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According to Ashmore locals, this is the place to go for mouthwatering, cooked to perfection steak. 

The Ashmore Road Seafood and Steakhouse has enjoyed a fabulous reputation through the years for its excellently prepared food. Servings are generous, so go easy on the free garlic bread. 

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  • A_R_T   7 reviews
    We have eaten here a good handful of times. We love the fact our daughter likes the steak here and whenever we say we are going out for dinner she asks to go here. I love the variety of the dishes available, on the occasions we have eaten here, we have had the lobster mornay, oysters, steaks, cold salmon, chicken dishes and more. The mushroom sauce for the steak is delicious! And it is really hard to stop eating the lobster mornay, even once full as it is to die for! We have always found the staff to be very friendly and polite and have only on 1 occasion been left for a long time waiting for our entree of oysters when it was really busy, but as soon as it was realized, they were brought to us within 5-6 mins. I don't see the problem with the little game machines, there are only a few of them placed together at the back that you will only see if you go to the toilet or have young children wanting to play them, they are out of diners ear shot and view. The decor may not have changed in many years and does need a good dust off, but the style of it i would think is to represent the tourists visiting and the owners heritage. We will be going again! :)

    8 months ago - 19/08/2014

  • ZumbaRobyn   4 reviews
    We decided to hold our social night at this venue. The food was good but the service was terrible leaving a sour taste in our mouths. We were seated in the back room so we did not have a regular waitress, we had to go find one and wait until they were available. A management staff was also extremely rude. We will be taking our group bookings elsewhere in the future. So disappointing!
  • MissMarshall   4 reviews
    Loved dinner here! The meals were VERY BIG and we had a delightful waiter who looked after us very well. The large menu was handy for people with fussy children. It wasn't too busy (on a Thursday night) and we couldn't have had a better experience!
  • Emelie88   3 reviews
    Bad service, bad food, my partner had a steak which was too cooked, I love seafood but this was really disappointing.
  • Steffy91   15 reviews
    My partner took me on a date at this lovely restaurant, it was a wonderful night. I had the lobster mornay which was nicely cooked and tasted fantastic. The filet mignon that my partner ordered was superb, its was so tender with lots of flavour and perfectly cooked. The atmosphere and service was excellent and we both had a wonderful experience.
  • rapide1954   3 reviews
    I know the interior is a bit naff but it's part of the charm! I have to say that a cheap skate I like the free garlic bread and it keeps the little ones busy too. Service is good and I have to say I like the menu you have to tick the boxes on The restaurant is different but it stands out in your memory- no need to be nasty about it. The portions are way to big though, I would like to see them halved and cheaper rather than recommending we split the meals. I if people don't like these aspects then why do they stay and order the food?
  • JuneF   4 reviews
    Large meals and free garlic bread is good everything else is dated! If it didnt get bus loads of people that didnt know any better I doubt it would be still there.
  • busterdog   6 reviews
    We didnt like the food and the prices were expensive .Very gaudy furnishing etc Staff were unfriendly Never again will this family of 5 eat there again It was terrible and I feel sorry for the tourists
  • Craig Trail   11 reviews
    Shocking food shocking service gaudy interior. Can't believe a restaurant that you had to tick a menu to order your food. Steak wasn't cooked properly, leaf of lettuce and some tomatoes was the salad and a mountain of chips. Partner had a seafood platter where everything except the shell food was deep fried.
    Two bus loads of tourists turned up and we didn't see our waitress again.
    I will never eat there again!
  • job1kenobe Newbie   1 review
    The seafood is frozen and has been for the last 20 odd years. The large portions are usually garnish or chips. After 20 plus years of patronage I will never go back -I am over the tacky signage at front of house the plastic plants and gaudy amusement machines the food has consistently been lousy .This restaurant was once great but like the staff it's tired and sad.

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