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  • galah3110 Newbie   1 review
    I bought a car from a sales person at Aussie Fleet Sales Campbelltown in September last year(2013) and I have had nothing but trouble ever since driving it away!! It just cuts out on the freeway and when I tried to contact them they said that the sales person had moved onto another yard!!

    8 months ago - 19/08/2014

  • PMD008 Newbie   2 reviews
    After looking at cars for months on the internet for my son, we decided to go out and have a look at some car yards because he hadn't a clue what he wanted. We went to the yard of Australian Fleet Sales and were greeted promptly by a fairly friendly staff who asked what we were looking for. I explained the above. The staff told me about all the cars on their database and I told the staff that we had trawled online and wanted to actually see cars. The staff went away and came back with a fantastic opportunity to enter a raffle and win $10,000 if we just gave our details and phone number....I declined the amazing opportunity. The staff was then joined by another staff. This other staff was shown the empty raffle ticket and came straight at us with a barrage of pushy questions, many questions we'd just been asked. When this other staff asked what our budget was and I told them that I wasn't going to tell them we'd just like to look around the yard, then stormed off cursing us not very quietly. When we were leaving, I thanked the first staff for letting us look around only to hear the other staff yelling after us with abuse and told me they'd buy my car off me for peanuts. This just after I declined their request for me to sell it to them.
    Overall. this person is an arrogant, pushy, rude and overbearing and I wouldn't trust these guys with anything. In hindsight, I'm lucky the wheels were still on my car when we left. At the end of the afternoon looking at cars, my son's favourite of all he'd seen was a $25,000 VW Golf in their yard. My son then said he'd rather walk than go back to Australian Fleet Sales.

    8 months ago - 14/08/2014

  • Ryan Smit0 Newbie   1 review
    Probably do not believe there quality inspection one bit! Get the car checked out for yourself seeing how I've owned my car for a couple weeks now and just came from ford and it is now costing me big dollars in repairs if I want to continue driving it and a back ground check on the vin has brought up multiple problems the car has had in the past. Not exactly seeing anything quality about it.
  • BlackSide90   2 reviews
    Masters (if you can call them that) of the "Hard Sell", they're in your face bombarding you with information (trying to sound like they know cars) I had the displeasure of meeting some members of the team, probably really nice people, but as a car guy myself I found it a complete waste of time,
    Over priced cars all through the lot, services with parts that are just within tolerance of quality. Buyers beware
    • austfleet1 Newbie 
      Hi BlackSide90's, Please contact our Customer Relations Department on 02 9794 2500 to discuss any concerns you may have. Thanks - Australian Fleet Sales



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