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Reviews of Ascot Car Rental

  • There is a very slim chance you would get your deposit back and you will get excuses everyday as to why the delay is. Mostly it is that head office is to blame because they havent processed it. There is no head office. This business is run by Con and Arthur Kotsakis which is run out of Tempe for the moment. I had my credit card charged for the deposit and not held as all respectable car rentals do. I was to have my payments taken out fortnightly and sure enough not only did they do that but took out payment weekly as well which meant I was being double dipped on. Then comes the follow up for weeks where credit to him, he will pick up every call and respond to every message but will give you one excuse or the other to not pay you. The internet is full of articles about this dodgy car rental, on trip advisor, Yelp, True local and every other consumer forum. I feel stupid that I fell into this Nigerian-esque scam. Overseas people who use him, dont even worry about trying to get your money back because as a local who got a order to pay against this bloke from the consumer tribunal (CTTT) still had to run circles to get his money back. Dont worry for too long following up with these people and waste your breath. As soon as you see that he has no intention to pay, pay that $47 and get that CTTT ball rolling.

    This companys social media footprint is large and the number of complaints with same message, its surprising they havent shut this company down. They have a few social media accounts and will always come back and challenge your post as they will do with mine behaving as a happy customer. Would you as a happy customer always be on the lookout for negative posts and say no youre wrong, we had a great experience? Its just them or their mates shooting replies which any social media commentator will say is the worst thing to do to address an issue.

    Please pay a well known car rental company a little more money to save you the heartache and believe me when I tell you this company will cost you more in the long run than an Avis or a Hertz.
  • I rented a car from Ascot recently, although they had a cheap price to begin with the charges they levied in the fine print were outrageous. Next time I will be choosing another company.
  • I rented a vehicle from Ascot Car Rental Newtown and was really happy with the great service and the cheap car rental offers, Ascot hired me a new toyota camry for 21 days for only $35 per day with no extra's, that was a great rental rate, other car hire places wanted $65 per day, this is the second time i hired from Ascot Car Rental Newtown and i really recommend them.
  • Do not use Ascot Car Rental.
    We still are awaiting our deposit return. We live in the UK and although had excellent service from Ascot for the duration of our stay in Australia - the promised phone call to confirm the return of our deposit never materialised. We have now phoned and emailed on several occasions but have had no response.
    We have full photos of the car before and after the rental so the company have no reason to keep our deposit.
    We rented the Car from a man from the BP garage in between Newtown and Erskinville and still have the rental agreement which confirms payment of the deposit of 210 AUD.

    • Same experience here. It took 3 months to receive a portion of my deposit back. Of course I had to lodge a complaint to the Department of Fair Trading in order to receive it. If I hadn't I'm sure I'd still be waiting. Despite the number of times I called them, not once did they ever return my calls.
    • i have never encountered any problems with Ascot Car Rental, after i returned the car they issued me with a closing invoice and i received my refund hassle free, so this review and these comments really seem difficult to believe as i am a very happy renter thanks to Ascot.
    • I have had the same experience with this company. 5 weeks and I am still waiting for my deposit despite chasing it hard. They have every excuse in the world.
    • I have had the same experience recently - chasing my deposit, very rude and arrogant management when I have gotten through but mostly my phone calls go unanswered (unless I call from a number they don't know, then they pick up. I have looked at other reviews on here and it is interesting that all the BAD REVIEWS are exactly the same story which leads me to believe this is something ASCOT Car Rental do often. If you are on this site deciding on a car rental place to use DON'T pick Ascot Car Rental!!
  • This is my 4th car rental from Ascot Car Rental Newtown and they always look after me and i always get free upgrades, i book a new toyota corolla and they upgrade me to a new toyota camry for the same rate, my last rental was a new hyundai i45 sedan, this car is great and the cheap rental rate of only $49 per day even better, i had the car for 26 days and went for a trip to brisbane, great drive, i just think people should know that Ascot Car Rental Newtown are the cheapest car rental in the area, you cannot beat their rates or the service, their staff are great, they know who i am as well and you get that personal touch every time and i like that, thank you Ascot Car Rental.
    • good to see that Ascot Car Rental Newtown are really looking after their renters.
      well done Ascot.
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