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Reviews of Ascot Car Rental Pty Ltd

  • I would not go near Ascot again. I rented a car Dec 2014 and it took three months to get my deposit back. Let's get this clear, there was no dispute over tolls or damage. It took Ascot months to return the deposit AFTER they confirmed no outstanding issues. It was so stressful, it became my part-time job almost, including weekly calls, e-mails and they were so rude. Finally went to Fair Trading who worked with Ascot to move things along.
  • My nephew from Brisbane wanted to rent a car while he was in Sydney for a work trip, I took him into Ascot Car Rental as I was happy with my rental, he rented a new corolla for 6 days and he was very happy with the deal offered, as I said if I receive good service I will recommend to other people, Ascot discounted a further 10% off the book rates, thanks guys.
    • Airport guru is the guy who runs Ascot car rentals because he also runs a park and fly near the airport
  • I rented a car back in August 2013, and since then I have been calling them and getting promises to get back my $400 insurance. More than 10 months has passed.
    I went to NSW fair trading who tried to help, but was not effective.
    Will raise issue with NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).
  • Got to say what great service Ascot Car Rental provide, the free airport pick up deal is great and the rental rates from this rental company are great as well.

    First time I rented with Ascot and extremely happy.

    Will rent from them again.

    Great bunch of people.
  • I rented a car from Ascot Car Rental and didn't get my deposit back despite multiple requests and broken promises. I went to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal via the internet, paid $38 and lodged a general complaint and by telephone told my story on the appointed date - no lawyers needed.
  • we rented a car from Ascot Car Rental for 18 days, we drove all over NSW, loved it, great holiday and great new car.

    We rented a new Toyota Camry sedan, found this company thru the hotel we were staying at near the airport, highly recommended.

    Bad practice, bad business!
    I had to chase them every day for 2 weeks after which I go there in person.

    SO MUCH HEAD ACHE AND STRESS. ABSOLUTELY NOT WORSE THE CHEAPER RATE. I would never go around an unknown, cheap rental company again.
    SURE YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THE CUSTOMERS WHO might not have any problems with them but then again you might very well be the one who gets screwed over.

    Sure, as a customer, like me, we would be looking for the best deal in town. Who doesnt like saving money. After going through a renal experience with them after which I came online and checked their reviews, Ill let you be the judge.

    I rented a Toyota Camry for 4 days. It was a long weekend and most places were out of cars. I came across Asoct on Google. I call them, the staff tells me they have a Camry. 200 for 4 days, including insurance, unlimited mileage and every thing AND that they will come pick me up and take me to the car and drop me back to my place when I return it.

    I go there with give them the 500 deposit in cash (because they say the refund will be faster in cash!!) and 200 on my credit car.

    The staff records the scratches on the car during inspection and off I go. There were so many scratches and lines but they apparently were recording mostly the ones on the rims and front panel/bumperI did mention there were more but they ignored what I said and said dont worry about it.

    Off I go. I return the car. The staff comes and immediately spots a scratch on the rear bumper and keeps telling me the car just came out of a panel shop. I argued but to no avail. I am absolutely sure I did not have any accident. Funny thing is there were many other scratches on that rear bumper for a car which just came out of a panel shop.

    I object to the fact that why don't they pick on the numerous other scratches on the car which were not recorded in their file. They ignored it and kept saying the car just came out of a panel shop.

    The staff does not drop me back to my place, instead drops me to a train station and tells me to take a train which directly goes to the station near my house. NO SUCH TRAIN. Had to switch a couple of trains! They had promised to drop me back.

    I was forced into agreeing to pay for the repair. The staff messages me later with a quote from a panel/body. $300 for the scratched area.

    The staff says they will come by the day after to give me a refund. Coincidentally the staff gets sick the day after for TWO WEEKS. I kept calling and messaging every day and same story. ALL THE NUMBERS GO TO THE SAME PERSON AND KEPT PROMISING ME they will come and refund me the day after because the person in charge is sick.

    I finally go all the way there, tell the staff to either give me my refund or ill call the police right there. Surprise. They don'tt have cash in the office (they had told me if I pay my deposit in cash refund will be in cash and straight forward!!!).
    Gives me a check and kept calling me their mate. I am not your mate even remotely !!!
    And tells me this matter should have been taken care of before.

