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Reviews of Assoc. Prof Richard H West

  • I just had a small procedure done with them and it was a good experience. I was scheduled to have my procedure just one week after seeing Professor West. He did not explain much but surgeons normally dont explain that much especially if you are having a diagnostic procedure which then explains more I guess. Everything went well so far and I recommend them highly I know many places where waiting times are longer as well as the quality of care.
  • This practise is bad! I paid $190. Had a planned/booked surgery, then I called exactly 1 week before surgery to ask a question about the procedure and was informed that my operation had been cancelled as a more urgent breast cancer patient had come up. I understand that my operation is not as critical as breast cancer but the fact that they didnt even bother to call and notify me is completely unacceptable. when i questioned why she did not even try to contact me to notify me she explained "breast cancer patients take preference over you and i would have called you when i came around to getting a chance to call you." my operation was NOT a minor surgery, far from it. It is stressful enough without the added pressure.
    On top of very poor office management, I paid $190, i saw him for 15 minutes (it took me longer to fill out the paper work) - he did not explain ANYTHING but gave me 3 pamphlets to read through once i got home that scared me more than explained anything to me (it was way too medical) i had to research more over the internet myself. Scheduled me for the first available date (1 month later) for surgery but when i asked the receptionist when i had been "rescheduled" to, she told me she could not notify me of this now that she will have to go through and find out then get back to me at a later date with a time that suits both of us.
    I do not recommend ANYBODY to see them or this practise. After calling 2 more places i have found their methods are "radical" (both places described it the same way) and there are other surgeries that can and should be done.

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