Australian National Couriers

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Huntingwood, NSW
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Reviews of Australian National Couriers

  • Just received the worst service from a staff who resfued to drop off some boxes where I asked them to place them, i was told they were too busy?! Reminds me why we use Captial Transport, much more friendly and professional.
  • tofu 20 reviews
    Extremely dissatisfied with the service provided by this company.
    I had a package picked up on a Wednesday to be delivered to Canberra from Sydney. After calling on Thursday to check progress I was told it was scheduled for delivery the next day, so I asked to have the package held at the depot for pickup, which I was told would not be a problem and the operator told me they would call back to confirm the depot address.
    After not receiving a call back by 11:30 Friday I called back thrice more, each time being promised a call back with the address. On my fourth call I refused a callback and was told that I could not be placed on hold by the operator, who after I explained why I would not wait for a callback put me on hold to wait for the another operator.
    When I finally got on to the operator I had been dealing with during previous calls that day I was informed that the package was still at their depot in Sydney at 15:30! I once again stated that I would need to pick the package up from the depot and the operator noted this and advised that this had been noted on the system.
    I just received a call from the company delivering the package (09:00 Monday) to advise that it was out for delivery rather than being held at the depot, and that I will now not be able to pick up till tomorrow (Tuesday).
    All in all a rather long, drawn out and frustrating experience which has resulted in waiting nearly a week for a package to travel from Sydney to Canberra.

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