    There it is. My experience and I know I am not the only one. THANKS TO THE WEBSITE THAT LET US SHARE OUR EXPERIENCE.
    • I've rented many cars, I'm sure you would have signed a rental agreement with a damage section? You rent a car it's in your care, if there is damage sustained while on rent to you then your liable. I don't think they would rip you off if the the car was returned with damage, check your rental contract going out? How many klms did you drive? Were you with the car 24/7? Think before you accuse.....
    • I searched all the web for the reviews on this company, and more than ANY OTHER company they have more negative than positive reviews.
      there are people who might not have any problems with them but the problem is more people experience problems than those who don't. Then again I just wanted to make my story heard.
    • Hey KIA444,
      As a happy client of this company I find it hard to believe you forced to pay anything, they did a full proper check out report with me and another renter while I was at the office, if you were not happy with the way they do their check out reports you should have canned the rental, the car was in your care, if you sustained damage well you are liable, I've rented cars from all companies nearly and have encountered a damage problem once but like the car rental agent said to me was I with the car 24/7? No so you know I'm responsible, you should re think how you subject a car rental firm, to me it seems you are liable if there was additional damage, these Ascot people seem very fair to me, I was happy.
  • ASCOT CAR RENTAL HAD THE BEST RENTAL DEAL in town, we rented a toyota land cruiser for 5 days and the rate was almost half of what the other rental places charge, you cant get any cheaper than Ascot Car Rental, they even offered reduces excess.
  • I had a case of $111 dollars taken off my credit card 3 weeks after I left Australia in Jan 2014 for administration charges for a case I was cleared by the Ombudsman for registering the wrong car details for toll charges.
    • i rented a car as well, you should have put the correct rego on the toll pass mate, there is a $55 fee for each violation, Ascot even explained this at the start, well it looks like its your fault, you have to wear it. i had a great experience with this rental firm.
    • Read the comment properly bryantheman, Ascot Rob Dogs said he was cleared by an ombudsman of putting the wrong details down, in other words it was not his fault, mate!
  • My Daughter and i rented a car from Ascot for 9 days to travel to Melbourne, we rented a toyota yaris, nice car and the car rental rate was great as well, the service was great as well, this is the second time we rented with Ascot, we picked it up from the Mascot office, the car was like new, i highly recommend Ascot, only $36 a day for this car.
  • I am so happy with Ascot Car Rental, the service offered to my staff and myself was great and the rental fees were very competitive, Ascot beat any other quote and we rented we them, we had 2 cars for 18 days each and the cars were nice and new as well, we are going to rent with Ascot again in the near future.
    • Terrible experience with Ascot Car Rental that dragged on for months trying to get my deposit back. They are unprofessional and rude, some people seem to get lucky with them but from these reviews it seems to be a bit hit and miss, my advice: Don't risk it, not unless you have time and money to waste. Plenty of reputable car hire places about.
    • like me as well Ray, Ascot beat the other rental firms rates and got me as a client.
    • Please take note if you are on here deciding on a car rental place to use, TO look at ALL the reviews and note that all the BAD reviews are the same story, that being, they keep your deposit, you have to chase them, they have every excuse in the book and then just stop taking your calls. Steer clear of this company!
    • ASCOT CAR RENTAL ARE THE CHEAPEST car rental place around - cannot get cheaper, my rate was 50% cheaper than the other rental firms.
    • That is strange bryantheman, seeing as myself and quite a few other reviewees had to resort to official means of getting deposits back! ASCOT CAR RENTAL might be cheap but if you're not careful they can cost you plenty in terms of time wasted calling the office and deposits that they try to keep. Being the "cheapest" quote in town by no means makes it is a good experience, I would rather pay a little extra than ever use them again, steer clear folks!!
    • Heads up people - CHEAP does not equal GOOD.
  • i had to rent a car for 25 days as my car was being repiared, rented with Ascot Car Rental, the service from this company was great and the rental rate was very competitive as well, $30 a day for a new car was nice with no add ons, i really liked the free pick up service, this saved me $40 as i did not need to catch a taxi, Ascot are great.
    • Yeah the free pick up service is fantastic.
    • the price is fantastic hey.....
    • Terrible service. Please read all the reviews on this site before using Ascot Car Rental and hopefully you will save yourself a horrific experience. They not only keep deposits, you have to chase them to get your money back, they rarely answer your calls and are extremely rude when they do. Engage them at your own risk!!!
    • i think i am going to opt for the free pick up service on my next rental..
    • I think I am going to opt for a reputable company that doesn't try to keep peoples deposits ie NOT Ascot Car Rental.
    • 200% i am going to opt for the free pick up next time i rent with ASCOT CAR RENTALS.
    • 1000% I WON'T be using Ascot Car Rental again, just don't have the time or money to chase them for another 4 months.
  • Do NOT ever use Ascot Car Rental.

    In August last year, I called to hire a car but cancelled within the hour. I called and was advised that I was due a full refund. That never occurred and I chased them for months until they said that if they could take the same amount again off my card that they would then credit me back both amounts. Stupidly I agreed as I was desperate to get my money back.

    No funds were ever returned and I called and emailed for over 4 months until finally lodging a report with the Police and then pursuing them through the Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

    Finally my credit union in conjunction with Visa were able to execute a draw back on my credit card otherwise I still would not have my money back.

    I am lucky I had emails between myself and a management staff otherwise it would have been their word against mine.

    Lot's of their phone numbers link back to the same place so be careful.
    • You review seems all over the place and seems very inconsistent Lynnette? If you initiated a credit card draw back why would you go to the civil tribunal? And booking a rental car and cancelling? The police would not get involved in a matter like this as it would be classed as a civil matter. So it seems you went from a credit card draw back to a civil tribunal and the police? Totally inconsistent, I rented with Ascot and I really find your review hard to believe and all these steps you took simply do not make sense? I have recommended Ascot to many people and with great feedback.
    • Nothing inconsistent about it at all. These are exactly the steps I had to follow to get my money back. In fact, looking at a lot of the other reviews online about Ascot, my story is totally consistent with a lot of other people that have had contact with them. In other reviews the theme is very much the same and very consistent, people have to chase them to get their money back. I am glad to hear that you had a good experience with them, lucky you!!
    • Dear Lynnette, I'm a very happy Ascot client, if you look at the reviews i see more happy clients? So I do not really see any theme? See I also run a business and one thing that you don't mention is how about the good reviews about Ascot? There is always two sides to every story. At least mention the good reviews? As a happy renter who constantly recommends Ascot I believe your story is very inconsistent and does not make sense at all.
    • I am not asking that you agree with me MrChef (I would use your real name if I could see it), I am simply recounting my experience with Ascot, which I am entitled to do. I am not here to review the reviews. I have noted that others have recounted an identical experience. I also note that you have responded to at least one other person on here that had the same issue as me, not being able to get their money back despite over 30 calls to Ascot. As I said, I am happy that you had a good experience with them, however mine has been the absolute complete opposite, I chased them for over 5 months before any further action was taken as a very last resort. However you may feel about my experience re Ascot is irrelevant, I am just as entitled to my opinion as you are to yours.
    • Lynette, however I feel about Ascot is not irrelevant, if that is the case it would be safe to say it is irrelevant how you feel about Ascot? There are 52 reviews about Ascot here and as a happy client I can actually see more happy reviews about the company. You came here to write about Ascot so I personally believe you should read all the other reviews as well, why did you have a bad experience? With any dispute there is always two sides to every story but as far as I am concerned Ascot were great to me and they were also great to all the people I have referred to them.
    • Dear MrChef

      I note that you have responded to other complaints on here about Ascot Car Rental, some dating back months, this is unusually dedicated of you?

