Batman Ave Fish & Chip Shop

Sunbury, VIC
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Reviews of Batman Ave Fish & Chip Shop

  • we ordered just tonight $23 in food and all we got was nothing but batter potato cakes nothing but batter chips were so overcooked they were just a massive load of batter and ordered scallops couldnt see those for batter almost broke a tooth it was that hard. never seen such horrible food in my life never going back there again. we called them and we are getting our $23 back and there getting there disgusting batter filled food back. gross.
  • Far beyond just the best chips in Sunbury, the best chips in Victoria!
  • Best Fish & Chips we have had in a long time
  • Do you like potato? If so stay away from this fish & chip place. Their chips are entirely batter, their potato cakes are similar and they are extremely salty.

    Worst fish and chippery in Sunbury.
    • I completely disagree!!!! I love this fish and chip shop! Ive never had a bad expeirence!
    • completely agree mate worst fish and chippery i have been to in a long time everything was batter. just disgusting looking food.
    • completely agree worst fish and chippery in a long time nothing but batter when your starving and you have ugly batter filled food in front of you complete turn off. we called and got our money back.