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Authentic Indian cuisine including tandoori specialties.
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Reviews of Bay Tandoori

  • Really great food! This is one of my best places to eat in the North Shore. Got the samosa was really tasty! Highly recommended
  • Have been to this place before, it was excellent then and remains just as good. I would recommend anyone who likes Indian food to give this place a go. It can be a bit pricey when compared to Thai etc but I did see that they had a half price special on Monday nights so that will be excellent value for the kind of food you get here.
  • This place was great. We went on a busy Friday night and the staff were very helpful and the food was sublime! We had a paneer entree that was not on the menu and it was so good! The mains curries that we ordered were also very very good. Just like being back in India.
    • This small restaurant is 5 star. Menu is varied and often on the spicy side.
  • I have eaten at this restaurant previously and found the food to be very good.
    However; this time around I decided to order a take-away.
    The website is easy to navigate. You can choose your delivery time and you also have the option of ordering mild, medium or hot on the choice of curries and as it was out first online order we received 10% discount.
    I ordered 2 meat samoosas, 2 curries, (One medium and one mild), 2 naan breads and a portion of rice. I set the delivery time for 7pm.
    At 6:30pm I received a call on my cell phone. A staff said he was calling from Bay Tandoori and that he was outside my door and that no one was home. I explained to the staff that I had placed the order for delivery at 7pm but that I would be home in 5 minutes if they wanted to wait. When I arrived home there was no one outside my door but at 7pm a delivery man arrived.
    Upon unpacking and eating the food it was obvious that it had been "kept warm" and re-delivered.
    The Samoosas were shrivelled, rock hard and dried out inside and out.
    The naan breads had been put together in the same packet. They had stuck together, were very squashed greasy and quite burnt on the underside. They bore a very close resemblance to pancakes.
    Neither the samoosas or naan breads were edible.
    The curries were flawless, save for the fact that one that was indicated "Medium" was extremely hot. It was more chilli than curry, so it was not enjoyable. It would have given a volcano some stiff competition.
    Their prices are higher than other eateries in Waverton and I was very disappointed that it had just been kept warm until the correct delivery time. I would certainly eat in, at this restaurant again, this experience has deterred me from ordering home deliveries from them in the future.
  • This place made me miss India. The food was so flavoursome and some of the dishes I havent seen on a menu in Australia. I've both eaten in and recently ordered take away, the serving size didnt disappoint and if your order is over $30 delivery is free (I'm sure it's within a certain area).
  • Went with a voucher. Service was excellent, food AMAZING and ambience very good. This is one of a few places I will go back to after I have initially used a voucher. Well done Bay Tandoori.
  • This restaurant must have the worst service in my 20 year history, and when you call to complain, they become disrespectful, doesn't want to hear about it and terminate the call. One star is honestly too much for this place!
    • 1. You came in with a voucher that was not valid;
      2. Even if the voucher were valid, you came in at 3:00pm when the voucher explicitly states that the voucher was valid for dinner only - 5:00pm to 9:30pm (the restaurant opens at 5pm);
      3. We do not have a waitress working in the restaurant during dinner service. The waitress that you refer to works in the cafe;
      4. You did not book by email prior to arriving as is required and explicitly stated on the voucher;
      5. You demanded to be able to use the voucher because you traveled 40kms in the rain. I am sorry for your travel time and the weather but these are not under my control;
      6. You threatened negative reviews on the Internet and social media. Fortunately, I believe that our customers and prospective customers can distinguish between a legitimate bad review and someone with an axe to grind (you did not even eat at the restaurant).
  • Unbelieveably tasty food. Restaurant was clean and food was just outstanding. I cannnot believe I haven't tried this place before. Will definately be going back very soon.
  • Discovered a lot of problems eating here, but most notable was the questionable cleanliness of the restaurant. I am unsure if they are paying attention to food safety and for this reason, I will not be returning.
    • Dear Ellie,
      It is very difficult to address a complaint that is so general in nature. What exactly are the 'alot of problems' that you refer to?
      The restaurant is extremely clean and abides by food safety standards as required by local and state Govt. I do not understand how you can come to a decision without having any basis for it. Generally speaking, you would have no idea if most restaurants are abiding by food safety standards because you are not in the kitchen or where food is being handled. Why you would even question the food standards is extremely suspicious in itself.
  • Best Indian I have eaten in Sydney bar none. I have eaten at most of the Indian restaurants in North Sydney/Crows Nest/St Leonards in order to try and find a good one and I have just found it. Food is absolutely amazing! I am from the UK where good Indian restaurants are on every corner but have found it quite difficult to find a good one here. Bay Tandoori is the best one I have come across thus far.

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