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Bayside chiropractic

Cronulla, NSW
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Our purpose is to help you achieve a healthier more balanced lifestyle. To help it last we must put it first. We offer Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Naturopathy and Massage.

Welcome to our health and wellness clinic. Your health is constantly changing, and will go through many health challenges.
Major factors influencing this include. *Structural comporimise (accidents and injuries) that affect your nervous system and joint integrity. *Genetics. * Stress levels.  *Rest and relaxation. * Past surgery and drug damage. * Environmental toxins, chemicals and poisons. * Dehydration. * Nutritional depletion ( especially sugar imbalance ) * Spiritual awareness. * Physical fitness.
The degree to which these conditions of your body are ' in or out ' will determine your past, present and future health. Therefore each of the factors above that are addressed will help restore your health and vitality.
We help health issues in several ways.. Chiropractic is a natural method of the healing arts, that by choice does not use drugs or surgery. Chiropractics are dedicated to helping you achieve a higher quality of life and wellness.
Kinesiology is a technique that can be applied to assist many disorders including; allergies, poor immune system,fatigue,sugar cravings,physical pain,skin disorders,breathing difficulties,blood pressure problems. body imbalance,every day stress,fertility,headaches,ears infections,bed wetting, digestive disorders etc.
ASYRA-PRO Bio Energetic Scanner that we use in the clinic is the most advanced, flexible and user friendly screening process with treatment advise equipment used today. This can give us very specific information on food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies ( i.e. vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc ) Hormonal issues, organ imbalance, etc.
We can also assist with cranial, postural analysis, digital x-rays, naturopathy, remedial massage and reconnective healing.
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  • ABN 89 196 605 298
Chiropractic Kinesiology Massage Therapy Naturopathy Ionic Detox Footbaths ASYRA bio-energy analysis food insensitivity assessments
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Reviews of Bayside chiropractic

  • Absolutely Fabulous Clinic. Jane, Brett and their team are friendly, fun and fantastic. They changed my boys lives for the better after suffering with eczema and allergies with wheat and dairy. I'm so grateful to their clinic to be available to my family and to provide such a quality service that actually shows results.
  • I can't praise Bayside Chiro enough... Brett fixed my daughters sleep issues that had plagued her since birth, giving her freedom to enjoying a restful night sleep and have sleepovers with friends... He fixed hubby's dodgy back, when he was facing serious spinal surgery... He is now helping my other daughter address her headaches... Bayside is keeping my family healthy and that is very important to me.. Jayne is so cheery and helpful and the clinic is a very calming place to be, my kids are always welcome and the little one is kept so entertained while his sisters are treated, he doesn't want to leave.. We are blessed to have this great service in The Shire.
  • I'd never thought of going to a chiropractor to sort out my sore hip, I thought I just needed a good old massage. Brett took lots of x-rays to tell me that my right side of my hip is significantly lower than my right and that my sacrum was curved out too much. After a couple of sessions to realign me I started to feel a difference and with a few stretching exercises that Brett recommended, it is feeling considerably better. Brett also gives your vital organs a check over and was able to tell me that I was very dehydrated and needed to drink more fluids each day to help my muscles and vertebra keep healthy.
    I mentioned to Brett about my daughter wetting the bed after a significant time being dry at night. He conducted an assessment on her, we found she was 1.5cm shorter in one leg! he then set about adjusting her and then combined chiropractic Kenisiology and a homeopathic spray which Brett referred to as fairy dust ( a spot on description for my daughter who loves Disney Fairies!). We were told to put rice on her little fingers with tape each night to reprogram her bladder ( the little fingers are pressure points for the bladder). She has now been dry for the past 2 weeks.
    The knowledge and treatments received at Bayside are exceptional and I have now told all my friends to go and get assessed.
  • I have been using Bayside for the last 5 months, since seeing them at the Spring Fair on Cronulla Mall. I have been suffering with back pain since I broke it in an accident 7 years ago. I had been on significant amounts of pain relieving medication and not getting better with just Physio. Brett was able to determine which vertebrae were injured, and took an x-ray to confirm this. Brett adjusted me a couple of times and provided me with a set of exercises to do at home, I can honestly say that my back has never felt this good since my accident, and I am also getting treatment for the side of effects of all the tablets I had been taking, using a system called ASYRA, which Brett uses to assess my mineral deficiencies and he created a homeopathic remedy for what my body was lacking.

    My annual prescription charges were $180 per month. I am now taking a tenth of my previous medication with a plan, with Brett's help to get off painkillers completely.

    The practice is really welcoming and I even bring my kids in to reception when I get a treatment, there are colouring in sheets and pencils for teh kids to use during yoru treatment, or they can watch a DVD to keep them entertained. Brett has over 25 years experience as a chiropractor. If you are looking for an exceptional way to treat your aches and pains, I 100% recommend Bayside in Cronulla.
  • This clinic deals with many different people of all different ages the seem professional and friendly to all patients, the chiropractor Brett is fantastic at what he does and has a lot of experience. He was confident in what needed to be done, which being my first time at a chiropractor made me feel relaxed, i started getting results from the same day. I still go there regularly and would recommend it to anyone with any sort of problem as they treat more problems than you think.

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