      I thank you for taking the time to respond, it only draws more attention to the complaints.

      Kind regards
      Lynnette Turner
    • my experience with this company was great as the service was great and the rental rates very competitive.
    • Lucky you Rick, lucky you!!
  • Had my first holiday in a long time, so the family planned a trip to Brisbane and then a trip to Melbourne and back home, we opted to rent a car, we came across Ascot Car Rental, we rented with Ascot as the price was very competitive and the cars were also new, we rented a Toyota Camry sedan for 34 days, we paid $39 a day with no extras, great offer, Ascot picked us up from home for free and when we returned the car they dropped us back home, the overall experience was great, I would rent with Ascot in the future no problems at all, I was actually amazed at how great the rental rate was, some other rental firms were nearly double in price? great place to rent a car, thumbs up.
    • I'm still waiting for my $500 deposit despite repeated statements they have still NOT returned my deposit :(
    • When I returned the car I cleaned the car at a carwash so I did not pay a cleaning fee and paid all my own tolls on my tag, check to see if you have any outstandings due? As I said I found them great to deal with, just check in with them to make sure there are no monies owing.
    • Yes, all dues paid, AND I've called them everyday for the last 5 weeks and they repeatedly tell me they've paid me already (but haven't and refuse to provide me with a receipt of money transfer), and now they hang up on me :(
    • Richard2014, if you are certain all extra's have been paid for I would send them an urgent email, on my rental agreement there is an email address for contact, there may be an extra charge that you are not aware of? Like maybe a toll charge? Did you register your credit card for tolls? Or something, they are a reasonable bunch of people, they would not just hold your bond if there was an issue or some sort of error, if it were me I would email and follow up with a call, I would speak to upper management not front line staff, I'm sure you can sort it out, I can say they were good to deal with so I hope you can resolve ASAP.
    • I've spoken to them over 30 times, emailed them, they continue to promise my full refund but NEVER deliver - I've been waiting 6 weeks.
      Good luck - the trip to Sydney was to visit my family I hadn't seen in 3 years, and it cost me more for the car rental than for the rest of the trip :( They keep promising my refund, blaming their admin department over and over again, but don't return phone calls, or send emails they've promised.
    • Richard2014 - have you spoken with a manager or supervisor? I once had a problem with a travel company re accommodation and my problem was not rectified till I spoke with a manager. Are you certain you had no outstandings due? Like cleaning fee or fuel or anything? It really does not sound correct as my experience with Ascot was great .... Try a manager and maybe your matter will be sorted ....
    • Starting to see a common theme here yet? If you care to look at other reviews re Ascot Car Rental, the story is the same, people have to chase them for money, have to call them over 30 times and still no luck getting their money back. My experience is not a one off. Buyer beware!!
    • Once again Lynette you seem to have forgotten to mention the good reviews about Ascot Car Rental? There are plenty of happy chaps who write good things about Ascot, as I am a very happy client I highly recommend Ascot.
    • On the 12th March 2014 the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal ordered Ascot Car Rental to refund the full $500 deposit to a customer dating back to car rental in December 2013. The application cost $34 and the customer was contacted by telephone by the Tribunal, no lawyers involved and after the customer told their story on the phone, Ascot was ordered to IMMEDIATELY refund the said $500.
  • Horrible horrible experience - rude, haven't received my $500 refund 5 weeks later, 60+ phone calls, I've contacted Fair Trading - these guys are professionals at saying day after day - we'll call you back (no call backs), we've deposited the money (no money deposited) The rates they gave me were scandalous, and now with not getting my deposit back it equates to $200/day cost of hire :( :(
    • Hi Richard

