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  • ABN 71 228 725 492
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Reviews of Auto-craft

  • Avoid this terrible business, I foolishly ordered some parts through them over 3 months ago and not once have they returned numerous phone calls or emails,once they have your money the service stops. Send your business elsewhere, you have been warned.
    • Rob,

      Your name comes up nowhere in our system, and as newbie, Its hard to be able to give any credit to your review here based on you either not being who you say you are, or have the wrong company.

  • I've had a bad experience with this company, I ordered some parts and was given a timeline for supply on the parts, that time elapsed 3 weeks ago and there's no guarantee when the parts will arrive.
    If you're intending to get parts or services from this company, my advice, get everything in writing, I don't trust them anymore.

    There's plenty of other places to get parts and accessories, look around before committing to these people and their terrible lack of customer empathy and service. The owner has been very rude to me and my friends who've purchased parts and had work done there in the past.

    They're quick to take your money and slow to deliver product.

    • Thanks for your review, unfortunately it doesnt highlight the fact your company puts out purchase orders it wishes to retract, and then after finding the parts arent available anywhere in the world, let alone form our supplier, you somehow hold us responsible for that timeline, while trying to order elsewhere.

    • You're welcome, happy to offer the feedback.

      If we were supplied the correct information from the beginning we probably would not have ordered from you because you did not have them in stock.

      We canceled the order because you could not supply them within a reasonable time frame, based on the discussions we had and the expectations that you created.

      We're well within our rights under consumer law to request a refund for these products because you could not supply them within a reasonable time and you took payment for these goods under false pretense, that the parts were in stock when in fact they weren't and still aren't.

      We're happy to answer any other questions you may have about the experience we've had with Auto-Craft.

      Take care...
    • Lets not forget here we offered your money back the week before they were paid and confirmed our end, you wanted the order to stay, we then said we would refund minus stocking fee and freight when you wanted to cancel a week after that. You decided you wanted to go to the bank to attempt a full refund, and we are now waiting for that to play out before we can do anything. You cant chnage your mind and expect to get a full refund, especially after you were given a choice to begin.

      I guess your facebook hate page just went from 700 to 701 members, where so many PM's and messages like this are shared and commented on, it would seem your a cereal pest, and though your work partners emailed me to tell me your comments would be taken down, in defiance you have commented further. are they members of the hate page too?
  • Auto craft i have used them to do suspension work on my 4wd.
    Service was quite good, but slow in getting the parts in.
    Sales staff knew exactly what they talk about but arrogant towards me, thinking sales staff knew better then everyone else.
    Price wise they were quite dear, but they did do a satisfactory job on car.
    Located in a nice place, workshop is nice big and clean and quite presentable.

    Would i use them again?

    I probably would but i would suggest getting quotes and doing research elsewhere to get them down in price.

    happy with my 4x4 monster truck :)
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