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Reviews of Auburn Kebab House

  • Always enjoy this place for lunch, good and reliable
  • hands down the best ive tasted across sydney, wonderful sish plates, great iskander and by far the most moist kebabs. small, but super friendly
  • 1nik1 32 reviews
    I find this place to be pretty good. The bread they use for their kebabs is very fresh, in fact I can't think of any place better. Also try the traditional yogurt drink they have. The locals there all seem to get it, I was told it makes you live longer which made me think it was going to taste terrible but it turned out to be pretty good. Worth a visit.
  • seanaussie Local Star 1,096 reviews
    Just another kebab house in Auburn - and not the best in my opinion. Tiny place with a few dirty seats, average prices, hot and yet despite its size the service isn't really all that quick.
    Food's tasty though, and location's good if you're on that side of the train line.
    • i have to disagree with you, everyone knows this is the place for kebabs, i get referred to go here when i ask other kebab shops for iskander, who don't have it.
  • ff 9 reviews
    nice salads...fresh....good kebabs...best iskandar dish in auburn..
    • Best kebab in whole of Sydney. Seriously no bull. All their meals are top notch. Hope they buy next door and make the place bigger.
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