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  • FREQFLYER66   3 reviews
    We rented a car from Ascot Car Rental for 18 days while we were on holidays from WA - loved the new Toyota Camry - the rental deal was only $40 a day for this great car.

    Ascot were great, from the start they were great, we loved the FREE gps rental - saved us $7 a day.

    Highly recommended.
  • MrChef   6 reviews
    Nothing but good things to say about Ascot Car Rental. Rented a new Toyota Camry Altise for under $40 per day. I would rent from Ascot again. The free delivery and pick option is great. They come straight to your door.
  • getthewordout Newbie   1 review
    I have had enormous trouble getting my $500 deposit back 5 weeks of excuses and avoidance and now I am referring it to the authorities.
  • jasonballard Newbie   1 review
    I rented a car with Ascot Car Rental because i purchased a new car and the car dealer could not provide me with a courtesy car as my new car was 3 weeks late as the factory had delayed orders, i thought i going to be out of pocket big time, lucky i found Ascot Car Rental on google, i called 6 car rental companies and the two cheapest car rental companies in Sydney were Ascot Car Rental and other Car Rental, so i went with Ascot Car Rental as the add on service of FREE pick up and delivery was simply superb, i saved a taxi fare both ways, the car was a brand spanker and i rented it for 4 weeks exact and paid $37 per day with reduced insurance, i normally do not write reviews about any company but i must say that i found the service, the rental rate and the new car very very good and i if need be i would rent from Ascot Car Rental again, good effort guys, you have me as a client for life.
  • pistoff Newbie   1 review
    Rubbish! the staff are rude and surely and getting the deposit back is harder than getting blood from a stone. i am still fighting for it.
    • ASCOTAD Newbie 
      If this was a genuine review they would state some facts, did they damage the rental car? do they owe rental monies, did they write a letter to the rental company? did they seek legal advice? i find this review a little hard to believe, from time to time you may have a client who is not happy, we try to resolve these matters and keep everyone happy but this review is fake. We serve many clients and we have many many happy clients who continue to rent with us as we have great rates and great service and new cars, this review is totally fake.


    • pistoff Newbie 
      A fake? Like all your other negative reviews? No, this is a genuine, disgruntled customer that has no recourse through your company and is warning others off. I am also annoyed that i didn't realise i could rate you less than 1 star on this site.


    • jasonballard Newbie 
      strange review? i rented the car, great rate and even better service, i received my bond of $400 back straight away, never encountered any problems.


  • Miranda43 Newbie   1 review
    Best Car Rental Experience i have ever encountered, Ascot Car Rental were great, my mechanic was doing some major work to my car, so i rented a car from a car rental company down the street called Ascot Car Rental, wow, new car for only $30 per day for 10 days with no extra costs, it was a great deal, i called 4 other rental places from the yellow pages but i found the Ascot reservation team the most helpful but to tell you the truth the price really made it happen, only $30 per day and some places wanted $78 per day? that does not make sense to me? the same car for nearly triple the price?
    i returned my car back and had no hassle from the car rental firm, they were great and i will always keep their office number in my blackberry if i ever need another car rental, also they offered me a free gps which i took as it was free ha ha ha..................
  • Elizabeth Jones Newbie   1 review
    This was the worst rental experience that I have have ever had. Firstly they idiciated on google maps that they had a location that you could visit - but iot turns out this is not the case when I turned there was nothing there. They were impatient and rude and when I rang up halfway through the rental to ask a simple technical question about the car. In the end they gave me the someone else number who helped me but by this time I was really shaken and worried that they were not going to help me. As they have no return address they were meant to pick up the vehicle at a specified time - they never arrived. So i had to keep calling them and I missed a whole day out with the family as I had to stay with the car. They turned up three hours late to pick it up. They then would not return my bond when I called inquiring where it was. A terrible experience all round and it took a month before they paid it back.
    • AscotCar Newbie 
      We offered this client a free delivery and pick up service to her door. She never called to ask a technical question to our call centre, we picked up the rental car on time and she was more than happy, we did not make her wait around and she did not lose a whole day waiting for the pick up, the client wanted to return the car a day later at no extra cost? we could not offer her free rental for 1 day. At the end of the day the client did not complain upon return. She never disputed the bond at all? we refunded her straight away. I think the general public should have both sides of the story.



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