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Learn how to drive safely with AYAN Driving School's Professional Instructors  
Flexible time, 7 days a week, reasonable price 
10 lessons prepaid package with 10% discount
Areas we offer services are:
Blacktown and surrounding areas and hills areas

Please call to make an appointment
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Reviews of Ayan Driving School

  • Ayan is a brilliant instructor. He is very calm, patient and positive. He takes great care in explaining and teaching the correct driving techniques and rules.With his help I could pass the driving test at the first attempt. He has made me a better driver. I am sincerely thankful for his help.I would highly recommend Ayan during school to all !!
  • Ayan is truly a brilliant instructor. He is very friendly, positive and composed. He takes great care in teaching all the right rules and techniques and ensures that one becomes a better driver. Thanks to his help and teaching, I cleared my test in the first go !!! I will always be thankful to him and would highly recommend him.
  • Ayan has been in the Driving Business for 10 years+ and surely knows it well...I passed my Driving Test in the first attempt...All credit to his patience and knowledge specially someone looking at Blacktown RTA !!!! Go for Ayan !!!!!! I had an overseas license of India and cleared in first attempt !!!!!
  • Ayan driving school is the best for learners as the instructor is very friendly and patient, provides useful driving tips during the course of driving lessons. Ayan driving school has helped me become a confident driver and I cleared the driving test in the first go in Blacktown RTA.#reviewtowin
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  • Having lesson. with Ayan driving school was a real big help leading up to my test at BLacktown RTA. He has been a very wonderful driving instructor who is incredible calm,patient and encouraging, most important reliable and safe. Wouldn't think I will be able to pass at the first go without his tips and advices. Definitely one recommended driving instructor in the area.
  • Ayan driving school was a great help in helping me to learn and refine my driving skills inorder to pass my driving test at Blacktown RTA wih ease. It is worth while to go to Ayan for driving as he has alot of experience and explains driving techniques such as reverse parrallel parking in an easy to understand way.
  • a BIG Thank You to you Ayan. First go and I passed my driving test at Blacktown. Highly recommended and also a patient and an excellent instructor.
  • Having lesson with Ayan driving school was a real big help leading up to my test at BLacktown RTA which I scored today 97% I didn't think I could of done it but with the support and guidence of Ayan I was confident enough to do the test as safe as possible.Ayan has been a wonderful driving instructor who is incredible calm,patient and encouraging.I would recommend everyone to join ayan driving school as it is one of the best I have come across.so once again I would like to thank you so much for your support and being so patient throughout my lesson.
  • Many many thanks and regards to Ayan Driving school!. I got my licence in First attempt. All credit goes to Ayan Driving school.I have practiced with Ayan Driving school and passed the test. Thank you very much again Ayan brother for all the tips, lessons, hard work. It`s very helpful for test and real life driving! Ayan brother is very helpful and passionate. I recommend every one to learn driving from Ayan Driving school to pass the test and learn real life safe driving!
  • A big Big BIG THANK YOU to Ayan Driving school. Got my License in first attempt....feeling overwhelmed.....n all the credit goes to you :)
    He makes you believe in yourself and give you the confidence you need once you are behind the wheels.
    Highly recommend to everyone !!!!!
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