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Reviews of Australia Post

  • As a customer of North strathfield post office for over 10 years , running a small business myself i want to thank the owner for proving a very personal good service and always going the extra mile to help us out with our postage issues. Unlike other post offices the lines do move and the staff are always willing to help and explain and help about things in detail. Thank-you!
    Also we would love the community to petition australia post to have an express post collection box nearby, with 2 boxes in burwood is only fair the city of canada bay with its massive population get some more express yellow drop off boxes, would save cues in local post offices and make it easier for small businesses to get parcels dropped off in time.
  • I've been using this office quite a lot over the last 18 months, and I must say that I don't know what the previous reviewer is talking about. There was a very friendly lady working here about a year or so ago, but she's long gone. The choice today is between the guy I assume owns the place, who is surly and unpleasant to deal with, and his constantly changing assistants, presumably trainees, who are clueless about the most basic postal functions. (A few weeks ago, while checking the address on one of my envelopes, one of these assistants actually asked me what 'VIC' stood for.) The only thing going for this post office is that there are hardly ever any long lines. I must admit that I only use this place because it's just around the corner from the Thai restaurant I regularly have lunch at.
  • winglee Area Expert 182 reviews
    I drive out of my way to go here. It is only a small post office but they are super efficient and always incredibly friendly and helpful. They even open Saturday mornings. The standard of service here is well above what I have found in other post offices in the area

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