      I just took them to the CTTT as well as went through my credit union and Visa to get my money back.
    • Very strange to go to the CTTT as well as visa? If I had an issue I would contact the car rental firm and work it out, my experience was the total opposite and just take a look at the other reviews here, they speak for themselves. I will continue to use Ascot.
    • TERRIBLE experience with Ascot Car Rental. NEVER use them, steer clear!!!
    • my experience with Ascot Car Rental was FANTASTIC, ive rented twice off them.
    • Dear tonyblack - this is why sites like TrueLocal are worthwhile because people looking here can see good and bad reviews and make their own minds up whether to use a certain provider or steer clear. I imagine most people that are looking to rent a car will read all reviews but the bad ones will give them pause and put them off.
  • Initially very happy, BUT OH NO!!! AFTER 6 weeks, 5 phonecalls and empty promises...no deposit returned..
    • I had to initiate draws back through my credit union and Visa (this was successful) after 5 months of chasing Ascot. I went through official channels as well (same as another reviewer on True Local) and I suggest you do the same if you want your money back.
    • Well I had great service from Ascot, not one complaint from my end, I will rent with Ascot in the future.
  • The best car hire experience ive ever encountered, ascot car rental was great from the start, rented a car for 5 days and the insurance cover was the most competitive, returned the car back and ascot dropped me back home for free, ive never had this kind of service from a car hire business before, ascot were really great....
    • I think the free pick up and drop service offered is great, I've never had that service before, at least you don't have to waste money on catching a taxi to the rental office.
  • Horrible experience. My deposit was never returned. They charged me $403.87 for a 1 day rental of a small car. Horrible service. I have tried repeatedly to get my deposit returned and over two months later they will still not refund me. I have given up on ever getting my money back as I am no longer in the country. DO NOT HIRE FROM THEM!
    • You can go the Fair Trading NSW website. There is a separate area for overseas complaints. They should be able to help.
  • I am new to Sydney, moved over from New York, had a rental with Ascot Car Rental, great bunch of people to deal with, saved a huge amount of cash as the car rental was $29 per day with no extra's, had the rental car for 47 days, great drive away deal, will use Ascot again very soon.
    • i had a rental car from Ascot Car Rental for 10 days for $30 a day and this renter had a rental for 47 days at $29 a day, very good rental rates even for a short term rental like mine, only $1 a day difference for 10 days to 47 days, that is great, at some other rental places they actually charge you more per day for less days but the $1 a day difference at Ascot is actually great and helps people who want to save a dollar.
    • $30 a day is a great offer compared to the other car hire places and ascot has nice new cars...
  • i hired a car with Ascot Car Rental for 14 days, went to Sydney Brisbane and back, great service and great price, will rent with Ascot Car Rental again, the car was new and the best thing was the free pick up and drop off service, they picked me up from home, great service.
    • yeah the free pick up deal that Ascot have is great, saved me cash from using a taxi cab, that service is good.
  • 5 star service and the best car rental rates in Sydney only with Ascot Car Rental, we rented a new toyota camry for 60 days for only $40 per day with a $250 excess this rate is half the rate of the other rental firms, you simply cannot do better, Ascot Car Rental were great from the start to finish, bump free which means hassle free, when we visit Australia again we will rent with Ascot Car Rental.
    • Victor it is hard to believe you have had this experience with this company. If this is indeed true you are one of the very few lucky ones
    • VictorB is on the mark, Ascot Car Rental offer 5 star service, the FREE pick up and drop service is FANTASTIC.
  • I employed 2 new staff in my new business and i was required to provide 2 motor cars to them as part of the package and i had no time to shop around to purchase 2 new motor cars so i decided to rental on a monthly basis and i came across a firm called Ascot Car Rental who have a location in Surry Hills near my office, what a great choice i made, i rented 2 new hyundai i20's for only $849 per month per car, this is my third month with Ascot and i can tell you they are great to deal with, will stick with Ascot for a long time to come..... really are easy to deal with and offer a hassle free car rental experience.
    • you are 100% on the money Frank, Ascot are very competitive and the rental rates are great.
  • Ascot Car Rental really took care of me, i had a rental from them while i was in Sydney for work, the car was new and had low klms and the rental rate was great, i had the rental for 6 weeks and paid like $210 per week which was great and this deal even had the lower excess included, this price was the best going around. We have staff from our Perth offices going to Sydney every month and we all now use Ascot Car Rental as they offer us great service with free airport pick up and drop and the best rates in town.
    • my advice, work with a more professional people. these people have no respect for anybody. last time I talked with them on the phone to get my $500 back which is late for more than three month now but all I heard is F*** words.
    • Ascot were great to deal with, i have 2 motor cars on a month to month rental and they are very easy to deal with, the price is a great but the service is even better and i have asked for a monthly invoice and i have had no problems, renting with Ascot has saved me $600 per month and over a 12 month period this is a big saving, Ascot are great.
  • The best car rental service, i look for two things, service and price and Ascot Car Rental offer both, service was great and the price was great as well, had a rental car for 7 days and the rate was nearly 50% cheaper than the competition, i will use Ascot Car Rental again with out a doubt, thanks Ascot.
  • My son and i rented a car from Ascot Car Rental for 2 months, we started in Sydney went to Brisbane then Cairns and back to Sydney, lovely trip, much driving but a lovely trip, i took long service leave from work and went on a 2 month break, we were going to train it or bus it but we came across Ascot Car Rental and we hired a little hyundai i 20 from $29 per day which was great and we had the car full time.

    There were no extra charges, $29 per day drive away price, we called many rental places and Ascot was the best priced for car rental and excess, the other car rental people wanted a $3,000 excess at Ascot we only had a $250 excess which was a great offer.

    We found this company to be service driven more than price driven, even though the rental rate was great we went with this company because they offered a free pick up service and a free use of the sat nav gps which was great.

    i travel as much as i can but i must say we were impressed with Ascot Car Rental and we would highly recommend this rental company if you want a great rental deal and if you are looking for great service.
    • Uhhh...You may wish to see all the people below still waiting for their refunds...It makes no sense if a car was returned in the same condition it was hired with full petrol, no parking or speeding ticket...Perhaps they should response to all the poor customers from overseas and interstate below.
    • i say your comment you made AKKK and i would have to disagree with you, i am from Queensland and i had no problem with Ascot at all, i look at the reviews and i can see that the great reviews about this rental company actually outweigh any bad comments, i was a happy renter with Ascot and would recommend them to my friends and work mates, i had no problem with them, you should take a closer read over the reviews, you will see some negative reviews do not even make sense, why would Ascot hold your bond? does not make sense, if you had an extras costs or you broke the rental agreement i assume there are extra charges? either way i can confirm that i was a very happy renter and i would personally recommend Ascot Car Rental with no hesitation.
    • Ascot are great to deal with, if you want to save money try Ascot....
  • We rented a car from Ascot Car Rental (Australia) - One in Dec 2012 and the other March 2013 - They took 2 lots of $250 deposits - It is now May 2013 and I am still waiting for the deposit to be refunded - I have make several overseas telephone calls, sent texts to no avail. Everything is always blamed on the poor 'Admin Dept.' - I am sure the 'Admin person is most likely the gentlemen I have being liaising with. I was lucky to have checked my credit card; otherwise I would not have noticed this. . Most car rental will put a block on an amount (I believe it is called 'Pre-Authorization' but not physically take the money out of your account.

