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Reviews of Avenue Road Providores

  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    Wonderfully home cooked food with a wide selection of freshly made pies, lasagnes, soups and more. The staff are friendly and always excited when you try one of their new dishes.
    The food is quite pricey around $18 for soup and lasagne and a family pie is around $25, but it is homemade and delicious.
  • what happened to Avenue Road Providores?? I went in today and ordered $40 worth of little cakes to make up a tasting plate - and they were gross! Stale and old cakes costing a fortune. They even had to pull the vanilla slice off the shelf and bin it because even they see it looked stale. They told me that it "doesn't look good" but "you still like it?" What the??? I have NEVER experienced this before. Has Avenue Road Providores been sold recently? Never going back and warning my friends who have been long term customers.
  • I always use Avenue Rd Providors when I have a party at home. Their samosas, chicken and bacon wraps, mini pies and ladies fingers are second to non. Each Christmas I have 20 people for lunch and I order the turkey buff with fruit stuffing, the leg of pork and their amazing ham- the glaze is to die for. During the year I often buy their soups and delicious stews. This is a first class business and I do not know what I would do without them
  • This place serves home cooked food just like Mama , they do the BEST home made beef and burgendy pie anyone could imagin , WELL WORTH A LOOK
  • We ordered some samosas and ricepaper rolls, and were stunned when they used their bare hands to pick them up (after having just handled another customer's money). We questioned the practice and were told 'don't worry, luv, it's alright'. No... it's not alright.
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