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Licensed Conveyancers servicing all areas of Sydney and regional NSW.

B & M Property Transfers was established in 1979 and is today the oldest serving conveyancing company in New South Wales.

Founded by Barry Aubin in 1979 it is now operated by his sons Martin Smith and David Smith.  Both David & Martin are Licensed Conveyancers, registered with the Department of Fair Trading under the Licensed Conveyancers Act, 1995 and between them offer over 30 years of conveyancing experience.

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  • Anthony_R   2 reviews
    Good people. Professional in what they do.
  • GirlyJess Newbie   1 review
    My parents used Barry from B&M a few times and I used B&M as well for my first unit. They held my hand throughout and I cannot fault their professionalism.
  • Coolies101 Newbie   1 review
    The best conveyancing around
    • Babyman63  
      ....if you are happy to do most of the w follow up work yourself.


    • Babyman63  
      ....provided you are willing to do most of the follow up work yourself.


  • Babyman63   5 reviews
    Appalling communication - does not answer emails or any enquiries and certainly does not advocate for the client. You have to be on top of them the whole time in order to get even the simplest request followed up. Paid $1500 on conveyancing and did most of the chasing up of developers myself. I have never had to pay someone so much, for so little work. I think the problem is that they have a flat fee regardless of how much work they do - so consequently they do as little work as possible.
    • bmprop Newbie 
      We are surprised at this comment as we have not received any negative feedback from any clients. We suggest that you contact us direct to discuss any issue you may have had with your Conveyancer. I assure you that all concerns will be addressed. Best Martin Smith (Partner)


    • Coolies101 Newbie 
      I've stuck with them for almost 10 years and you just waltz in and say quote "Appalling communication - does not answer emails or any enquiries and certainly does not advocate for the client." when b&m did answer emails, b&m did answer enquiries and b&m did advocate for me


    • Babyman63  
      Coolies101, you are very lucky indeed then.
      I haven't just waltzed in and made these comments, with no basis in reality.
      Everything I have stated in my comment is true. I have used other solicitors and conveyancers in the past & have never experienced such a lack of interest, extremely poor communication & just a general 'I don't care' attitude.
      If they work for you, great, keep using them - my personal experience has ensured I will never use them again, nor would I recommend them to anyone.



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