    I challenge Ascot to response to this and please provide one good reason why deposits taken out in Dec 2012 and Mar 2013 have still not yet been refunded after several telephone calls and promises. Just lucky I checked my credit card. Really sad, as I was using this company for a good few years and never really checked my credit cards. I will need to go back few years and reconcile.
    • i did not have any problems with this company, i actually found their admin people good as i requested a tax invoice break up and received the same day,
      i actually found them easy to deal with, i felt that i was actually a client not a number.
    • Received my deposits albeit over 6 months later including contacting Visa and FairGO Australia.
    • I have similar or worse experience. I book to have a minibus for coming Sep trip, but so far they have taken out the money from my credit card 3 times. I called the sale staff and they sounded very polite and all that but yet my money have not been returned and no confirmation email sent to me after more than one month of booking. Thanks for sharing your experience. I will call my credit card company tomorrow to dispute the transactions.
  • had a great experience with Ascot Car Rental, needed to hire a car for 14 days and i hired a small compact for $30 a day with no extra's which is brilliant, compared to the other rental companies it was the best rental deal and the service was great as well, i would hire from Ascot Car Rental in the future, the new cars are a bonus as well but the rental rate was the best part, great rental company.
  • i took and two week holiday and came to visit Sydney, wow what a place, busy compared to back home, good old south australia but Sydney was great, we decided to rent a car for the two week period, we found a company called Ascot Car Rental who located near our hotel in Randwick, they were great, we booked with them because the rental agent threw in a FREE sat nav saving us $70 and the FREE airport drop off service was great as well, this company really looked after us, i highly recommend this rental company and i will rent from them again in the future.
  • hello world, just want to rave about my great rental experience with Ascot Car Rental, 1st time user and they were absolutely great. The cars were new and the rental price was sweeter than pie and the service was out of this world, i normally use the time share rental places but i needed a 2 weeks rental and Ascot was the most competitive and their office is just around the corner from my home so it was convenient for me.

    renting a car was made easy by Ascot, i had to pay $5 per day for a sat nav but the car rental was only $29 per day for a little hyundai i20, so overall i got a good deal, i tried to get the sat nav free but at $5 per day its pretty good.

    would rent from Ascot Car Rental again no problem, 5 stars in my book.
  • Hi all, I'm another customer who has also had deposit not returned by this company. I believe this is in breach of the fair trading act.
    • i got my deposit back straight away from this company, maybe you had additional charges pending? maybe you had damage to the car? there has to be a reason why you did not get the deposit back, i got my deposit back straight away and i have a second rental booked with Ascot, give them a call and try and sort it, they are reasonable people otherwise i would not be renting off them for a second time.
    • Yes. I am still waiting for my deposit. You should write to your credit card company and complete a dispute claim form. Also contact the Australian fair trading (NSW). I have done both and should hopefully get a result. Still puzzled as to why they are behaving like this...
    • i have had no trouble with Ascot, i have rented cars many times and i have lost my bond if i have damaged the car or had additional costs
    • Isn't it fantastic that you all have had such great service!!! whoopee I'm still waiting for my $500 AUS dollars to be returned. Remember no damage or claim against me have been made.
      I'm still going to chase these people till I get my money.
  • What a great car hire experience this was. We hired a small compact car for 27 days and Ascot Car Rental were great, the car was new the rental rate was superb and the service was second to none, a real all round experience. I will twitter about Ascot Car Rental and tell all my followers and tell family and friends about there great prices and service, almost half the rental cost compared to the other rental companies. Worth a shot.
  • This is my third rental car with Ascot Car Rental, and just like every rental they always take care of me, we rented a toyota corolla and went to canberra for the weekend, the wife and i really needed an escape, Ascot Car Rental have the best rate on new car rental and i went with Ascot the first time because of the free pick up and drop service they offer, this is a great service which is not offered by the other car rental firms and they are a great bunch of people to deal with, i have already booked another rental for May.

    I am a business owner myself and they treat me the way i treat my clients, that's why i have rented with Ascot 3 times now and i even have there business cards in my cafe, great rental company, give them a crack you will be happy with there price and service.
    • You are on the mark Terry, great place to hire a car from.....
    • great place to rent a car.
    • spot on Terry, they treat the customer the way we treat our customers, it's great to see they went the distance to get my business by offering a FREE sat nav rental, your up to your third rental already, amazing, looking forward to my next trip to Sydney, i want to drive to canberra as well and say hi to the pollies down there.
    • i would rent from Ascot Car Rental again as well, you are up to your 3rd time, they must be looking after you.
    • wow, your third rental, looks like Terry knows where to find a good deal, Ascot Car Rental are great, i will book my next rental with Ascot.
    • more happy clients, well done Ascot Car Rental.
  • I've hire cars from numerous agencies over the years and have never had a problem until I came across these guys. Their rates are low but you pay for it at the other end when you try to get your deposit back. You can't chase them up by calling them because because they tell you they are sorting it out and will call you back. I've never received a return call, despite numerous calls. Once they have your number then they behave rudely and hang up on you or screen the call. I'm now looking into making a formal complaint to get this sorted out.
  • First time i rented with Ascot Car Rental and i would rent from them again, i rented a new toyota camry for 13 days and the rate was very cheap compared to the competition and the service was great, the thing that made me rent with Ascot was the free delivery and pick up service to the hotel, this was great, i did not even have to leave my hotel, i highly recommend Ascot your next rental. Adam Watson.
  • It is very difficult to get your deposit back. It took me three months and a referral to the Department of Fair Trading. Not to mention dozens of calls and emails. Calling them is pointless, they either hang up on you or the person they say you need to speak to is never available. Don't bother to leave a message, they never call you back.

