get any cheaper than Ascot Car Rental, they even offered reduces excess.
  • I had a case of $111 dollars taken off my credit card 3 weeks after I left Australia in Jan 2014 for administration charges for a case I was cleared by the Ombudsman for registering the wrong car details for toll charges.
    • i rented a car as well, you should have put the correct rego on the toll pass mate, there is a $55 fee for each violation, Ascot even explained this at the start, well it looks like its your fault, you have to wear it. i had a great experience with this rental firm.
    • Read the comment properly bryantheman, Ascot Rob Dogs said he was cleared by an ombudsman of putting the wrong details down, in other words it was not his fault, mate!
  • My Daughter and i rented a car from Ascot for 9 days to travel to Melbourne, we rented a toyota yaris, nice car and the car rental rate was great as well, the service was great as well, this is the second time we rented with Ascot, we picked it up from the Mascot office, the car was like new, i highly recommend Ascot, only $36 a day for this car.
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