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Reviews of Aussie Seafood House

  • The healers Local Star 463 reviews
    Love this place. This is definately where we go for fish for all occasions. We always get a whole fish and it is cleaned and scaled beautifully. The price is always good and the service is always friendly. I also love how they have tents set up for the mad xmas rush and they give out water to the people in the huge queue.
    This is the only place we get our fish and seafood.
  • Normally good quality..but today was terrible..whiting fillets with scales on every fillet..and whoever filleted these fish left NO flesh on one side of the fillet just skin
  • Basically best and only place to go and get full range of seafood
    On northside of brisbane bigger range then other seafood house.
  • Great place, great range. I am happy to pay a little more for the quality they provide.
  • Excellent range. A bit pricey. Good clean shop. Staff very helpful.
  • Big range, lots to choose from but the price was expensive. I would go again but would have to look out for the specials.
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