    • Totally True 100%. They are rude to customers in my personal experience, and never demonstrate responsibility or accountability for all the negative reviews here. If you're reading this because you have come here to help you decided on renting a car - go somewhere else -
    • i disagree with both comments here, great all round service and i had no problem with this company so i would say rent from Ascot no problem....
  • i have 2 vehicles on rent from Ascot, i have new toyota corolla on a month to month basis for only $899 per month and i have a new toyota hilux ute on a month to month basis for only $1,000 per month, these rates are very competitive, with the economy in pretty bad shape at the moment i looked for a deal and found one with Ascot, the service is great and i pay on a month to month basis, good thing is they don't have sign writing all over the toyota hilux ute so it does not look like a rental car, i affixed my company logo to both the car and the ute so it looks very professional for my business, was easy to rent with Ascot and i will continue to do business with Ascot, worth a go, shop around and they will beat any price, that's how they got my business.
    • even if you want to rent for a short term or the long term, Ascot's rental rates are great all round, not much difference for a 14 day rental or monthly rental which is great to see, you can get a cheap deal week to week which is great.
  • dont expect to get your deposit back, you are lucky if you do..!
    We rented a car of them in October and set up a toll tag on the car the day we left, but for some reason 3 cameras didnt pick up the tag, we paid for these tolls ourselves, but ascot felt it necessary to charge us $55 per violation $155 in total, you would think that as it was not our fault and we was not trying to evade the tolls they would wave there charge out of good will, but they are happy to take your payment.
    I will not recommend them to anybody and will make sure everyone is aware of the way they conduct their business.
    Our Claim is now with Fair Trading
  • we rented a new toyota corolla from ascot car rental for 1 month for only $29 per day, very good price and even offered great service, we will rent with ascot car rental in the future.
  • I can vouch for how awful the service is at Ascot Car Rentals.

    I only created an account here to warn people away. I hadn't heard from them for 3 weeks so I called to chase up my deposit (seems I'm not the only) I was told someone would call me back and I still haven't heard from anyone.

    When I called again the staff member I spoke to had the rudest attitude, to the extent that when I tried to say someone hadn't called me back, the staff member just hung up on me.

    Now I can't even get my calls answered. I agree with what people are saying here, it's not worth it to get stuck having to chase up with Ascot Car Rental, you'll regret it.

    I'm not going to bother anymore, just go straight to the tribunal. Be warned folks, stay away, hire a car somewhere else.

    • This happend to me also. We rented over the holidays and I have been trying to get my deposit back since January. They are rude. I called the house rental company who had recommended them to never recommend them again. Huge dissappointment
  • Me and the boys rented a car from Ascot Car Rental and they were awesome, we rented a new toyota tarago for 7 days while we were on holidays in Sydney and they were awesome they picked us from the airport and dropped us back for free and this was extra cash in our pockets, we are hard working boys so the extra cash was great for us, they were by far the lowest priced car rental company and i wanted to drop a line and tell you guys Ascot is worth a shot and they even thru in a free sat nav yeah boy, thanks dudes.
    • Seems all negative feedback is regarding the non-return of security bonds. Thankyou to all of the real reviews for saving me from making a big mistake of using this company.
  • First things first - Do not hire a car from this company.

    No matter how cheap it is - you will pay.

    Let me explain.

    About 4 months ago I hired car from Ascot Car Rentals. During that time we incurred a toll notice after the toll mistakenly only applied one trip to our payment (we took two trips on toll roads)

    After 6 weeks we contacted Ascot to get our deposit back. They indicated there was a hold because of the toll notice outstanding. We thought it would speed things up by just calling the toll authority and paying it ourselves.

    We sent the receipt of payment back to Ascot and many weeks later still hadn't received a refund of our deposit after emailing twice a week for two months.

    I am writing this review for any interstate and international visitors who are considering hiring a car while you visit Australia. Do not hire from this company.

    The attitude of this company is rude, unorganised, and altogether frightening in my life as a customer.

    When we started calling was when it got really interesting. The first few occasions we got through we were met with a rather rude staff. There is only one contact number On 5 occasions I was told I would receive a call back and never did.

    Once staff realised I was not going to relent in my right to receive a return on deposit, either hung up abruptly when I persisted with my request, or, in time, just didn't answer when I called. I knew because I used my partners phone to call and the unknown number was answered straight away.

    Finally after 4 months, I emailed Ascot Car rental and gave notice of a week to respond or I would take other action to ensure the return of the deposit.

    On the final day of that week I indicated my intention to settle the matter with the office of Fair Trading.They called that weekend and settled the matter. Minus a $55 Admin Fee, for a situation which I did all the work to resolve.

    After 4 months of hanging up, not responding to emails, and not answering the phone they were able to call and finalise the matter in minutes.

    Ascot might reply to this review. But take a look at those replies, was there ever an apology, .

    Ascot Car Rental had the chance many times, via many emails, and many phone calls to take that responsibility: "Hey, it seems we're having trouble getting this sorted out, lets deal with it over the phone now and put it to rest" That happened eventually - by the same staff who hung up, didn't answer.

    All it took was a phone call.

    Don't risk your money or time with Ascot Car Rental. It's not worth it for the few dollars you'll save. Trust me.
    • i truly believe that this review is not fair and does not paint the proper picture about the rental company, this person did not pay for the tolls and they had to pay an admin fee, i have rented cars from many car rental firms and they all have an admin fee if you don't pay your tolls or parking fines so this person did the wrong thing and now they are upset? you see does not paint the right picture, i as a customer of Ascot Car Rental can only say good things about them and when you sign the rental agreement the rental agent explains the terms and conditions prior to signing so i believe this review does not paint the correct picture about the rental company.
    • In the spirit of this review site as a means for potential customers to make informed choices, Ascot Car Rental did not contact me to indicate I had breached the terms of the agreement.

      Instead I had to email and call every week for nearly two months, only to be ignored or hung up on.

      After lengthy investigation I paid the agreed toll and sent proof of that receipt to Ascot Car Rental and it still took four months for final refund of my deposit.

      If you are a customer from overseas or interstate the work involved in investigating the toll payment issue, paying it, and producing evidence of that is an onerous task.

      I'm happy to abide by any legal contract i sign. I didn't experience any assistance from Ascot Car Rental in this process and that's why I am upset.

      Other negative reviews of Ascot Car Rentals have experienced this and it should be taken into consideration when considering hiring from them, I am sure you would want to warn your valued customer of this.
    • you have it all wrong, the toll company processes all toll violations not the car rental company, the delay should rest on the toll company not the car rental firm, if i book a ticket for you for jetstar and they stuff the flight around and the plane is grounded the travel agent is not to blame the airline is so in this case the toll company made an error and delayed its rectification so the blame goes on the toll company....
    • There is a lot of us reporting that our depoists are not being returned. I'm still waiting, I've had no tolls or damage reported against me. Or any contact from this company, I seam to be doing all the chasing.
      I would not hire from this company ever again
    • Have the similar with Ascot Car Rentak - One in Dec 2012 and the other March 2013 - They took 2 lots of $250 deposits - It is now May 2013 and I am still waiting for the deposit to be refunded - I have make several overseas telephone calls, sent texts to no avail. Everything is always blamed on the poor 'Admin Dept.' - I am sure the 'Admin person is most likely the staa I have being liaising with. I was lucky to have checked my credit card; otherwise I would not have noticed this. . Most car rental such will put a block on an amount but not physically take the money out of your account. If you think ASCOT is cheap - Watch out.
    • This is, almost down to the word, the experience I had recently (2015) with Ascot. It's really weird how they do the exact same thing with deposits over and over again. My phone number was also blocked and I ended up going to Fair Trading.
  • i have rented with Ascot Car Rental for 3 years now and have always rented new rental cars at low rental rates, they offer a convenient free pick up and drop off service which saves me the customer time and money and i have always been given top service, i think consumers should be aware of companies like Ascot Car Rental, i rent all types of cars from toyota corollas to toyota camrys to ford territory, Ascot always offer me the best rental rates reduced excess insurance and seriously you cannot get a better deal from any other company, well done, i want to thank the staff at Ascot for looking after me.
  • i just love Ascot Car Rental, great people to deal with and i love the new hire cars they rent. as we just moved to Sydney we need a car to travel to work and enjoy the weekend with the kids so we decided to hire a car on a week to week basis till we decide if we are going to buy a car or simply hire a car? we found Ascot Car Rental and we have on a rent a new Nissan at only $203 per week, no added extra's and this is the best possible rate on a new hire car, we are so lucky we found Ascot and they have made our life easier as we have a car to get us from a to z and it is very cost effective.

    people should know about this hire car company, from the start they were great,
    Ascot are the best..
  • Rent from Ascot Car Rental if you want a super rental rate, i am not kidding around, i rented a new hyundai i20 for 30 days for only $29 per day with no hidden costs, i moved over from NZ to Sydney and i am currently renting on a month to month basis for $870 per month with no more to pay, great offer a new vehicle, a friend of mine was recently on holiday and he recommended Ascot to me so i gave it a go, from the start the service the cars and the rates were super, the best thing was the service, free pick up, and the manager even threw in a free gps sat nav saving me another $150 per month for free, this is a very cost effective way to have a car i may even keep this one for a while, i don't really want to fork out $20,000 on a new car, $870 per month sounds better for now, thank you for making life easy for me Ascot, looking forward to continue our business relationship regards D. Keys
  • Do not rent from them!! They have had my deposit since November and will not reply to my emails (I rented whilst on Holiday and am now back in the UK so cannot call) The car and service themselves were good, but i am still awaiting the return of over 200 AUD. Warning people - go to someone else.

    • dear itman75 i live in the usa and call australia anytime dial 61 2 then the number, i have a car on hire from this company for 6 weeks with no problem and my father had a hire car for 2 weeks and he got his $250 security deposit back straight away back on his visa card? so why would Ascot hold the security deposit? maybe you owed rental or damaged the hire car?
      as a customer and you stating you cannot call from the uk? just does not make sense, drop Ascot an email, you can get their email on line or off the rental agreement? if you really had a valid claim i believe you would have acted sooner to get your funds returned? so use the proper channels if you have a valid claim.
    • i cannot believe this review no way in the world, i rented over 15 times in 3 years and i always get my bond back with no problem so as a customer of ascot car rental i cannot believe this review.
    • Yep, it's true, whatever system they have for tracking deposit refunds it seems like it is the lowest priority in the organisation.

      Why, because if they don't get a deposit back to you - and you don't follow it up - or even if you do persist - that is money they can keep in the business.

      If you are from interstate or overseas you will see from the negative reviews here that it is even harder to follow-up and get your deposit back.

      buyer beware. If, for whatever reason, you incur a toll notice, a speeding ticket, a red light, or some kind of damage -

      Please, look past the positive reviews, don't risk.
    • if you get a fine, red light camera ticket or speeding ticket you are liable to pay this, this is common knowledge, how can the car rental company pay for this as the car was in your care, it seems that this person cannot even use there real name to post a review so i would pay any attention to this comment, if you get a fine pay for it and don't expect the rental place to pay for it, i would use Ascot again and so would my friends and business associates, i am very happy with the way they do business, next time pay for your fines.
    • I rang the toll company the day I traveled. they made a mistake in their system. There was no contact from Ascot Car Rental to indicate the hold up to my deposit refund. I rang the toll company and paid for their mistake and sent the receipt as proof to Ascot Car Rental. They did not return my deposit until I made a claim with Fair Trading - 4 months later. Not every customer has such a lovely experience and all customers should be treated equally, perception is reality. You've come here to help you make a choice, don't hire here.
    • see you admitted that the toll company made an error not the car rental company, so how long did it take the toll company to issue the violation back to the car rental company and how long did it then take the toll company to process the violation in your name? this can take months so you can see who is to blame here, the toll company should take the blame for this not the car rental firm, other than this fine issue you are well aware they have great service because all you complained about was the process time which should fall on the toll company not the car rental, they just rent cars they do not administer toll violations and errors.
    • To all you people that had a great deal, well your so lucky!!!!. I don't know why I'm still waiting for my deposit back, maybe you could help get my $500 back and ask why or what did I do wrong.
  • Ascot Car Rental were great, they rented a new vehicle at only $30 per day from 24 December to 6 January, it was a brand new hyundai i20 auto with all the options and it cost only $30 per day with no hidden extra's, this deal was half the rate of the other rental companies, we called and called many car rental companies from the web and some wanted like $88 per day for the same car, what i found was that there are many car rental brokers which don't have any rental cars and they just take bookings and charge a fee, that is why i like to deal with the car rental company direct as you can save the big fee's.

    I returned my car back to Ascot Car Rental North Sydney and they even dropped me back home to St Leonards, these guys were great, i will use this company again in the future, maybe easter time if i can get time off work, thanks alot Ascot Car Rental you made xmas alot easier for my family.
  • My wife wanted to rent a car over the holidays and we decided to go on a holiday from 23 Dec till 10 Jan and we found Ascot Car Rental and they rented us a new car its actually a new nissan micra, we only paid $40 per day with a low insurance excess of only $250 which was great, i did not want to drive to Melbourne with a $3,000 excess on my head, so we rented with Ascot Car Rental and they even picked me from home and took me back to their office, we are due to return the car on 10 Jan and Ascot Car Rental are worth a go thanks fellas.
  • My family have now moved to Sydney Australia, we are from Miami USA, we love Sydney best beaches in the world, we are opening up a business in Sydney an American Diner with that old fashioned happy days theme the only problem is that we needed two cars while we are setting up our business and running our kids around to school and the holidays so we did not want to outlay money to buy two cars so we looked at leasing but the banks wanted to much info and too much money so we looked to rent two cars for a 6 month period to get on our feet and save more cash for the business instead of buying 2 cars so we called a few rental firms and the best two offers were from other Rent A Car and Ascot Car Rental, they both offered us 2 new toyota camrys sedans for a 6 month period for $1,111 per month, the other rental firms wanted $1,778 per month and one even wanted $2,547 per month? that is double the deal, we chose Ascot Car Rental over the other Rent a Car because the deductable the excess was only $250 and the other wanted $385 so the rates, the cars everything was the same so Ascot Car Rental went that extra mile and reduced the excess to $250 to gain our business and they did, we now have 2 new toyota camrys on rent from Ascot Car Rental for a 6 month term which i think we will extend another 6 months as the cars are new and the service was the best, some other car rental places have no service, how do they expect to get business?

    thank you very much Ascot Car Rental, we have emailed all our friends back home and and told them when they visit Oz, they should call you guys for the ultimate deal and i thought i would write this review and talk about your rental company as other people should be aware of the great deals and great services and new cars offered by Ascot Car Rental.
  • i was driving to work a few weeks ago and i had a car accident which was my fault and my insurance company does not provide car rental cover so the smash repair place said they require my car for 21 days to fix as they could not get parts so i had to rent a car, i called 3 car rental companies, the highest rate was $65 per day and the lowest rate was $29 per day, i rented with a company called Ascot Car Rental in Arncliffe and i rented a new toyota yaris 5 door hatch 2012 model for only $29 per day, i had the rental car for 26 days in total and it cost me only $29 per day drive away no more to pay, i am really happy i found this car rental firm, they picked me up from my work and took me to their office in Arncliffe and upon return i took the car back to their Arncliffe store and dropped me back to Tempe so i could collect my car, the FREE pick up and drop off service that Ascot Car Rental offer is great and to pay only $29 per day for a new toyota yaris is great, it is half the rate of the other rental companies, great service and i really want to thank Ascot for looking after me, i really fell in love in the toyota yaris i may buy one now ha ha ha, once again thank you so much Ascot Car Rental, i will tell all my friends about you guys, miranda xoxo
  • my sister was on holiday in Sydney from the UK and we rented her a car from Ascot Car Rental, they offered the most competitive car rental rates in town, we called nearly every car rental business we found on google and Ascot Car Rental had the best rate and the best insurance cover in town, we hired a new toyota yaris hatch for $29 per day for a 47 day period and they gave us an excess of only $250 which is simply unbeatable, they even offered FREE delivery and pick up to our home which we took advantage of, i have to say that we have rented many cars over the years and the service that Ascot Car Rental gave my family was great, normally you think cheap rates cheap service but the service was great and the car was new, only had 4,000 klm on the speedo, my sister loved the new car smell and at the end of the rental they picked up the car and even gave us a voucher for a next rental giving us $5 per day off our next rental which was kinda nice. I will tell all my friends about Ascot Car Rental and my father is coming to visit Sydney in Feb next year and i will take advantage of the $5 saving per day, we loved doing business with Ascot Car Rental, thank you Ascot Car Rental.
    • i can vouch for this review, Ascot Car Rental offered the best rate and the best service and i will tell all my friends about this company, they make doing business so easy.
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